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itchy scratchy doggies

I got lots of ideas. I am starting with the Chicken allergy and will work from there.
My doggie, Harley, well her diet's mainstay is chicken. I sincerely hope that this
is the problem, cause it will be easy to fix.
As you all remember I posted on the list that my little schnorkie (yorkie/schnauzer mix)
was itchy scratchy all the time and it was driving me crazy!! And a lot of you responded
with all kinds of ideas. Well…. purely by accident we think we have it figured out… she
had a ball that she just loved (and could not destroy like ALL the others we had bought)
- carried it from room to room and could chew on it for hours and it would not budge…
well long story short - we took it away from her to protect grandbaby AND her from getting
into an altercation over the ball. And left it put up for over a month….and guess what…
itchy/scratchy doggie is MUCH better. YAY….YIPPEEE… so to all of you out there still
suffering - you might investigate toys….

I've also read that some allergies are food allergies and changing the food to a lamb and rice formula will help that. My vet said that Niles' allergies weren't related to food so I haven't tried this. More than likely his allergies are seasonal and possibly even a flea allergy. I keep Frontline on him but the his dose for this month was due last week. I thought since the weather was getting cooler (WAS until this week) that I could hold off it. I'm thinking that maybe I was wrong since he has been itching this week! I haven't found any fleas on him but you never know.

What kind of dry food are you giving her? It's quite possible she's allergic to something in her food. Since this is a small dog, you could probably afford to feed her real food for a while and see if the itchies clear up. Ground beef, ground turkey, ground chicken, scrambled egg... Sorry your puppy is so itchy - I KNOW how that is. I have a 12 year old lab (Balou) who has allergies - he's had them all his life and they just get worse with age. His are mainly outdoor/inhaled allergies. I didn't ever do the allergy testing b/c yes, it is really expensive and I know others who did it and the results didn't really get them anywhere. I did do a pretty extensive "home" test to see whether he was allergic to any foods. If Harley happens to do a lot of itching or rubbing his face after he eats, that might be something to look into - most dog food allergy symptoms are similar to inhaled allergy symptoms. I used an elimination diet - it's been a long time ago and your vet should help you, but basically you try a new protein source - I think I did just plain beef and rice for awhile to see if that changed his symptoms. Then you slowly add other things to see if there's a change. The hope is that you can pinpoint the allergy. There are so many ingredients in the dry foods and dogs can be allergic to so many different things. There's a ton of internet info about this too - I like a site called Like I said, Balou's allergies do not seem to be food related. He's been on every antihistamine and I find that switching them up can help some - I'll do benadryl for awhile and then switch to zyrtec or chlortrimeton. Atarax is a prescription one I've used that works really well for awhile (it's cheap). Sometimes I try to wipe his feet with a baby wipe when he comes in thinking I might get some pollen off? (I may be nuts...) There is a new drug called Atopica - which is not an antihistamine - it's some variation of cyclosporin and it works with the immune system?? We've not tried this one because it's pretty expensive to start out with and he now has a neurological disease and the vet said it wasn't really an option. Finally - when he gets really bad - just crazy itching and chewing his feet and he's red and inflamed we will do a round of prednisone. This is usually two or three times/year and the pred will cool him off dramatically - it's kind of like hitting a "reset" button for him. The only bad thing is that he gets the side of effects of panting and being restless, but sometimes it is just worth it. I hope some of this might be helpful to you - I have really gotten to the point that I just try to keep Balou as comfortable as I can!

Have they tested/checked her for some type of eczema?

Is she scratching or biting at the butt. By where the tail goes into the back? Reason being, my yorkie did that for 3 years until we found out it was her anal glands needing squeezing routinely. She starts biting we have them squeezed. My dog has allergies and I have to give her allergy shot every week. She's allergic to everything, fleas, dust, and you name it. The vet tested her for allergies and figured it out. Hope this helps.

I use baby oil just a little on your hands and put all over his.

I have a yorkie...i've had issues with her also. I was told to try Apple cider vingar so I put some in a spray bottle and sprayed it on's a temporary fix but it does work for a while. You can google and read about it

My dog has skin problems as well. I have used Dawn dishwashing detergent to bath her with making sure to rinse it all out. She has been MUCH better. Decided to try it as they use it for wildlife washing.

My dog scratches from time to time, mostly in the winter. I use a oatmeal shampoo and that seems to take care of it.

I understand. We have lots of animals outside - goats, chickens, an Aussie, two Pyrenees, but our little 10 lb Chihuahua is the only inside one and he is our child. I think the problem may be that you are bathing her too much. Once per month is really the most you should bathe her. If she has sensitive skin, you should go about 6 to 8 weeks if you can. If she's inside, I'm sure she doesn't get dirty or stinky (unless she rolls in something while on potty break like ours does!). That should help a lot. You probably know this already, but never use anything like febreeze on her.

