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In March, I put out a request looking for someone who could build floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelves and wainscoting in our home. Several of you emailed me asking for the results . . .

We got several quotes and ended up selecting fellow UGA employee, Eric Christian, to do the work.

I want to pass along to you all my highest recommendation! I had seen pictures of some of Eric's work, so I knew he could build . . . but I can't tell you how impressed my husband and I are with the finished product! Eric built us a beautiful set of built-in bookshelves and a built-in desk. He installed wainscoting which looks awesome too, with beautiful trim work. Everything he did is picture-perfect and exactly what we requested! He is professional, and his work is professional, but he charged a very fair price. On top of that he is just a really, really nice guy!

  • I would highly recommend Andy Ingalls to anyone looking for a handyman or carpenter. His area of expertise is historical preservation.
    He is very skilled and affordable, and he's a great guy all around. He renovated our kitchen last summer, and he did a phenomenal job!
    Andy Ingalls, 617-283-1442 (cell)
  • I would like to add a finishing carpenter to the recommendations list. His name is Billy Watson (Bogart),
    finishing carpenter, but can do almost any handiwork. Worked on houses at the Georgia Club before the
    building stopped. He has done work for us and is a neighbor. His number is 770-294-0565.
  • Hawkins Home Maintence, Mick/Dan Hawkins, 706-201-1293,, Reliable, reasonable
    Carpenters (july 08)
  • Jim Patton, Patton Cabinets, 706.202.0063 cell or 706.783.3511 home or He will do an excellent job.
  • Roberto Bernales work 2-7608 and cell 706-247-5365.
  • Bob Yarbray 706-247-939 (this is the husband of a UGA employee).
  • David Nelson, 706-614-7667. He is an excellent carpenter and his cabinetry work is beautiful.
  • David Russell…..carpenter shop UGA. 706-542-7610