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Female General Practioners / Family Doctors

  • I use Dr. Mary Bond, who is with Athens Primary Care. Their office accepts our HMO insurance. Dr. Bond is very easy to talk to. Along with myself, my mother, sister and brother-in-law go to her. If she accepted patients under the age of 14, I would take my daughter to her.
          I highly recommend Dr. Mary Bond @ Athens Primary Care. Late 30's, easy to talk with and takes all the time needed. I'm in the PPO plan.
  • Dr. Phillip Morris has a PA (Sarah) who is great. I've been going to Dr. Morris for 30 yrs and he and staff are great.
  • Vandana Setia (on Oglethorpe Ave.)
          I like Dr. Vandana Setia a lot … she's in with my doctor, Kevin O'Neal, so I only see her now and then when he's out but she has always been very helpful and very personable.
         I love Dr. Vandana Setia. She is very personable and very thorough. She is from India but speaks very clear English. I think she is in the HMO. I have PPO and my copay is $20 per visit. She is at 610 Oglethorpe Ave. Suite CD, 706-546-9838.
          I would trust either with my life-I see Setia; my husband sees Kim. Both on HMO.
  • Mary Kim (Watkinsville)
          I go to Dr. Ken Park, on Mars Hill Road, just off 316. His wife, Mary, is also a doctor in same office. Highly recommend.
  • Try Amanda Downs with Hawthorne Medical Associates. Also there is a Dr. Lacsen (not sure of spelling) with the practice. I do know Dr. Downs is a wonderful doctor and she is in Watkinsville, Dr. Lacsen is with the practice on Hawhtorne. I think she's a good gp also. I know this practice accepts the PPO and the HMO.
          Amanda Downs in Watkinsville
  • I like Dr. Felicia Lacksen in Watkinsville. I have sent many female friends to her, she is my doc too.
          I like Felicia Lacksen with Hawthorne Medical. She is technically internal medicine, not GP
          Felicia Lacksen…Hawthorne Medical Assoc in Watkinsville
  • Dr. Melissa Anderson (OB GYN)
          Dr. Melissa Anderson - 227-8999. Women's Center of Athens. She has been my doctor for many years. I have BC HMO and they take it.
  • I've been seeing Dr. Elizabeth Johnson for almost four years now, and she's great. I know she takes the PPO plan; and I have the high deductible plan now, which they also accept.
2011 -- Original Request: I've been running into problems locating a family physician that is accepting patients in Athens ….
I really don't want to go into Watkinsville or further out. I would prefer a woman, who's proactive in her ideas and
treatments, takes our PPO, and has a heart.
  • Dr Mary Bess Jarrard at the Medical Center on Prince Avenue. She's great!

    Mary Bess Jarrard, on Chase Street. Elizabeth Johnson is also with that group and my daughter goes to her and likes her too.
    My husband and I both see her. She's probably mid 40's or so….maybe. She's in with Dr. Kias. I believe she's actually
    internal medicine. She does a thorough exam once a year….won't prescribe if she doesn't think it's necessary. She believes
    in prevention….REALLY believes in prevention…. We're both overweight and she gets upset with us both for not trying to lose
    the weight. She gives us fair warning about what we're in for. She listens, she talks. She gives gold stars if we do
    something good, medically…. I lost 5 pounds once and she gave me a gold star. Kind of cute. What do you want to know?
    If something is wrong, she checks it out. For example, I was taking a water pill. After a few months, she did some blood
    work, and noticed my kidneys weren't functioning as they should have been. Not bad, but a slight change in the wrong direction.
    She jumped on that quickly and changed the medication and had me back a couple of times to make sure the situation was correcting
    itself. So, she watches. They do blood work in the office, so that makes it a little easier. Insurance covers it. I'm not crazy
    about Dr. Kias…the male dr. she's with, but she's good. I've also seen Dr. Johnson once or twice when she wasn't there. I can't
    say I've ever seen anyone really young in their office…so maybe if the kids over the age of needing a pediatrician….
    I like her a lot.

