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Assisted Living

(two lists)
I very strongly recommend Peachtree Village in Commerce, GA if you are looking for assisted living for a loved one. My parents moved there November 2010 and absolutely love it. Although I don't know all of the staff by name, I can tell you that they check on my parents a great deal. If one of my parents happens to be hospitalized, and the other parent is there, I have seen with my own two eyes how they stop by and check on the other one. Three meals are included and when they are sick, the staff there make sure that food is delivered to them. If you have to work like me, it gives you such a peace of mind knowing that during the day and night, they are looked after. If you have questions, Amanda and Mollie are two great individuals to ask your questions. I think Peachtree is full at the moment in the cottages, but it would be worth getting on the wait list because this is a fantastic place. Although I'm not recommending this to get points, you could mention that you heard about this from "Patterson". I just want people in my situation to know when you have to take care of someone and you're the only one .. I can't express enough how great this place is to assist and care for your loved ones when you can't be there. They treat my parents like they were their parents and it's like me being in two places at one time because they treat them with such great care.

Thanks to all who responded about Assisted Living on the eastside. Below are the
replies I received.

*****'s mother was at Morningside as was the mother of *****, whose on faculty
at the CCRC. I think they felt like their mothers received really good care.

I'm pretty sure that ***** was at Winterville. ***** was only in
his 50s. He had treatment for ***** 20 years ago, but through he
years declined. He was at home until his health got really frail
and then he was at Winterville. He died about five years ago. All
of that said, I think his family felt good about him at Winterville.
They were very involved with visiting him, etc., and I feel like they
wouldn't have let him stay there if it wasn't pretty much top-notch.
My sister's mother-in-law is at Morningside. She loves it and we heard
yesterday they may be having an opening next week. *****'s mother-in-law
is there also.
My dad has lived at Winterville Assisted Living for quite a while. Frankly,
it has not been as good since his first year there as it was when I moved
him in. That director was great!! Since that time, it has changed directors
innumerable times and none of them have been communicative or helpful (though
they all start off saying they will be). Some of the caregivers take extra
time and care with the residents, but it's not because they're encouraged to
do so thorough salary, positivism, or reasonable workload. It's a roller
coaster: downhill; staff turnover; new administrators promise that things
are going to get better; things get a bit better; more turnover; downhill again.
If dad weren't so comfortable, I'd move him elsewhere. He always "just wants to
wait a little bit and see how things go," and I haven't had the heart to insist.
Plus, I'm afraid I'll go through the whole ordeal and find that the new place is
just the same. At one of the low points earlier this year, at least six long-time
residents who were his friends moved out. Two of them moved
to Morningside and seem to like it. In talking with the daughter of one of them,
she felt that her dad was okay at Winterville, but the lack of help and communication
were so stressful to her that she moved him. When we visited Morningside, it definitely
was cleaner. There didn't seem to be adequate space for activities, but the snacks they
had out for the ongoing activity looked fresh and plentiful. One woman was quite rude
to us, and I never was able to ascertain whether she was a resident or a member of the
staff. If staff, it was inexcusable, but she may have just been a resident who took it
upon herself to shuffle dad and his friends around to where she wanted them to sit rather
than where they were headed. After all the years, I can tell you that if you haven't
experienced this, it's a world that's hard to fathom. For me, the lack of communication
and harum scarum disorganization are immensely frustrating. Positives are that residents
do make friends, have meals and medications taken care of, have activities and entertainment
organized for them. As long as dad is entertained, he's quite happy, so I just throw up
my hands at the lack of control and try to keep a close watch on what's going on.
My Mother was at Morningside for 20 months. It is really a great place of that type.
My aunt has been there for 4 yrs now and would not go anyway else.
I placed my mother in Morningside in March. So far I'm happy. I also looked at
Whispering Pines on East Paces Drive (off Cedar Shoals) as well as Arbor Terrace on Atl Hway
and picked M'side for a combination of comfort and what her long-term care insurance was
likely to bear.
My mom lives at Morningside. She says the food's not great but she's pretty satisfied there.
She just got out of a stint in rehab at Athens Heritage on Hawthorne and she said the food
was really good there and the staff was more attentive, but it's only for short-term rehab.
Winterville was recommended to me when I was looking for a place for her but it had two
disadvantages as far as I was concerned: one, it has only single rooms (my mom has a
one-bedroom apartment at Morningside), and two, it's farther from my house. Morningside
is only about 5 minutes from me and considering the number of trips I make over there,
the convenience has made a big difference to me.
My mother is at Magnolia Estates on Jimmie Daniel Road and absolutely loves it there.