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(5-09 and 10-09)
    (10-09) Are there any suggestions for orthopaedists and physical therapists dealing with heel and foot problems?
  • Responses:
  • I would highly recommend Dr. Joseph Johnson who is with Athens Orthopedics. I have used him for the past two years for some foot
    issues that I have had for years. He ended up performing some fairly extensive surgery and I have had great results since then.
  • As far as the foot/heel problems, I would suggest Dr. Rossi at Athens Podiatry. He is VERY thorough and if he thinks physical therapy
    will help, he will send you to PT (been there, done that). His office staff is really nice also. My mother in law and me are both
    patients. It has been a while since I saw him. The office was on Prince Avenue, but I think they have moved. The office number
    is 706-546-7417.
  • I go to Dr. Niknafs for my foot problems. I've had two surgeries, but he tried everything to avoid them. I personally would skip the
    orthopedist and therapists and go straight to the specialist. Many would disagree with me.
  • I'll jump on and say that a few years ago when I broke my collar bone I went to Dr. Moye. He fixed me up (there was no
    doubt whatsoever that I needed surgery - my bone was splintered beyond repair) and did a great job handling my care.
    He was very personable and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him.

    Robinson and Moye of Athens Sports Medicine? or Athens Orthopedics? Anyway, they used to be or still are the UGA football
    team ortho docs. They are near Red Lobster on a side street.

    Dr. Mixon Robinson at Athens Orthopedic is wonderful! He repaired my ACL via patellar tendon and I haven't had a problem since.
    His manner is impeccable!

  • I went for my shoulder and after the second visit I will not let McElhannon operate on me. I also heard conversations in the
    other rooms regarding surgery. I will be getting another opinion.

    If two people rec McElhannon, Jr. they were just lucky. I have a story re wrist breakage in 1984, which I luckily switched
    to Dr. Robinson of the Mulherin (retired), Robinson (close to retirement), Moye (who was in a car accident and he did
    my ankle in 2002 and did a great job, but he wasn't there this past summer b/c of car accident. My wrist is finally
    getting arthritis in it so I was at the Athens Ortho clinic (I think that is their name, and now there are so many other
    docs there) This group used to be and I think still is the UGA football team doc, who I figured would be really up on
    anything new since their interest lied in getting that football player back in the game. McEl Jr was scarey. I heard
    stories and I have one. I was so glad to be taken in by this other group on the second week after I smashed my wrist.
    It needed pins in it then, not surgery after the 7 wks of healing passed. The story is ;more complex, but it would take
    awhile. McEl Jr has sons, one is an internist, and I don't know what the other is. I don't know anything about the sons.
    I thought the father retired. He had a lot of malpractice suits against him I'd heard in 1984.

    I've only heard BAD things about Fayette McElhannon. My mother saw him once about her back and he immediately suggested surgery. Luckily,
    she quickly left and never went back. I have two daughters that are athletes, both have had multiple sports related injuries. We
    have seen Dr Hubrich for ankle problems and a broken ahnd...loved him but I think he retired at the end of 2008. We currently see
    Dr. Bacastow, he's wonderful. Very knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner. Years ago my daughter broke her collar bone and
    we saw Dr. Moye, he's great too. Good luck but stay away from McElhannon!

    I'm wary of surgery happy doctors. When I was younger, I had stepped on a sewing needle and broken the eye of the needle off inside
    the joint of my big toe. My parents took me to a doctor who said that they would have to put me all the way to sleep and do
    exploratory surgery from my hip all the way down. My mom told him to shut up and he kept chatting about this surgery while I
    was starting to feel faint. We walked out of there and my Dad quipped that that doctor had seen too many episodes of M*A*S*H*.
    Heh. Yesterday's visit with Dr. McElhannon went very well. He didn't recommend surgery. Instead he showed me on the X-Ray where and confirmed that her tibia is NOT fractured. Instead she has a sprained knee. Whew!! If he had suggested surgery, I would
    have gotten a second opinion...(after laughing hysterically in the car)

    I'll never take anyone in my family to McElhannon again. I was so happy when our HMO allowed us to go th Athens Orthopedic.

