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Doctor -- Ears, Nose, Throat

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    2012 -- Dr. Mixon
  • My daughter was 1 when she got tubes put in by Dr Mixon and we had to visit him every 6 months for 2 1/2 years and then he removed the tubes when she turned 3. He is a great dr and very patient especially with the kids. He always did a great job explaining things that we didn't understand and he was willing to help. I would recommend him as a ent dr. If we need anything in the future we will defiantly be going back to him!! The office staff was great too and very helpful. My daughter never minded going to see this dr. Good luck!!

    I love Dr. Mixon. He has done surgery on me and my 2 children and everything has gone great with them. He has done surgery on me from a deviated septum (sp?), he clipped one of my daughter's tongue when she was 4, and removed the tonsils from my other daughter at the age of 3.

    My daughter uses Dr. Mixon for her children and likes him a lot.

    Dr. Mixon just did my septoplasty and sinus surgery. He was professional, personable and there were absolutely no complications. I'd use him again, if needed.

    Dr Mixon did tubes for my 1 year old. He has a good bedside manner.

    Dr. Mixon installed some tubes in my son's ears and we have had no problems. He is great with kids and will be taking my son's tonsils out in September.

    Dr. Mixon is a very good ENT - very kind and a good surgeon.

Responses to ENT - Ear, Nose, Throat question: I have a friend who broke her nose in a fall, and is not interested in seeing Dempsey for various reasons.
Does anyone have any information on Dr. Simpson, Dr. Dillard, or Dr. Gomez?


  • Dr. Dillard is awesome! My ear hurt so bad I went to his office for the first time in tears. He and his staff were awesome!
    He put a tube in my right ear and I had to have sinus surgery. My surgery was in January and I haven't had any pain since!
  • I've used Dr. Dillard before - very conservative in his approach to implementing procedures. I had a bad ear infection and he
    was reticent to lance the infected area until he'd tried other less invasive treatments (anti-biotics, etc.) He finally had
    no choice but to procede with the aggressive procedure, but was so light in his approach that years after, I've not experienced
    any other problems.
  • Dr. David Dillard is the ENT (otolaryngologist) I used a few years ago and liked a lot. He's pretty straight to the point; not
    much pussyfooting around.
  • I completely recommend Dr. Gomez without ANY reservations. He took my tonsils out nearly 35 years ago. And, has since seen my husband
    and two children. He's somewhat "old school" but wonderful!!
  • We went to Gomez to have tubes in Isabel's ears. It was fine.....we got into a rather heated "conversation" beforehand because I wasn't
    convinced we needed to do it. I think he had the patient's best interests at heart. I guess what I learned is you may have to stand your
    ground if you have questions/reservations, etc.
  • Dr. Gomez is one of the finest doctors in the country. He has been in Athens for years. Knows his stuff!!
  • Dr. Gomez is great. I've been to see him for sinus and ear infections. Dr. Gomez didn't cause me pain when conducting an exam for the same
    thing an exam Sheffield administered about killed me with pain.
  • I have used Dr. Simpson since I have been back in Athens (20 yrs) & I think he is good. Dr. Dempsey never did anything to help me -- +
    he's too old now. I did see his associate, Dr. Mixon, for one problem & he seems pretty good.
  • My husband is currently a pt of Dr. Simpson, for a problem with a cyst on the vocal cord, we are very please with him.
  • My family has used Dr. Simpson for many years now and we really like him. He put tubes in several of my grandchildren. He also did major
    cancer surgery (13-hour surgery) on my dad in 1990. He's really a good doctor.
  • My children have gone to Dr. Simpson for 20 years - from ear plugs to tonsils to broken nose. We love him!
  • Dr. Simpson is wonderful. He just treated my 2 year old daughter, he treated my niece who broke her nose, and he treats my grandfather.
    He has w great bedside manner. I have nothing but good things to say about him and the ladies in his office.
  • John Simpson is great!
  • I have used Dr. Simpson for my son in the past. My son has had tubes a couple of times and his adenoids removed. He also did my niece's
    tubes and the removal of her tonsils and adenoids. We always had a good experience with Dr. Simpson.
  • My husband really likes Dr. Simpson (considered "new school"), and I see Dr. Gomez (considered "old school"). Both of us have been in for
    ear problems.
  • I highly recommend John Simpson, 700 sunset drive 546-0144

    Do not go to Simpson. I'll just leave it at that....

  • I use Robert Gomez, he placed tubes in my daughters ears.

    Hey! I kept getting ear infections in my right ear. I finally went to an ENT. I found one that is great.
    He is Dr. David Dillard on Hawthorne Ave. I had to get tubes and haven't had any problems. The staff
    is great too!

    Dr. David Dillard, in my opinion, is the best ENT specialist in town. My daughter suffered from chronic
    sinusitis and ear infections, as well as asthma, when she was two, and Dr. Dillard is the only physician
    who could help her. He thinks out of the box to do what's best for the patient, and he doesn't prescribe
    antibiotics as a cure-all. My daughter is now almost 11 and has been healthy for the last 8-1/2 years.

    Dr. Dillard is located on Hawthorne Ave. right beside Athens First Bank. 353-0093

  • I just had my 9 year olds' tonsils removed (recurring strep) by Dr. Edward Dempsey of Athens ENT. They are located
    behind McDonald's on Prince. He is a wonderful doctor with a great bedside manner (especially with kids) and
    has been in practice for a long time. My daughter also had recurring ear infections when she was an infant,
    and Dr. Sheffield (in the same practice) placed her ear tubes - she hasn't had a single ear infection since
    (just the darn strep! And an occasional sinus infection). In my opinion, this practice is the best there is.
    There's another doctor in with them but I can't recall his name at the moment.

    My 4 year old daughter sees Dr. Sheffield. She really seems to like him. You may want to give his office a call.

  • I was pleased with Dr. Mixson. He put tubes in both of my kids ears and no infections. Nice relief.

    We have been really pleased with Dr. Charles Mixson. He put tubes in our daughter's ears at 18 months and we were happy
    with him, how the surgery went, and all the follow up care. Friends have also had a positive experience with him since
    he does give thoughtful consideration to options before just resorting to surgery...a wait and see approach first unless
    it's clearly a chronic problem. Anyway, he's a little younger and the practice he belongs to just thankfully moved into
    a brand new office too. I know it's a hard decision, but I promise, it will make a world of difference to have it addressed.
    Our daughter was SOOOO much better afterward that we almost forgot what our peditrician looked like from lack of seeing him..
    wink. Good luck.