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Dog Boarding

Two lists


  • -I have used Four Seasons in Winterville many times, but since I moved further out of town, we have used Four Seasons on Nowhere Rd. I cannot think of a better place to board our two dogs. I particularly like the one on Nowhere Rd. They have much more to offer (doggie swim sessions, trail walking, play time, lap time, grooming), and our dogs love the place. When we drop them off they literally don't give us a second thought ("Don't let the door hit ya on the way out") as the staff lead them to their kennels. They get excited every time we head down the driveway to the kennel. It's such a stress-free place, and it gives us peace of mind to leave them there. We know they are not only well taken care of, but they are loved. The one in Winterville is great, but the one on Nowhere Rd., in my opinion, is much more homey and truly a vacation for the dogs. As far as price, they charge $17/night for small dogs and $18/night for medium dogs. It's a couple of more dollars per night than boarding at the vet's office, but the way they care for our babies is well worth the extra money. They do charge extra for swim sessions and trail walks. It's all on their website.
  • We used Four Seasons for our german sheppard Harrison. He was very well taken care of and we always had a very positive feeling when we had to leave him. They have great facilities, including a Pool for the dogs. We have not needed to use Four seasons for about 4 years as Harrison died and we now have cats. Your sister should check them out in person. I believe they have two facilities, but I always used the one on NoWhere Road. The owners also live there.
  • Firehall 4 Vet Ofc over on Hawthorne....they are great. I have used them several times, and never a problem. Dog always healthy and happy when picked up.
  • My vet boards animals. Gaines School Animal Hospital. They are fantastic and very reasonably priced.
  • I use Pawtropolis. They have a wide range of boarding options. My dogs love it there.
  • Pawtropolis is great and North Oconee Animal Hospital (NOAH) is also wonderful
  • I've used Pawtropolis and been very happy with them. They are a little pricey but I don't worry about my fur-baby while I'm gone.


  • [This is the vet, Monica Kutcher, I'd heard very good things about for a number of years.] Good Hands Vet Hospital on Daniels Bridge Road in Oconee is good. Also I've heard good things about Pawtropolis. Never used them, but…
  • We use Old Salem Kennel for boarding our dog. They are locate in Oconee Co, about halfway between Watkinsville and Madison, not too far off 441. They are great.


  • I have used Four Seasons in Winterville for many years. I've boarded a (very) large Katrina evacuation foster dog with "issues," as well as many of my own special needs animals there. My dogs have always returned home, happy to see me, but not unhappy with having been at the boarding kennel. I can't say enough wonderful things about the gang that own and work there!
  • I used to take my dog to Four Seasons and she loved it. They were always very good to her, you can arrange for extra play time and they used to offer swimming. The staff really seems to care about the pets and I think you can even arrange to have your baby have a bath before you pick her up. My dog's gone now, but I would happily use Four Seasons again. Hope this helps.
  • I used Four Seasons quite a few years ago (8?) and found them very friendly and very responsive to individual requests. Their facilities then were very, very nice and clean. I would advise your sister to check them out unannounced one day and ask to look around.
  • I've used Four Seasons in Winterville in the past and it was fine. I think they may have since changed owners, but the facilities are okay as far as kennels go-nothing like the home back yard…. Have a fun, safe trip!
  • I use Four Seasons in Winterville all of the time for boarding. I am very pleased with their facilities.
  • Happy Tails in Winterville is wonderful. the owners Deanna and Mark are great. They have work and boarded rescued animals. 706 742-8852. I leave my precious dog there all the time without a worry!!


  • Madison Animal Hospital in Danielsville is great. Dr. Phillips. 706-795-3790. Not sure of cost or anything but they are a great group of people.


  • I have heard good things about Winding Creek Kennels in Statham and a coworker recently boarded her dog there a few weeks ago. They allow you to visit the facility plus they have a website if you Google their name.
  • I can't recommend, but I can warn you against Winding Creek Kennels in Statham, GA. They look good on the outside, but the ownership is really bad, what they say to your face and do behind your back are 2 different things. [My personal note: I found this post interesting, because before I saw it, my response to their web site was that this was a huge, institutionalized, not pleasant-looking facility. --NDP]


  • Pet inn suites in braselton is great. Since she is a first time customer she would get a coupon to use. I think it was 3 days for the price of two or something like that. Very clean..newer facilities and Great staff. Has to be up to date on vaccs. Also, if she does stay use my name as a referral. Any questions let me know.
  • Probably not convenient, but there is a wonderful place in Braselton. Just off 85 (exit 129). Pet Inn Suites. We used them 2 weeks ago to board our two Bichons for 4-nights. Wonderful experience and the dogs did not come home stressed (they had never been boarded before).
  • Happy Tails Playhouse, Winterville; 4 recommendations
  • Four Seasons Pet Resort, Hull and Winterville; 4 recommendations
  • Firehall 4 Vet, Athens; 1 recommendation
  • The Vet at Blue Ridge, Watkinsville; 1 recommendation 706/769/7205
  • Four Seasons Pet Resort is AWESOME!!! They have a facility in Winterville and one in Madison County. I use the Winterville location. The people are great, the place is very clean, and they just *love* my little guy. We pay $ 14/night for our small dog and they bathe him before we pick him up. They offer play time, extra walks, and the Madison County facility even has a bone-shaped doggie pool. Of course, the extras cost extra. I don't have their contact info. in front of me, but I encourage you to give them a call. We've had many great experiences.
  • Seems like Happy Tails gets a LOT of good recommendations. Dr. Andrews at Colbert Animal Hospital does boarding and a friend uses that place over on 29 just down from the State Patrol Office.