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Computer Repair

two lists
  • I use Athens Micro in Watkinsville and I am pretty sure they aren't that high. They quoted me a fee of $47.50 for a diagnostics charge.
  • My husband does this kind of work on the side, and could probably do it for $100 or less, though it would depend on what needs to be done. If there aren't many problems, he could do it for less. If you want me to ask him, I'd be happy to. He worked in Financial Aid for 8 years as their IT Specialist, and now works in the Registrar's Office -- his name is Hank Beasley.
  • Try downloading the Trend Microscan software (faculty and staff can use this on their personal computers, too) from EITS and run that to see if it will eradicate the virus. No sense in spending $150 to fix a problem you might be able to fix yourself! You may want to download the software package on another computer and load the file onto a thumb drive, especially if the infected computer is running slow.
  • Call Techstop Athens @ 706.247.8877 ~ they may do this type of cleanup
  • Check w C&G or G&C computer at the mall.
  • One of the most effective products I've found for cleaning up malicious software on computers without making things worse (most of the time) is MalwareBytes Anti-Malware. This product is free and available from their website I've used this product many times to rescue and clean up infected computers. I'd recommend downloading it to a USB memory stick. Booting up the computer in Safe Mode (press the F8 key several times when the black and white screen comes on before Windows starts to boot), then select Safe Mode. After the computer finishes booting up you should be able in insert the USB memory stick, navigate to it, and run MalwareBytes Anti-Malware. Select "Perform Full Scan", then click the Scan button. The scan can sometimes take long time. When the scan is complete select the option to clean or remove the found malware. Other very good free anti-malware, computer rescue, and cleanup tools include: Emsisoft Emergency Kit - Vipre Rescue - Sophos Virus Removal Tool - TDSSKiller - I've been very pleased with and learned about a lot of good free software from the website It has lots of reviews and recommendations for very good free software ranging from anti-virus, security, privacy, clean up, tune up, utilities, image and photo manipulation, audio and video manipulation, and office and productivity software.
  • Another great tool to add to your kit is ComboFix. Check out the information on it here, Another great tool to add to your kit is ComboFix. Check out the information on it here,