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Dermatologist: (12,11,10,09)

2012 Drs. Whalen and Lockman came in with a resounding first place finish, and Dr. Sexton a distant second.

Dr. Whalen
Dr Lockman
Dr. Shenara Sexton
Dr. Karen Maffei
Dr. Ross Campbell
Joyce Thomas
David Greeson
Dr. Maffei in Oconee Co
Dr. Alyssa Brown - Gwinett Dermatology in Loganville
Dr. Fred Moorman on Prince
Dr. George Miller at Family Dermatology of Athens

  • 2011
    I very strongly recommend Georgia Skin Cancer and Aesthetic Dermatology: I can't express high enough the greatness of Dr. Ross M. Campbell, his PA , Dr. Jonathan L Nix, and everyone on the staff in his office. Both Dr. Campbell and Dr. Nix have done procedures on me, my father and a couple of other family members. They explain things so that it can be understood and make the procedures as comfortable as possible. They treat you as if you were family and you just get that special treatment each and every time you're there. If you have any concerns about areas on your skin that you are not sure about, I strongly recommend visiting Dr. Campbell's office. He has an office in Athens, GA and also one in Commerce, GA

    For any of you that are looking for a GREAT dermatologist, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jonathan Fass. He is the most thorough dermatologist I have ever seen and extremely nice and very patient. He doesn't make you feel rushed, he takes the time to answer any and all questions you may have. I just can't say enough good things about him!!!

  • I really like Lauren Whalen 706-769-2002, 31 N Main St in Watkinsville. She is super nice and spends the time talking with you. Not sure about the medicare part.PS - Just so you know I've been to almost every dermatologist in Athens. Most of them have no bedside manner (which I desire in a doctor). Joy Chastain is nice but IMO they run people through that office like it is a stockyard...I guess they need to make tons of money to stay open.
  • I cannot recommend highly enough, Dr. David Lochman whose office is on Cobb I believe, very near Athens regional Medical Center. David very, very good at diagnostics. The more difficult the problem, the more intellectually engaged he is in finding a solution. He is a Davidson college graduate and at one time was on staff with the CDC in Atlanta. I do not know if that is still true. He has a wonderful sense of humor, is no nonsense and totally down to earth. As a college classmate of my husband's, I have known David for many years and have the utmost confidence in him. As to whether his office takes Medicare, I cannot be sure. I hope this has been helpful, and best of luck.
  • I like Dr. Joyce Thomas.
  • Karen Mafei. I think her office is off the Watkinsville by-pass now. She used to be in Athens on Prince Ave. I am sure you can find her in the phone book. Don't know about the medicare/medicaid thing.

    Recommendations for Dr. Ross Campbell specifically:
  • He is great! I took my infant daughter to him and he was great at the appointment as well as following up with a personal phone call with information he gathered after our appointment.
  • Dr. Campbell is GREAT. He removed a skin cancer from my husband's face recently. He did a terrific job of removing it and made us feel at ease during the surgery and recovery. Dr. Campbell has a wonderful "bed side" manner. He was highly recommended to us.
  • He's very bright and very pleasant to deal with. He lectured at UHC Health Center during lunchtime sometime in the past 2 years. He's trained in MOHS surgery, which tends to leave a less disfiguring scar. I would not hesitate to see him for removal of even facial nevi.
  • I took my son to him and thought he was great. My son has been to a number of dermatologists over the years in Athens, and he was actually the first one that seemed to know what he was talking about.
  • I have not been to see him yet, but he came highly recommended by my GP. Please share your responses!! I had a growth on my chest a few months ago. I let Dr. Forehand look at it and he thought it could have been cancer. He sent me to Dr. Campbell the next day. He was great. It was not cancer, but he took it off right there. No stitches and had me treat it with vinegar. Healed right up and I have no scar. Every other place I have had removed has left a big scar. I would definitely go to him again. Also, after I went, I found out that my mother-in-law goes to him and he has removed several cancer places from her face. You would never know it. She said that he only comes to her town once a week or something strange, but she waits to see only him.
  • I went to him a couple times (not much help since I have a new condition) but he was nice and didn't have tons f waiting time, but the thing I didn't like about the office procedure I think as opposed to him, is that he brings in a student intern to be present and show him things diagnose etc and I felt like a specimen and since I didn't like the look of my skin issue I was sorta embarrassed I didn't want a lot of people gawking and felt like I was being shown to the world. Lol, ill see him again but I think ill request to not have intern accompanied so I don't feel like a specimen.
Dr. Joy Chastain --   1 pos
Dr. Fass --   4 pos
Dr. David Lockman --   3 pos
Dr. Mormoon --   1 pos
Dr. Joyce Thomas --   5 pos and 2 neg
Dr. Whalen --   1 pos
Dr. Karen Mafaei -   2 pos
Dr. Bette Potter -   1 pos
Dr. Shenara Sexton -   1 pos
  • My daughter has started seeing Dr. Joyce Thomas. She seems very nice and thorough. I went with her because of recommendations on the
    recommendations website.

    I went to see Dr. Joyce Thomas once and I felt like she rushed out of the office and it seemed to me that she didn't have time to
    take to talk to me to actually find out everything I was trying to tell her about my sistuation. I did not feel comfortable with
    her bed side manner and I never returned for another visit and you would have thought that her office would have called for a follow
    up since I explained to them and to her that I was looking for a Dermatologist to visit on a regular basis.

