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Georgia United Credit Union

  • All comments were generally positive. One person had a problem with an online bill pay but still recommended the Credit Union and several folks mentioned that ATM's are not widespread. Some folks love the Credit Union. I've posted a summary below.
  • I've been saving with the credit union for eons. I've had no trouble with them at all. I don't do checking with them, but my daughter has, and I've not heard any complaints.
  • I have had a savings account with them since 1988. My money is taken out of my check each month and I use it twice a year to pay my car tax and for Christmas shopping. The best part for me is I save without really remembering since it comes out automatically. My son has had a checking and savings account with them since he was 16 through their teen account and he loves it. There is one branch at 5 Points and another on Gaines School Road so it's easy to get to no matter where you work on campus. And the people are extremely nice. I've gotten loans twice - once in 1990 to help pay for my wedding - and that's really easy as well if you need that service.
  • I'm a customer since last fall, and I'm happy with them. I use the one on the eastside, and they are super friendly. It depends on how you bank, but the small number of locations/ATMs could be an issue. I don't use those too much, so it doesn't bother me.
  • I've been with GUCU for 4 years and I haven't had any issues with them. They are friendly and courteous. I bank at the one across from Earth Fare. They have a service I like particularly called a Zip Loan. I got mine for $500, and what it does is protects again overdraft. If you go over your balance, the zip loan kicks in, so you don't get overdraft fees. You only pay a very low interest charge. (usually less than a $1 versus $35.)
  • When I moved to Athens in 2009, I opened an account with GUCU and I've been a happy customer ever since. They are very personable at the branch I go to on the Eastside. I use the online payment option and I've never had an issue using it. Also, if I've had a question regarding research and had to call the main number in Duluth, they were just as friendly and personable. The only thing I have any concern over is I wish their online service was a little more streamline in pulling account information, other than that, I love them!
  • I've been w/ them for years!! No complaints here!! :-))
  • I love it. The people are friendly to me. Georgia United has subaccounts such as Christmas or Vacation. I added 2 more. One for YMCA summer camp, and one for Taxes. I can easily transfer money from my checking into these subaccounts so that as I spend down my checking balance, that money is not touched. Their online banking is simple and easy to use. I guess the only con is that they don't have a bunch of atms around, but since I go to the bank to withdraw cash each month, I don't think it's a problem.
  • Love it! Been a very happy customer for 2 yrs. Had one of the mega banks who sold out to another mega bank from out west. Their fees were killing me. Website is manageable for the computer challenged. Love their savings plan where I can put so much per month into a savings account. Not so crazy about duplicate checks but I haven't figured how to get them without the copies online.
  • I've been with them for about 9 years and I have been very pleased with the service they give me. I haven't had anything bad happen while going to them.
  • I switched to GUCU from Wells Fargo last year. Staff at the Gaines School location is very friendly and helpful. On the downside, my first and only attempt at using their billpay service (handled by a 3rd party) resulted in my water bill not getting paid. Since this is a 3rd party service, I'm not holding it against GUCU. 2nd downside, there's a fee (I think it's $8, but my memory may be faulty) to transfer money INTO your accounts from an outside source. I have to transfer funds into my Paypal account from my other bank, and from Paypal to GUCU, which takes about 8-10 days all told. Every dollar counts these days, and if there's a way to avoid a "fee," I'm on it. That said, I would definitely recommend Georgia United to anyone.
  • When I checked into "transfers" from another bank, I was told I could set up a "payment" from my other bank to the credit union and there would be no charge for that. I had my laptop with me and they helped me set it up in the office, and it works perfectlly.
  • I only have savings there, but I like the credit union a lot. I travel enough that I like having my checking account in a national bank so I can access ATMs in other cities; otherwise I'd have my checking there, too.
  • I have not regretted one day of my switch to the Georgia United Credit Union. I was with Bank of America, I was Commercial Bank, Athen's First...all of them cheat you and find a way to steal your money. Not the credit union. They are fair. I love it!!!
  • I LOVE them! I have both a checking account and my car through them and have been nothing but satisfied for the past 4.5 years! Definitely switch!
  • I have a savings account with them. I'm pleased with them. The staff is usually very courteous and professional. The rates are awful, but I don't keep much money in that account. And rates are awful everywhere these days. The only drawback has been that they only have two locations in Athens, neither close to my home, but that makes withdrawing money difficult so I tend to save more.
  • One thing I didn't see or missed in the comments was that there are several other ATM locations you can use for a small service fee. If you live in Madison County, it's very convenient to use the Reliance Credit Union just off Hwy. 29 (across from the Kangaroo and McLane's). You can use that particular ATM to the tune of $1.50 and could probably spend that in gas to get to the other three "free ATM" locations (the one in 5-points, one downtown, or on Gaines School Rd.). The credit union web site lists all the ATM sites you can use around the state.