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Dentist - Pediatric

  • Dr. Brad Hall is AMAZING! He and his staff (Kimberly, Amy, Laura Anne and others) are all wonderful! 2470 Daniels Bridge Road Athens, GA 30606 (706) 543-3629

    Brad Hall is not a dentist specific to children, just so you know. Athens Dentistry for Children is set up for children, including the décor and treats only kids. The décor is a hoot and the staff is wonderful.

    Indeed Dr. Hall does not specialize in just children; however, having observed a number of kids being treated at his office, they absolutely love him and his staff no matter the decor. Athens has several good dentists .... he just happens to be one of them that certainly is worth noting for those looking for recommendations.

  • Ditto for Dr. Newman on Milledge Avenue. He and his staff are a joy, and they are reasonably priced. Not sure about whether they take our insurance, because I don't carry it, but I cannot say enough good things about them! Same thing - if you go, please tell them I referred you (no referral fee or anything, but would like for them to know that I appreciate them that much).
  • Our kids just went to Athens Dentistry for Children for the first time and all I can say is WOW! (we never could afford the luxury of a pediatric dentist before now ….but they take Peachcare!!). I was very impressed with how wonderful it is for kids (tv screens over head, video games, etc.). They were really good with the kids, even with my son who can be kinda grumpy. They are located off the Oconee Connector near 316. Highly recommended! Rachel