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Dog Groomer:

(Several lists)
  • It is very rare that I experience customer service that is so exemplary that I feel the need to shout it from the rooftops, but it happened to me this past Friday and I felt like I needed to share it with the Staff Listserv: Basically, if you live in the Winder area, and you need a dog groomer, you have *GOT* to visit Randi at So Fetching Pet Salon. I have 2 adorable fur-babies (Harley and Pebbles) who are long-haired miniature dachshunds. They don't need a lot of grooming, but it had been a while since they'd been groomed (because I didn't like the last place I took them) so they were looking a little nappy and their toenails were about as long as they were. I saw a coupon for So Fetching Pet Salon in the little Winder magazine that comes in the mail once a month, so I called and set up an appointment. Randi was *incredibly* nice and very willing to work with me. My husband was able to drop off the dogs on his lunch break, and then I picked them up on my way home from work Friday evening. When she brought Harley and Pebbles out, I couldn't believe my eyes--they looked amazing!! They were groomed so neatly, and smelled the best they've ever smelled in their lives and Randi had tied the cutest little bandanas! But, wait, it gets better--it only cost $25 per dog (before the coupon). For $25 per dog, this is what we got: bath, blowdry, brushing, light trim (mainly paws & "sanitary areas"), teeth brushed, ears cleaned, and anal glands expressed. I was absolutely blown away by what a good job Randi did, and how fairly it was priced--I will never visit another groomer again!!
  • Kelly Noonan, owner of Doggie Styles on South Milledge
    • I really like Kelly Noonan, owner of Doggie Styles on South Milledge
    • Kelly Noonan, owner of Doggie Styles on South Milledge
    • Kelly Noonan does fantastic work, and is very patient with both our own dogs and the variety of foster dogs we bring to her. It's also very convenient having her shop so close to campus so we can drop them off before work, and pick them up after. Double-Thumbs-Up!
    • I really like Kelly at Doggy Style. She is down to earth, friendly and really seems to enjoy what she does and is good at it.
  • I had a problem with First Class Pet Resort - They lost my dog!
  • I found the customer service at The Dawg House on So. Milledge less than satisfactory and was hit with hidden fees.
  • Jessica at Pet Supplies Plus 706-353-0648. I got her name off the list last year and have
    been very pleased with her work and she's good with my dog and he likes her.
  • We really like Tiffany Tuttle's Grooming at Tiffany's. She's great with our dogs, has a state of the art
    mobile dog grooming van (it's a hybrid), is reasonably priced and comes to you. My family has known
    Tiffany for many years before she became a professional dog groomer. Here's her website: