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House Cleaners

Five lists
  • Young/Keeler Thorough Clean (A Division of Brazen, LLC). They even move the refrigerator and clean
    all the "gunk" from underneath and behind it!! Andů. They do baseboards and windows: They use only
    "Green, Eco-Friendly" cleaning agents! Char Young - Head "Sparkler", Robert Keeler - ovens/grout
    706-540-6159,, 2750 Cherokee Road, Athens, References are available.
  • Call Tina Barnes at 706.247.1812. She did a deep cleaning on our house that was fantastic!
  • Cathie Adamson cleans houses and may be able to help. Not sure if she will be available by tomorrow, but her number is 706.247.0692.
  • We use Terri Brown, Not Your Average Cleaner, and I highly recommend her. Can you believe she actually emailed to apologize for OUR inconvenience when she had to have emergency surgery?! Anyway...she's amazing.
  • I have a wonderful woman who has worked with me for 14 years. Her name is Sadie Clark. She is nothing less than wonderful and has be a true blessing in my life, always willing to help on short notice, if needed. She has even helped me with my daughter when she was young and had no one else. If you are interested, I will be happy to give you her phone number - 706 248 3000.
  • We have hired Sadie Clark to clean my father's house. She does an excellent job. 706-248-3000 is her number.
  • Per Gail Martin: Hi I am retired from uga and looking for a part time job I have been in custodial work for a long time. I was the building supervisor for the housing department. I worked at all of the dorms and opened east campus village. I live on the east side of town and can provide refrences. Email:
  • I have been using a woman for a few months now that a faculty member recommended to me and I LOVE HER. Her name is Chelsea and she's fantastic. She's working her way through school cleaning homes. She's very trustworthy and is reasonably priced (she charges $65 a week to clean my house and the in-depth cleaning I had her do was $120 and she spent almost 2 days at the house). If your daughter is interested, give her a call at 706-614-0667 and tell her that Kelly Foster recommended her ( I think she only takes people off recommendations from people she works with currently).
  • Peggy Seay 1.706.380.2500 She does housing cleaning and is very responsible and dependable.
  • Per HEATHER WAWRZYNIAK [DIGGINUP@UGA.EDU]: I currently have two clients in Athens but am always looking for more. The flexibility of this kind of work suits my personal life and UGA work commitment. I have more than 15 years of commercial and residential experience. I also happen to be working on my business license for home/office organization. My average rate is between $8 and $15 per hour depending on the size of the area to be cleaned, the depth of cleaning, and frequency.
  • would like to recommend my neighbor Johnnie. She's a single mom and operates her own cleaning business. Angles Cleaning Service: 706-549-0059
  • Do not use Merry Maids.
  • My friend, Cathy Hamby cleans homes. She does a great job and is honest.
  • I can't remember the name of the service, but contact information is: Debra Smith 706-546-9692
  • Some of the info on the recommendations page is out of date. Swap the Mop is no longer in business and M&S dropped off the face of the earth. I am now using Terri Brown, Not Your Average Cleaner, and I love her. She uses eco-friendly products and does a great job. She will focus on what you want her to focus on and is very thorough. Wanda's White Tornados quoted me $500 for an initial clean. Terri did it for $70. She comes every other week now and does a super job. her contact info: (706) 461-5296
  • I have a wonderful woman who has helped me for about 12 years. If you would like to give me a call, I can be reached most mornings at 706 546 7588. E.A. Raines-Whorton
  • Lori Cochran, is a single mom of a 10 and 8 year old.Her cell phone is 706-340-2712. She is very dependable and expert in cleaning.
7-09   I have had serious problems with Merry Maids. I will not bore you with the details,
but I strongly recommend you not use them for cleaning services. Not only do the maids not know
how to clean, the customer service stinks!
  • I've had this lady clean our home that we were getting ready to put on the market before
    and after we had everything out. She's cleaned for us before and has done a GREAT job with
    reasonable rates!! She also comes pretty quick when I call her too. SO - if you need any
    cleaning done one a regular basis or just a one time thing, give her a call. She's cleaned
    for other's at the university so I'm sure she has excellent references. Here's her number
    706-202-6984 Carolyn's Cleaning Service...they are great! 706-354-1734
  • Derricotte Cleaning Services- 706-351-9750
  • Patrica Brightwell-Industrial cleaning (Personal housekeeper)-706-227-2574
       Patrica Brightwell-Industrial cleaning(Personal housekeeper)-706-227-2574
  • I just started with M&S Cleaning about 6 weeks ago. They are a very small
    company but really good. I had tried All Phases cleaning, which came highly
    recommended on the list, but I was very disappointed with them. They missed
    things left & right and charged a lot for what you got, in my opinion.
    M&S phone is 706-207-9509. Please tell Shatoya that I recommended her!
  • Wanda's White Tornado's are really good and very resonable. She operates out
    of Danielsville. Her website is:
  • Laura Patrick: after work and on weekends, references on request. campus 706-583-0885, email 706-202-6984
  • my aunt cleans houses and does an excellent job...and isn't very expensive. Her name is Brenda Venable
    Galvez and her # is 706-742-2464.
  • I would highly recommend Maid Teams. 706-369-8700... They send 3-5 women who can usually complete the entire
    house in under 2 hours. My kitchen sparkles as do the baths. You pay extra for ceiling fans and mini blinds.
    They can also do rush jobs. I have always been very satisfied with their work.
  • Katie Witcher (
  • Donna Hawks 706-795-5004
  • If you are looking for a personal housekeeper. My Cousin cleans homes-Number is # 706-227-2574-Patrica
  • Brenda Bradford-Robbins (
  • Wanda Dove's White Tornados are very good. Wanda is the owner and is great to work with.
    They have a website -