    Dr. Mary Bess B. Jarrard, MD, 1010 Prince Avenue, Athens, GA 30606-5805, (706) 546-0832,

  • Love my doctor, Vandana Setia. She listens, cares and does all she can to correct problems without medicine and/or surgery if possible

    Dr. Vandana Setia practices family practice in Athens, Georgia. Dr. Setia graduated with an MD 26 years ago.
    Address & Contact Information:Setia O'neal and Bell Mds,610 Oglethorpe Avenue Suite D, Athens, GA 30606,
    (706) 546-9838, Age: 50, Gender: Female, Insurance Accepted: Cigna - Open Access, MultiPlan PPO, MultiPlan - PHCS PPO, Cigna PPO
    United HealthCare - Choice Plus POS

  • Dr. Mary Bond on Sunset Dr.I changed to her about 2yrs. Ago and feel very comfortable with her.I think she was recommended to me 2 years
    ago from the List Serve. She is very nice. Works part-time because she has fairly small children but I have never had trouble getting
    to see her. She is very thorough and pro-active. She has a lot to deal with with me so let that be my recommendation.

    Athens Primary Care: Bond Mary T MD, 700 Sunset Dr # 101, Athens, GA 30606-2287, (706) 548-6068

  • Dr. Lisa Smith is an internist with Athens Internal Medicine, 1500 Oglethorpe Avenue, who is my PCP (706-548-8600). I have been seeing her
    about ten years, and been very happy with her approach to medicine. She does not see you in the hospital, but rather acts as consultant
    to specialist(s) while (and if) you are in the hospital. The message I get from this, is that she values preventive maintenance and wellness
    over hospitalization. She is a good listener, and I'm pretty sure she has a heart. She is in a group of internists, but I have only seen her,
    recently saw a PA for an ear infection on a day when she wasn't working, first time -- I think that the PA may be a new addition to handle
    the increase in patients (I was I believe one of her first patients, b/c she was recommended to me with the caveat that she was trying to
    "build a practice"....she has always been great for me -- graduated eleven years ago and is 38 I believe. She has two kids, and seems to
    work part-time, but is an excellent doctor, if you prefer the wellness approach....she listens, and usually asks if you want meds before
    she prescribes (I like the approach, though it may not be right for everybody). Athens Internal Medicine Associates: Smith Lisa D MD,
    1500 Oglethorpe Ave # 400A, Athens, GA 30606-2182, (706) 548-8600

  • I just started using Jane Fleagle here in Athens. I have the HMO so don't know if that makes a difference, but she seems really bright and
    experienced and is a very responsive. You bet! I think her age is perfect: late 40's early 5o-ish, so still up on current things, but
    not fresh out of school (nor old and jaded!) RE meds, I believe in preventive measures like diet and lifestyle, or at least finding causes
    rather than just treating symptoms. I have talked to her about this and she seems to agree. There are other doctors in her practice, and
    when I broke my toe (!! I know, I'm a baby!) another associate saw me the same day. Another thing I REALLY liked was that in our first
    appointment, she sat down with me and went point by point over my paperwork and history. Boy was it nice to have someone listen to my concerns
    and questions and to feel that she was taking a comprehensive look at my health.

  • One thing, don't know if you have kids, but I don't (not human anyway). That's one reason that I chose her. I kind of wanted a doctor or practice
    not focused on pediatrics too much. 120 Hawthorne Parks, Athens, GA, 30606, Phone Number: (706) 353-8700

  • Melissa Martin! She is the BEST! :) For many reasons explained over the phone, my husband and I think she's wonderful. 1500 Oglethorpe Avenue,
    Athens, GA 30606-2179, (706) 548-7909

  • I highly recommend Dr. O'Neal!!! (MALE) Kevin O'Neal, MD, Family Practice Ctr Athens, 610 Oglethorpe Ave Ste C, , Athens, GA 30606, Phone: (706) 546-9838

  • Paul Haver, and you will love him. (MALE), Greater Athens Physicians Inc, 2205 Barnett Shoals Rd, Athens, GA 30605, Phone: (706) 548-1555, Fax: (706) 548-1577

  • Dr. Ken Park or Dr. Mary Kim - right off 316 towards Watkinsville. Ken H. Park, MD, 1624 Mars Hill Rd, Watkinsville, Georgia 30677, (706) 310-1030

  • I don't know of a lady family physician, but I believe Dr. Lucas with Hawthorne Medical is taking new patients. He is great. (MALE)
    Dr. Robert P. Lucas, MD, 120 Hawthorne Park, Athens, GA 30606-2147, (706) 353-8700