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Air Condition (Auto) Repair

  • Last time I had something done it was with Bulldog Automotive on the Atlanta Hwy (1095 W. Broad). I researched the AC problem a little bit on the internet first to be sure I didn't get scalped, but they seemed pretty honest and at the time I thought the price was reasonable. They used a diagnostic machine to figure out what my options were for the repair.
  • I use Butler Automotive for maintenance and repairs. It's located in Five Points, which I find convenient. The owner/operator is Travis Butler and I've found him to be honest, good at what he does, and he has what I would call fair prices. The phone number is 706-552-0072.
  • Butler Automotive (Travis Butler) in Five Points who fixed my problem for less than $100 as opposed to the first place where it was going to cost $400 for a new compressor! So, for those needing A/C repair, I would highly recommend him as someone else on the listserv did for me. He is very thorough and really explains everything. Because he is honest and reasonable, he probably drums up enough business that he doesn't have to price gauge you!
  • I don't have any current information that's specific, but lots of people like Master's Garage on 441 N, or Bass-Mims out Lexington Rd. near Gaines School.
  • Five Star Automotive on the Macon Hwy. is fantastic.
  • You might try Bass-Mims Goodyear on Lexington Rd. The thing my husband and I like about them is that they most ALWAYS fix in same day as you bring in. We donít have an extra car to utilize while waiting for repairs. Plus Mark is very very honest about the work to be done. Once I thought I needed brakes and when I took it by there he said No, youíve got several more months on these brakes. I appreciated his honesty. We never feel ripped off by them. Quality work with quick turnover. We normally take our car by there and my husband takes me on to work and then we pick it up after work. They work great for us. They have good price on tires also.
  • I would recommend, without hesitation, Watkinsville Service Center.
  • I just got my A/C fixed at the BP on Baxter after we discovered that the freon was leaking. They filled the freon (charged me), did the dye test to find the leak for free, and then when the repairs totaled about $166, I asked if they'd comp the freon final fillup and they said yes! Would definitely recommend them.
  • Have you checked with Five Star on the Macon Highway? I don't know if they work on air conditioners, but they've worked on my husband's Dodge Dakota and have done a good job.
  • I went to a small place on Commerce Rd a few years back (a real hole in the wall!) and the work was good. I think it's called Master's Garage. There probably aren't a whole lot of honest, non-price gauging mechanics out there, but my family's been using Master's for many years. Not that that makes them honest or fair-priced!!!
  • Neil Holeman (Holeman Auto Service)is honest and dependable. We have taken trucks and cars to Neil over the years and have actually had him call us and say some of the work we requested didn't really need to be done yet. His shop is located at 788 Colbert Grove Church Road off Highway 29 towards Danielsville. His phone at the shop is 706-795-5652.
  • Check with Steve Patterson at Big Dog Tire on Atlanta Highway. I'm not going to promise that he is the cheapest, but he is honest and he has saved some people a lot of money by not telling them they need things done that really don't. He will try to fix it as cheaply as he can.
  • Kittles A-1 Auto Parts & Service, 2190 *Lexington* *Road*, Athens, Georgia, 30605 *Phone:* (706)548-4311 Kittle's done me right the couple times I've been in to see him. (AC / heater service for a '96 Chevy Lumina and '01 Ford taurus.)
  • Barnett Shoals Chevron gets 5 star rating from me. They do all the work on my cars. They're grrrrrrrrreat!!
  • I don't know if they do AC repair but I've always been very happy with Snow Tire downtown. I took my car in once thinking I needed a new alternator and it was only the battery. They charged me reasonable rates, and could have installed a new alternator even though I didn't need one but they were honest with me. At the time the also informed me about my CV axles but didn't pressure me about them - I ended up getting them replaced as well since it was still less than what I thought I was going to spend (and I figured they were bad before I took it in because the car was making noises).
  • We always took our vehicles to Car Craft on Hawthorne Avenue. Not the cheapest, but they normally do good work.
  • My mechanic sent me to Athens Amoco Service Center on Hawthorne Ave. (706-548-4943). I've got an '88 Maxima so they had to switch the whole system over from freeon to whatever is used now. The folks there are really nice and I trust my mechanic too.
  • Shane Cox, near Georgia Club on Sikes Road is a good mechanic. 706-207-7642 Dependable, honest and trustworthy.
  • FYI, Master's Garage doesn't do AC work. & Gary at Master's Garage recommended the Hawthorne Automotive folks.
  • I recommend Beau (pronounced Bo) Wilhout at Athens Auto Air. His shop is across the street from Sams. The number is 706-850-5959. He has done all my AC/heating work on my vehicles for years and is great and is very reasonable. He is in with North GA Truck Repair. They also do all the maintenance work on my vehicles and are great. DD's number is 706-583-1826.