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Dryer Repair (May 2008)

  • King Appliance Svc Inc 706-546-5260. Lee is wonderful! And his rates are reasonable.
  • I have used King Appliance (706-546-5260) for several repairs, including a dryer. He is very fair in his pricing. He will also let you know how much it will cost to repair and if it is worth doing the repair. He also comes when he says he is coming.
  • King Appliance Service 706-546-5260
  • We had Mr. King come out to our house to repair our dryer. He did great and charged less for the visit than other people said they do. I think it was $50. for a house call. Others wanted to charge $80. The repair was about $25. Well worth it. Dryer works fine again! King Appliances - 706-546-5260. Oh, and we didn't have to wait long. I think it was about two days before he could get out because he was busy. We were real happy with him. And he was one of the recommendations I got off the listserv a while back.
  • The Appliance Doctor is reliable and inexpensive. You can find him in the white pages.
  • Tom Williamson has come to my house twice over the years and fixed my dryer for a reasonable price. He's retired from Sears and I have a Kenmore dryer, so it's worked out well for me. His number is 770-266-7664.
  • I have used Sears in the past and have been quite satisfied. When you call, they'll offer you the service contract and it seems to be a good deal, so consider it. The nice thing about Sears is that they WILL come and the work is guaranteed. Hope this helps.
  • I called Sears and when they came out I bought a warranty for my appliances and it has been worth it for us.
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