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Here are the responses I've received in re: local allergists who take the HMO.

  • Dr. Anthony Deutsch 706-546-8518 on Hawthorne! Open later than 5 on some days! Very good!

    Dr. Anthony Deutsch. Awesome doctor! He has been treating my Son for Asthma since he was a baby.

    I have PPO and go to Dr. Deutsch. Their office staff would be happy to let you know. Just give them a call. He is very good.

  • I see Dr. Firschein. ....I like the shot clinic nurses. The shot clinic is open until 5:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays (you have to arrive by 5:30 - they're there til at least 6). I'm not on the HMO, though, so you'd have to check that.