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Chiropractor recommendations: (six lists)

  • The BEST is Ken Cook. Here is his website. He, and his staff…are some of the friendliest people in Athens!!
    • I had migraines every single day for two years and once I started going to Dr. Cook…no more migraines. He's also very thorough and is very good at answering any questions you might have.
    • I think Ken Cook is great. He's off Barnett Shoals
    • I use and like Dr. Ken Cook at
  • Dr. Jeff Davenport in Watkinsville is great? I've been pain free wince going to him. His staff is the best as well.
  • Dr. Jay Erickson, Erickson Chiropractic on Oglethorpe Ave. 706-353-7778
    • Dr. Jay Erickson is awesome.
    • Dr. Jay Erikson on Oglethorpe Ave is fabulous. He bought out Dr. Jerry Chastain's practice, and he and his wife are both chiropractors in the same office. My whole family uses them. (706) 353-7778
    Dr. Michael Huppert on Milledge . This is a Christian Office so if you would be offended then it may not work for you. 706-546-7700
  • I have been seeing Dr. Randall Dishaw for several years and like him alot. He does massage and moist heat before making adjustments. I find that I have much less soreness afterwards compared to other chiropractors that I have been to.
  • My parents both see Dr. Meg Lawson in East Athens and have great things to say about her as well.
  • I love Touch of Georgia.
  • I see Dr. Greller here in Athens. He's a very nice and smart doctor and is very good about listening to patients and what their particular problems are for that particular visit. These days I see him about once a month. His prices are very reasonable and he does take insurance. Dr. Jay Erickson is WONDERFUL the whole family uses him.....706-353-7778 tell him I sent ya'
  • I have been an exceptionally satisfied patient of Dr. Barry Hitchcock for a number years. From day one when I contacted him, I have found him to be genuinely interested in my needs, thorough in his assessment of my circumstances, honest and fair with fee assessments and most of all, highly successful in diagnosing and remedying my situations. His passion for his field and vast knowledge have given me the ability to trust his judgement and therapeutic care. I highly recommend him and his very professional staff to family and friends frequently.

  • Richard Whitaker is wonderful. I went to him off and on for a few years. He always helped my shoulder and back problems. He is also a very nice person in general. I highly recommend him.

  • I would highly recommend Dr. Kenneth Cook just down the road. He is a UGA Alumni and former national gymnast so he understands pain very well.

    Kenneth Cook off Barnett Shoals Rd. is excellent. Takes our PPO.

  • I like Touch of Georgia- both Dr. Meredith and Dr. Carissa.

  • Dr. Meg Lawson is currently in HMO network; I've had three sessions with her in the last few weeks. My first chiropractic experience. It's been wonderful. I believe that she's honest, caring and very skilled.

    Dr. Meg Ann Lawson, Lawson Family Chiropractic is great. I see her and a bunch of my friends and colleagues do as well.

  • Jeff Davenport is wonderful and takes UGA insurance. Oconee County - Butlers Crossing. Davenport Family Chiropractic.

  • Erickson Chiropractor is the greatest. Dr. Jay is the best that I have ever been too. Their number is 706-353-7778. If Ashley doesn't answer leave a message and she will call you back. They are closed on Thursdays. I have HSA PPO but I am sure they take the other too.

    Dr. Jay Erickson is so wonderful I cannot say enough for him. He has helped me my husband from car accidents and our daughter especially after delivery when her hips were way out of alignment.

  • Dr. Giles on Atlanta Hwy 706-543-2584. I have been with him for 7 years and everyone I refer to him loves him. His office staff is great too.

  • Barry Hitchcock next to the convenience store next to Arby's on Atlanta Highway. Excellent doctor and you get results. A lot of UGA employees go to him. He is PPO and HMO. You will enjoy having him as your doctor and his office girls are fantastic too.