    Wow such responses to McElhannon! I went to McElhannon (didn't get the many warning emails until this AM) and I guess
    I was lucky. He took x-rays again, saying that the x-rays taken earlier didn't show anything but the foot, and after asking me
    4 times how old I was…. Told me that I had a severe sprain and two torn ligaments that will heal with time. Asked me if I
    needed meds, told me if I didn't take him up on it now, it would not be offered again…. I asked about PT and he said he didn't
    recommend it ever, that it was only for the brain - but if I wanted it, he would do the order. He was old, funny, when he asked
    me my age the last time I told him that the next time he asked I would tell him 10 years younger. He said "touché" and told me
    that I should get a notebook and write every day in it "ankle injuries take a long time to heal" - so when I come back in 6 weeks,
    and I complain it still is swollen and hurts, he'll "refer me to page 12." Do you think I should get a second opinion? However,
    while I was there for two hours I heard him push surgery to at least two people in other rooms.

    I am just getting to my email. Dr. Fayette McElhannon of Hawthorne Orthopedics is horrible. Do not go to him. He did open knee surgery
    on me and was really obnoxious and downright mean. I was in twice as much pain after the surgery than before. At the time
    Dr. Bacastow was in the group, and I asked to be switched over to him. He is great and I finally ended up needing a knee
    replacement thanks to Dr. McElhannon. Dr. Bacastow was thorough and had a great bedside manner. So I am going to repeat this
    again.... do NOT go to Fayette McElhannon and please warn the woman who took her daughter there. He is just the worst doctor
    I have ever been to!!!

    I would steer clear of Fayette McElhannon. He is the most horrible Dr.! His bedside manner is course, he's haughty with no
    natural empathy, and is an overall non-helpful Dr. I don't know how he is still practicing!! Dr. Mixon Robinson is really
    good, but Dr. Hancock (in the same practice) is fantastic with knees and shoulders (which is all the experience I have with
    him)!! Dr. Robinson is humble enough to know when to seek a second opinion, which says a lot. I had an exceptional wrist
    problem that he could not figure out, so he sent me to a specialist in Macon who even struggled some, but finally found the

    Dr. McElhannon is both a personal and professional away run away. Bacastow is the best!!

    I agree. I don't think McElhannon is your man. Dr.Mahoney is good.

    I believe it was Dr. McElhannon who fixed my son's broken arm many years ago. He didn't give him anything for the pain,
    just put a needle in his arm to do something with the bone marrow, and then wrapped it up. Poor baby almost passed out from
    the pain. I was a bit surprised. He didn't say much either. Just came in, did his thing, and left. It bothered me a lot.

    Yeap, I agree with the others. No to McElhannon. I had one appt and after that one visit I never went bad to HIM.

    I would think more than twice about McElhannon.

    I would think twice about going to see Dr. McElhannon. I went to see him about problems I was having with a previously shattered
    (New Year's 2000) ankle which had been repaired w/plates and screws. He scheduled me right away to fuse it, which would render
    my ankle forever immobile. I went to , who said that I could use a brace and could have it repaired later.
    Dr. Johnson for me!

  • This may be a little late, but I highly recommend Dr. Hubrich. I've also been to Dr. McElhannon and was less happy with him.
  • Athens Orthopedics is great. I've been seeing doctors there for several years. I know they take the PPO and Indemnity,
    but don't think they take the HMO. I'm not sure who in their practice does the feet and ankles, but Robinson & Mahoney are knee
    doctors. Everyone on staff is very friendly, but also very professional. Good luck.
  • Dr. John Doris in the 1010 Chase St. complex. He is the best and kindest person. Does great surgery.
  • I like Dr. Bacastow. He's done three surgeries on my right hand and is going to do carpel tunnel on my left hand in July. I have no complaints with him at all.

    Dr Bacastow is no longer with Hawthorne Orthopedics. YEAH!!!!

    Dr. Bacastow is now in with Dr. Dorris at Athens Bone & Joint. Plus, as has been said already, the PA Yancey is great. My mother,
    mother-in-law, and husband all go to Dr. Dorris and have had great results.

    Well, I am going to jump in and say that I, too, had a horrible experience and results with Dr. McEllhannon. I love
    Dr. Bacastow, who did my knee replacement; however, now that Athens Orthopedics takes the Blue Cross HMO, I may switch over to t
    heir practice. I took my children (during various mishaps) to Athens Orthopedics before I switched to the HMO. I did not realize
    at the time that Hawthorne Orthopedics were the only ortho surgeons in Athens who participated with the HMO.

  • My son had Dr. Dorris at Athens Bone and Joint do surgery on him when he was 5 to fix a broken femur bone and he has been
    back several times for braking the same finger. I also had surgery on my shoulder a few years ago and he did it as well. I
    LOVE him and his PA, Yancey. His staff are great too!