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Appliance Repair

two lists
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE THAT HELPED ME DRY MY WET, COLD, CLOTHES! I have found a great new "go-to Guy" and his name is Walter with Walt Rucker Appliance Repair. Walter is a great "go-to" guy. Walt is so great that he didn't have a car available, waiting on his mechanic, but that did not stop him from coming to my resuce...nooooooooooo...he came on a SCOOTER!!! Yes he did, a scooter...Walter saved me and all my dirty laundry before Thanksgiving.... Thank you again, all knowing are wonderful.
  • I got a great many recommendations for King Appliance and 1 for Fann's in Watkinsville.

  • King Appliance:
    • I don't know if he does refridgerators, but I resuscitated a dishwasher a few years back with the help of a nice fellow:
      King Appliance Repair - (706) 546-5260.
    • I used King Appliance for a dryer repair once and he was on-time and reasonable. You can look him up on the web
      and see if he does fridge repairs.
    • I don't know if Lee King repairs refrigerators but he is an appliance repair man who comes to your house so I'd
      call and see if he does. King Appliances, I think it is, in the phone book.
    • King Appliance -- he was very good about repairing my dryer. House call $50. while others charge $80. and he was
      able to actually fix my dryer for $25. So for $75. it was good to go again. Quite a relief.
  • My wife and I have been very happy with Lee King of King Appliance Service.
    He's worked on many appliances in our home and in my rental property. Good
    prices, and a great fellow. His number is 706-546-5260.
  • we use Mr. Fann with Fann's Appliance 706-769-7808. He is WONDERFUL and
    very reasonable.
  • HIGHLY recommend Chris Olmsted @ City Circuits 706.254.9063!!!!
    He and his crew are AMAZING and very efficient! Affordable too. Call them!!