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Electricians: (several lists)
  • I just wanted to give a shout out to this electrician... He came out to our house one evening last week and it didn't cost us an arm and leg AND he did GREAT work!!!!! So if you have any work that you may need done... Give this guy a try. I think you will be pleased!!! He has been licensed since 1997 and has done side work for many years and actually had his own business for 3 years and decided to go back to industry maintenance because of the cost involved in running it full time. Tell him you want the UGA employee rates :) Joel Smith, 678-316-8241
  • The guy I use is Geno Acosta. He is a great guy and a wonderful Electrician. His phone number is 706 255 9257. We have used him in our home and with all our rental properties. He is very reasonable and reliable.
  • My husband works for an electrician. If you are interested, his name is Jeff Bartenfeld, his number is 706-474-4379, the name of the company is Bartenfeld Electric. My brother-in-law is a certified electrician and has operated the company in Athens for many years - they could provide references - they are reasonably priced and do very good work.
  • Ross Kesterson, my son in law. Cell 706-614-3411
  • Andy Bryant is great 706-714-6330
  • Derek Fields (706) 202 1389
  • I use Mike Acton (706-255-2971) and Tim Harrison (770-757-5393). They do excellent work and their prices are reasonable.
  • Gene Fields Electric 706-742-7219
  • I would recommend Rickey Poole. He works here on campus in Physical Plant as an electrician. Good luck!
  • I usually have good luck by calling the Physical Plant and asking for an electrician who does work on the side.
  • Paul Poninski 706-207-4068 (cell)
  • Can't say enough about Ed Smith with Blue Moon Electric -
  • Branch Electric, Bishop GA. Scott Branch, 706-769-5794. Did an excellent job upgrading devices and
    wiring in older home. Neat, clean, professional work at reasonable rate.
  • Gene Fields out of Winterville is Great!
  • Highly recommend Larry Hardy at Performance Electric out of Winder. 770-867-8739.
  • Recommend Kevin Lane (Lane Electric - Journeyman Electrician).... License # ER102208
    (706) 206-5752, License # ER102208,
  • also put a word in here for Donnie Weathersbee with DW Electric.
    He has also done some work for us that has so far proved totally solid.
  • Ross Kesterson. 706-614-3411.
  • call ken sosbee you will like him and they have been in business for 20 plus years 770-845-0241(bogart)
  • used Red Electric (now Mr. Sparky) to replace a receptacle a couple or three years ago. A lady electrician
    came out and was very good. Going rate then was $80/hr.
  • (A)n electrical business out of Jefferson, Collins Electrical Work , 706-367-4578...his service is great and you
    won't be disappointed. He's been in this business for years and could give you many references. He's a perfectionist!
  • Recommend Jess Croya 706-215-5338
  • Brad Owens and his number is 770-912-9129
  • I just had a whole bunch of electrical work done at my house and I LOVED my electrician. I used Hector at Mr. Sparky (706-613-1008). I was worried about using a big place like Mr. Sparky (versus an independent person) because I was afraid they would over charge me but I was really surprised by how they approach everything. They have upfront pricing so they evaluate what you need and tell you what it will cost. With Hector what he did was tell me what needed to be done right away ( I knew I had a few things that would just about burn my house down) and then he listed what should be done and then gave me estimates for the extra things I was thinking about doing. It was a good visit. The receptionist called and let me know when he was coming and followed up afterwards to make sure everything was okay. In the interest of full disclosure, I know Hector's wife. He's a good, honest man who really takes his job seriously.What he did for me he does for everyone so I know you would have a good experience. And no, I don't get any commission or anything from recommending him. He just did a great job and the work is guaranteed by Mr. Sparky which I really like.
  • I have a WONDERFUL recommendation for an electrician. I sent this back to the staff listserv so that if there are others out there who were contemplating similar things - they could give them a call! I highly recommend City Circuits electricians. They recently installed under-cabinet lighting in my kitchen - and it is AMAZING! They worked so quickly and were so incredibly thorough with the job. And their services were reasonably priced! I don't think he'd mind if I advertised a little for him - so please call Chris at (706) 254-9063. Leave him a message and he will call you back!
  • Try Mike Acton: 706-255-2971 or 770-757-5393.