My doggie has the same issues. I give her benadryl when it is bad. And bathe her in oatmeal soap bath. I have the same problem with my Jack Russell mix.....I cant afford the allergy testing for it cost $350 according to my vet to have the test done. He is the worst in the summer months.....the only thing that my vet has tried and it really helps is steriod treatment, but that is not a cure and he cant take for a long period of time, for he has had bladder stone surgery in the past. My vet even switched his prescription dog food from the UD science diet to the ZD its more for his allergies, but that has not helped. I did find a shampoo at pet smart for bacterial infections on the skin and that seems to be helping. I have just been using it for about two weeks now. Just thought I would share my story and if you hear of anything that helps Harley, please share with me. Vet's Remedy, Anti-Bacterial & Anit-Fungal Shampoo & Conditioner for dogs...and its much cheaper if you order it online.

Have you tried using a different dry food (my vet likes Purina ONE dog chow), or maybe a different brand of chicken? Your dog may have allergies to some ingredients in the food he/she eats. Do you see any fleas or flea dirt on your dog? He/she may be allergic to flea bites (I have a cat like that and one bite sets her off to scratching until and even after she is a bloody pulp).

Does her dry food contain wheat, corn or soy? Those three things can be very bad for sensitive skin. Here's an article about it and the staff at the pet store in the Kroger shopping center off Alps can be very helpful. A simple way to test would just be to get a food free of those common allergens and see if you notice an improvement. Did the vet not suggest Benadryl? You might ask if you could give her that for the itching.

We use Companion Animal Hospital on Hwy 29 and they bathe, clip nails and clean ears for $10. My beagle is a handful and not quite a year old. I have started taking him every 6 weeks or so and letting them do all of that. Whatever they use to bathe him has not bothered him one bit. You might call them 549-6043 and talk to Carolyn or Beverly and tell them I recommended you. These two ladies are super nice and always helpful to me.

I had a vet tell me to mix Vaseline and mentholatum together and rub on the itchy area. Rub it in good. And this will help the itching.

I have a 3 lb. Yorkie (Lanee) and she seems itchy all the time too. I've been told that they have very sensitive skin and that we shouldn't give her a bath any more than every two weeks. I use the extra conditioning baby shampoo to bathe her. I would love to know any other great advice you get from the list, if you're willing to share it with me!

When my Chihuahua was scratching and losing a little fur on her shoulders, My vet technician had me try Dr Bronners lavender body wash. It's for people and it cleared it right up. It is sold at health food stores like Earthfare. I even use it myself sometimes now!

I use oatmeal and baking soda on my dogs….and I have heard adding rice to the diet can help…

I have a yorkie and she is doing the same thing. I have allerg8 drops I put on her food from the vet and that doesn't stop it either. I and she needs relief. I have been doing the same thing as you with the shampoo. Thanks.

I have the exact same issue with my little guy Gizmo….he hardly has any hair left on him from scratching and biting…I believe he is allergic to fleas (which we cannot get rid of this year, nothing is working) I started him on some children's' liquid Benadryl and he at least gets to sleep at night but it's not helpful during the day time.

We also had a very itchy dog and nothing seemed to work. We make our on dog food and at the time we were using mostly chicken. We swapped the chicken in Millie's food to other forms of protein and her skin cleared up and she has been itch free for almost a year. According to our research, chicken is notorious for causing skin allergies in dogs. I hope this helps, and good luck.

Some dogs are allergic to the grains they put in dog food, and skin issues are often a sympton of a food allergy. I buy food that is free of wheat, barley, corn, etc. Natural Balance (sold at pet stores) is a great one, but rather pricey. I use Natural Way (I get it at Ingles) and have had success with it, as well. Good luck! :-)

I use a hydrocortisone soap that give temporary relief at least (I bought it at walmart). Make sure you aren't bathing too often and drying the skin out.

We had that problem with our dog daisy.....we now give her the inexpensive fish oil tables in her food....try one then annother we give daisy 4 she is 60 lbs. it will do no harm:) walmart, cvs,ingles just about everyone sells them and they are all the same we go to walmart we use to break open the capsuls now she loves them whole.

My Boxer ended up having serious food allergies to gluten and soy. He was having an allergic reaction to his food which made his whole body itch! I had to find a dry dog food that didn't have anything with wheat or soy in it. I've been using "Taste of the Wild", and his itching has nearly stopped. His coat is also much more shiny and he's much more active. The food I'm feeding him uses sweet potatoes for starch and salmon for protein. It's all natural and easy for his sensitive tummy.