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Eye Brow Waxing

    Here are all the results. I'll probably be calling Alan McArthur first, but am tempted to go to Phipps!
  • Debbie at Arbor Salon rocks my world! She has waxed more than just my eyebrows and she is amazing!
  • Hi. I go to Leslie Andrews at Classic Hair & Spa (706.227.1669) at the corner of Prince & Buena Vista (right across from the Navy School.) Leslie's a cosmologist, so I guess that makes her trained. I'm happy with her at any rate. :-)
  • Alan McArthur at Urban Sanctuary Spa on Milledge is excellent! His phone is 706.613.3947 Alan McArthur at Urban Sanctuary Spa on South Milledge is wonderful. 706-613-3947 He is one of the owners and has also been waxing for years. I go and see him once a month for a brow wax and tint and I am always very happy with the results. He also does facials and skin consultations. Wonderful place to go!
  • I get mine done at Dree & Company off Prince Ave. They always do a great job! I don't know how "professionally trained" they are, but my daughter gets hers done @ the nail salon. They seem to do a good job and she's never had any problems. She uses the one near Walmart on Eastside and has also used the nail salon @ Beechwood. I love Natalie at City Salon. She's nice, quick, and professional Karen Gorman at Classic Hair and Spa: 706.227.1669. Been going to her for many years! Joshua Pine at Bob Salon!
  • I don't know how far you are willing to travel but by far the best place I have ever, ever, ever been is the Anastasia Brow Bar at Nordstrom in Phipps Plaza Mall in Atlanta. I'm from Hartwell and it is quite a commute but it is so worth it for me. Not only do you get a great brow waxing - she teaches you how to keep them up so you are not going back every 4 weeks. The cost is $30 and she takes 30 minutes with you. I don't have the extension number to her counter but you can just call the store and ask for Salome' at the Anastasia Brows and they will connect you. You may have to leave a message but she will call you back. Can you tell that I'm a little excited about this?? I have never had a better experience than the one with them.