    Went to Dr. Thomas for 10+ years. She's ok but after a while it felt like she was rushing through my visit each and didn't seem to
    listen and/or want to try different things. So I changed to Dr. Fass. So far I've really liked him. I will say it's harder
    to get appts with him than Dr. Thomas though.

    I have been to Dr. Thomas several times and so have others in my family. I have always found her to be very smart, efficient and
    practical with a no-nonsense attitude. She did surgery on my face in her office without leaving a scar of any kind. I highly
    recommend her.

    I, too, am a huge fan of Dr. Thomas. She does have a busy schedule, but she's never hesitated to check all my issues thoroughly.
    I've been going to her for over 10 years and would recommend her to all my friends and family.

    I have used Dr. Thomas on many occasions and have always had a positive experience.

    Dr. Thomas is brusque, yes, she is also very good at what she does. In addition to that she dedicated. I found her to be of extremely generous
    spirit when she helped my son a few years ago. It was shortly after we arrived in Athens. We were uninsured and I was underemployed. Dr. Thomas
    provided extensive treatment and charged next to nothing because we needed help. She did not cater, she was not warm and fuzzy - she was
    professional; she got the job done and I remain grateful for her help.

    We did not like Dr. Joyce Thomas either. There was something creepy about her and I found it odd that she had a huge stack of bibles where we paid
    our co-pay. She kept talking about my daughter's skin being the way the creator made it. Odd for a medical professional.

  • Dr. Karen Maffei is wonderful.

    Have you tried Dr. Mafaei, not sure of spelling right now; she is located in in Watkinsville

  • Dr. David Lockman is great. Has office in both Athens and Watkinsville.
  • Dr. Fass is fantastic. I have been going to him for 6 years and he top notch.

    I just saw Jonathan Fass on the HMO and was pleased with him.

    Not sure about insurance, but Dr. Fass is very good.On prince ave. corner of price and where you turn to get on loop.

  • I just went to Dr. Whalen, who is in practice with Dr. Lockman, and I really liked her. They are PPO participants.
  • I have recently taken our son to Dr. Joy Chastain. She and her staff are absolutely wonderful. He loved them. Great experience!
  • I've been pleased (and many of the health care providers at University Health Center too) with David Lockman. I don't know if he is
    on the HMO or not though.
  • I'm not sure about the insurance but you can just give them a call: Dr. Moorman on Prince Ave is a miracle worker.
  • I have been going to and absolutely love Dr. Bette Potter. - 706-353-4570
  • I use Dr. Shenara Sexton. She's very good, very nice and very patient.
    older reviews
  • I use Dr. Lockman's office. They are good I don't know of any negative information.
  • Jonathan Fass is great - will take several months to get a first appointment, though....
  • Dr. Fass off of Prince Ave. was good for me, plus he takes our insurance a big plus
    • We all use Dr. Fass on Prince Avenue. He is in with Dr. Greeson. Both are really good.
  • I've seen Dr. Fass and Dr. Greeson (they are in together). I liked both of them. However, my dermatology issues have
    been fairly run of the mill kinds of things -- nothing major or hard to diagnose.
    • I absolutely adore Dr. Greeson.
  • Karen Maffei. She's in Watkinsville.
    • I like Dr. Maffei very much. She is knowledgable, efficient and a really nice person. She removed something for me
      that two other dermatologists told me they would even touch, and it turned out well.
    • Dr. Maffei is good. She has moved to 441 in Watkinsville.
    • Karen Maffei is wonderful.
  • Dr. Bette Potter with Town and Country Dermatology. Very down to earth and wonderful staff!
  • I use Dr. Joyce Thomas in Bishop Professional Park (on Sunset Drive across from Bishop Park). I've been using her for
    YEARS and have never been disappointed.
  • Dr. Joyce Thomas who is here in Athens located in the Complex across the street from Bishop Park. She is wonderful.
    I saw results with her shortly after my first visit and by the time I went back for my second visit which was 30 days
    later I could see lots of great results.
    • I really like Joyce Thomas. She's straight forward- matter of fact which I like. And easy to get an appt with and very good.
      Saw my daughter just yesterday.
  • I use Dr. Shenara Sexton, she's pretty good.
  • I would highly recommend Dr. Stella Bulengo. She's in Watkinsville, 1582 Mars Hill Road, 706-769-7546. She has been great and
    understands sensitive skin and fair complexions!!
  • My only experience has been with Dr. Joy Chastain (706.543.1335) and it was a good one. I was able to get an appointment in
    less then a week for a general skin cancer check. Everyone was very nice. I did not feel like Dr. Chastain was rushing me
    out and she fully answered my questions.
    • I have only seen one dermatologist, and I would not recommend her. Dr. Joy Chastain has 0 personality, and just seemed to be
      in a hurry to get in and get out.
    • Highly recommend Drs Chastain and Braselton (on Oglethope Ave). They take UGA insurance.
  • I worked in the field for quite some time within the Athens area and have also had extensive skin issues. I recommend Dr. William Moorman
    on Prince Ave next to Subway.