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Internist (2009)

  • I use Mary Bess Jarrard, on Chase Street. They have a new partner, Elizabeth Johnson.
    My daughter sees her and likes her a lot. I like Dr. Jarrard, as does my husband.

Several people were interested in the recommendations for Dr. Mark Firth.
All were positive.

  • Dr Firth is my primary care physician and I think he is very good. I went through 3 or 4
    others before staying with him.
  • I went to Dr. Firth for several years. He was in the military and so was his father so he comes
    across as rather sharp. He only spends about 15 minutes with you. They are on a schedule and
    don't like to vary from it. He is a good doctor if you can take the other things.
  • I go to Dr. Firth, my grandfather went to him, my great aunt goes to him, my husband goes to
    him. We love him! He is great, but his staff at the front desk can be a little hit or miss.
    Sometimes they are great and sometimes they are very short with you. With all that said, I
    think he is a great doctor for all ages (as I am 25, my husband 27, my great aunt is 87, so he
    has a big range).
  • I asked this same question 2 years ago. Since I received many positive responses concerning
    Dr. Firth I decided to switch. He has been my PCP ever since. I am very happy that I switched.
    I like him a lot. Let me know if you want to know anything specific about him.
  • My boss goes to him and highly recommends him.
  • he is #1.