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Fix for Opaque Headlights

Five years ago my husband and I bought a two-year old used Mercedes.
After we had the car for two years, the headlight covers, which I
learned were plastic, turned opaque. It really detracted from the
appearance of this beautiful car. I talked to the dealership, who
said it would cost $225 per headlight to replace them, and there
was no guarantee they wouldn't turn opaque again, due to sunlight,
heat from the halogen lamps, etc. I was pretty fried about this
and saw it as a safety issue, so I wrote to Mercedes , to the
National Transportation Safety Board, and to Consumer Reports. The
car manufacturer said it was not a safety issue, and did not affect
the brightness of the lights at night, which was nonsense. Of course
it affected the brightness of the lights - how could it not?

A few days ago, we were driving down the Atlanta Hwy. and saw a truck with
advertising all over it for Headlights Made New - website: I wrote down the number and my husband called
them yesterday - New Years Eve, thinking that maybe he could take the car in
next week.

The worker came out to our house *yesterday*, only a couple of hours later, and
the entire job for all four front headlights cost only $50! That's a far cry
from the $450 the dealer wanted. I can't explain to you how he did it, but the
headlights were sanded with some type of oscillating sander and some sort of goo
was applied. The headlights are absolutely clear again, and the difference while
driving last night was very noticeable. So if any of you have this problem with
your headlights, give these folks a try! It was fast, inexpensive, and the end
result is that the car looks like it is supposed to look and we can see the road
better. Their phone number is (706) 473-1872.