    I recently went to Dr. Barry Hitchcock and would NOT recommend him. His personality was very odd and made me feel very uncomfortable. My mom tried to go to him also with bad results. She went in with terrible bad pain. Because her insurance paper work was not in order yet, he refused to treat her. Just terrible

  • There were three recommendations for Jay Erikson. He and his wife have a practice - 706-353-7778.
  • Barry Hitchcock - "he really helped me to progress and I had been under chiropractic care since age 19 who
    helped som. Barry is marvelous. A lot of UGA people go to him. He has gifted hands."
  • There were two recommendations for Dr. Giles at the Stewart Clinic. They have muscle stim machine and other
    therapies - traction, also. He is a really personable guy. Office on the Atl Hwy across from McAlister's Deli.
  • Dr. Anthony
  • There were two recommendations for Kenneth Cook. Here's a quote-- "I'm new to Athens and was referred to
    Dr. Kenneth Cook and oh my gosh, what a difference he has made!! I have PPO and only pay 10% of my visits
    and get 40 per year. He is a UGA grad previous gymnast which led him into being a chiropractor. He is the
    only chiropractor in Athens who is certified in spinal decompression. Yes, they use electrical stem with
    hot or cold packs and also have a therapy room for additional services. Anyway, I've been going to a
    chiropractor for 5 years and have never felt this good (and I've only seen him for 1 month!). Here's his


I would recommend Erickson Chiropractic, which is on Milledge. The practice is old
(I believe it was doctor Chastain's until a few years ago), but has been taken
over by two younger chiropractors who are awesome. Their names are Brandi and Jay.
(706) 353-7778.

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Number of Ref's Doctor Address/Clinic Comments
7 Dr. Mark Anthony Anthony Chiropractic
5 Dr. Bryan Hooper Eastside Chiropractic formerly a physical therapist, soft tissue massage also
4 Dr. Paul Wickster Athens Kinesiology includes massage/muscle work
4 Dr. Ted Saylor 101 Cedar Rock Trace
3 Dr. Chastain Milledge Avenue
3 Dr. Meg Larson 775 Gaines School
3 Dr. Michael Huppert Milledge Avenue
2 Dr. Barry Hitchcock
2 Dr. Becky Laird 1492 Prince Ave
2 Dr. Randy DiShaw 353-7779   "voted best chiropractor in ABH - 2 years"
1 Dr. Evan Greller Athens Atlas Chiropractic
1 Dr. Simpson 700 Hawthorne
1 Physicians Back and Neck Clinic ???

1 Dr. Mark Anthony Anthony Chiropractic too expensive, too many visits

Dr. Barry Hitchcock (4), 2330 W. Broad Street, (706) 353-8032
  • I've used Barry Hitchcock for many years (also went to college with him here at UGA) and really like him.
  • Barry Hitchcock is on our insurance. Very good.
  • Barry Hitchcock is great. He is located beside Hilltop Grill on Broad Street.
  • I went to Dr. Hitchcock for years. He's very good. He used to be on UGA's workcomp panel of physicians before UGA went to a statewide MCO.
  • Carissa Gannan / Meredith Harrison (2), A Touch of Georgia - 485 Huntington Road, Suite 194, (706) 548-5922
  • Meredith M. Harrison at a Touch of Georgia is the absolute best you will ever have work with you. She takes time and talks with you and I love that.
  • I can recommend either Carissa J. Gannan or Meredith M. Harrison. My mother and I have each seen them both and we both have been very pleased. They will take the time to get to know you and what you hope to accomplish by seeing them and they do not pressure you. My older Mother, who lives in Virginia but was on an extended visit here, had never been to a chiropractor but knowing that I was pleased and trusted them, decided to try it. Not only did they help her but then Dr. Meredith helped her to find a chiropractor up home with whom she is also very pleased.

  • Doug Giles (2), 1135 Prince Avenue, (706) 543-2584
    • I've been seeing Doug Giles for the last month for some acute low back pain. I am fairly happy with him. What I like most is I get the feeling he really cares about me.
    • I see Dr. Giles. I've been very happy with his work. He is always making sure I understand the therapy I'm receiving, and answers my questions. If you are interested in seeing him, I have a gift certificate that would make your first visit free.
    Randy Dishaw (2), 270 Hawthorne Avenue, Suite 194, (706) 353-7779
    • Dr. Dishaw is great. I've used him for the past 7 years. He's now also working with some of the Gym Dawgs.
    • We go to Dr. Randy (Randall J. Dishaw) and we love him.
    Joel Groft (1), 1010 Prince Avenue, Suite 184N, (706) 227-3292