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Other Useful Information

    Electronics (2012)
    Recycle Your Old Electronics for Free
    With the continuous advances of technology, many electric devices rapidly become obsolete. The National Safety Council reports that over 30 million personal computers become obsolete annually. The Solid Waste Department now offers electronics recycling through a partnership with KP Surplus, a full-service computer and other technology retirement company.
    Electronic items accepted for recycling include: 
    "	A/V equipment 
    "	Calculators 
    "	Copy machines 
    "	CPUs 
    "	Docking stations 
    "	Fax machines 	"	Keyboards / mice 
    "	Laptops 
    "	Mainframe equipment 
    "	Monitors / terminals 
    "	Printers 	"	Scanners 
    "	Stereo equipment 
    "	Telephones 
    "	Typewriters 
    "	VCR / DVD players 
    Drop-off Locations:
    "	ACC Landfill, 5700 Lexington Highway, Hours M-F 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM and Saturday 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM 
    "	ACC Recycling Facility, 699 Hancock Industrial Way, Hours M-F 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM 
    Other Electronic Recycling Options:
    Free IT Athens is a 501(c)(3) (under Common Ground) and can accept tax-deductible donations. They're particularly interested in computers and monitors. We also accept printers and other computer accessories for a small processing donation to help with costs incurred due to storage and recycling.
    Best Buy customers can drop-off up to two devices per day at any Best Buy store. Items accepted are televisions and monitors up to 32 inches, desktop computers, notebooks, videocassette recorders, DVD players, and phones. A $10 recycling fee will apply to any unit with screens, such as televisions and computers. Customers will receive a $10 Best Buy card in exchange for the recycling fee. Appliances are not covered under the program. Best Buy in Athens is located at 3898 Atlanta Highway. You may contact them at 706-354-8311. 
    For additional information, contact the Recycling Division at 706-613-3512. 

on campus the recycling listserv at UGA. The list name is
OR you could email the UGA Recycling Coordinator, Andrew Lentini at
Foam Fabricators 82 Galilee Church Road, Jefferson, GA 30549-4174 (706) 367-2616 They don't take styrofoam peanuts. They do take (has to be dry and clean) the formed styrofoam that you would find packed around TV's, computers, etc.

You can also check out the website at

(8/08) Type in your zip code at and it will give you a list
of places in your area to take your broken and discarded electronics.

(8/08) There is also a local organization, Free IT Athens, which refurbishes computers and provides them at low or no cost to Athens residents and organizations. There are headquartered in the Common Grounds building on Newton Street (behind the AT&T building on Pulaski Street downtown). To get more information on purpose, hours, and accepted items,

Cell phone Discounts
Verizon Wireless
: To get the UGA Employee discount, visit
Ron Hammond
Verizon Wireless
Government Account Manager/Education Mobile: 404-895-6457
Efax: 678-802-7443
Verizon provides a 15% Discount for UGA staff/faculty. For those with a pre-existing contract
simply call the Verizon Rep above and give your details over the phone. The Rep will
advise when it be creditied to your account depending on your billing cycle.

Quick Access Customer Service:
Business Account Support.......800-922-0204
Wireless Data Technical Support........800-922-0204, Press 3

AT & T UGA rep:Lynn Tweedell, University Account Executive - Southeast AT&T Mobility, 4125 Atlanta Highway, Bogart, GA 30622,, W: (706) 540-5308 , F: (866) 542-4177

T-Mobile discounts for UGA: The Consumerist posted this a few days ago:
I just called T-Mobile and the lady said, an estimated 15% off your bill and
activation fee is waived. The number was: 877-453-8824 - just tell her you
work for the University of Georgia.

or check the UGA benefits site UGA (>UGA)

Athens-Clarke County Guide online guide to the community created by the UGA Libraries
Our Athens guide offers links (over 1,000!) to a wide range of resources useful for both newcomers
and long-time Athenians. The site provides links to information and statistics about Athens-area
demographics, economy, crime, education, environment, agriculture and more. You will also find links
to local organizations, maps, employment resources, history, media, events, dining, arts and
entertainment, and a variety of other topics. If you have comments about our Athens-Clarke County
Guide, the site provides an online feedback form, or you are welcome to email me at .
The web site also features a suggestion form where users may recommend new links for inclusion in friends, neighbors, and colleagues!
Discount coupons:
Donate Hair When I cut off all of
my hair (~14 in.), the salon offered to take it to donate to Locks of Love. I imagine that any salon
would do this, but I would call ahead to check. The Cosmetology school in town (behind Outback steak
house)almost certainly a participant in Locks of Love; trust but verify. I also understand that hair
can be sold if it is in the right condition. "Virgin" hair that has never been straightened or dyed
is apparently in high demand. (Where'd I leave that ponytail again?) -- From what Ive heard and read
any place can cut your hair to the guidelines and some places will give you a discount if you mention
your doing it for Locks of Love. The only thing is not a lot of places will actually send it off like
they used to, you may have to send it off yourself!!
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coupons and making your own stuff (like laundry detergent for example)."

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