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Flea Treatments

(two lists)
  • As part of our doggie fostering procedures, we always keep a supply of Capstar on hand. It is an oral, fast acting flea treatment. Not as long term as Front Line, but good for when you bring animals in the house and you don't know where they've been. :)
  • I have used Capstar for my pets but the downside to Capstar is that it only lasts for 24 hours and the cost is about $7.00 per pill in a vet's office. You can probably get them cheaper if you order on-line. The best orally treatment for dogs is Comfortis. If you want a product that also includes Heartworm treatment, Trifexis is what you are looking for. This product is NOT cheap but the results are fantastic. I have nine dogs and I have worked for a vet in the recent past so I am very familiar with these two products. Also, both of these products treat for at least 30 days. Most local veterinarian's sell this product so I would recommend checking with them and see if they share the same opinion as me. Please e-mail me if you would like more information.
  • I must share that the Comfortis does work well, but be aware (as with any medication) of the side effects. I became aware that my 12 year old lab was losing weight due to loss of appetite (probably due to nausea) within a month after starting Comfortis. My 14 year old terrier had no problem at all with it. We went back to Frontline and Odysseus (lab) was back at the dish in no time. the Community Practice Clinic here on campus (off East Campus Rd, behind the main Veterinary Medicine building) can provide all manner of flea medications -- prescription & non -- for reasonable prices. It'd be worth it to call them for pricing before buying online where you'll have to wait for delivery. They provide all the same routine care that any veterinarian provides -- including dental services -- and educate our fourth-year veterinary students in the process. I know I'm going to seem biased because I work here, but I have been bringing my pets to the CPC for several years now and have found these veterinarians, and the students, to be among the most compassionate people I've ever dealt with. The students are incredibly thorough and eager to answer questions. Their supervising veterinarians More details:
  • We've been using Trifexis for the three beagles for the past few months and it hasn't adversely affected any of them; of course they ARE beagles and never pass up food no matter what. But, they take the pill easily, as if it was a treat, and it saves money on buying both the flea stuff and the heartworm stuff. Lasts a month.
  • Seems like the winning treatment will be Comfortis. I had tons of people tell me it's the best it's
    used as an oral medication once a month. Only works for fleas not ticks, I called my vet and he also said
    it was a great product and he used it on his dogs. He suggested using a collar for the ticks and that should
    help with that problem.

    We had the same problem with our dog when he was a puppy. Frontline was simply not working to kill the fleas that he came home with. Comfortis worked really well for him, but we still use Frontline because it provides tick protection (which Comfortis does not do). I have heard it is important to give Comfortis with food (it's a digested tablet) in order for it to be effective. Definitely talk with your vet, though.

    t works for my dachshund, and it doesn't seem to cause her any problems.

    I tried comfortis and it seemed to work pretty well. Unfortunately, I have little dogs and the pill seemed to upset one of the dogs stomach so we stopped using it. I will mention to try and stay away from K-9 advantix. I tried it and it put one of my dogs in the hospital for 2 days and made another very ill.

    I have a pug and been using Comfortis for two months because nothing else worked. I love it. You notice the fleas coming off within 30 min. She did get sick the first time I gave it to her because I did not give her time for her food to settle. They only thing I am unsure of is the long term side effects. I really like my vet and I dont think that she would have prescribed something that would be harmful. I would recommend it!!

    I had used frontline for years (dogs and cats) but had to switch to Comfortis earlier this summer for dog. It has worked much better so far. Good luck!

    I use it for my Papillon, Romeo. We live next to a heavily wooded area and he is very allergic to fleas. For my dog, at least, it works amazingly well. The dead fleas just fall off the dog and he doesn't seem to have any problem tolerating the stuff. The only drawback is that it doesn't kill ticks. I'd give it a try! Two thumbs up!

    I love, love, love comfortis! It doesn't work on ticks and I live in the woods so that's my only gripe. My inside dog was on frontline first, then the other and it worked for a little while and then stopped. She has never had a flea since I put her on comfortis and she's been on it for over two years. My other dog is an outside dog that I adopted and she had fleas by the third day I had her. I took her to the vet, got comfortis and after I gave it to her I walked outside and saw dead fleas on her within thirty minutes. This dog runs the woods and everything else and hasn't had anymore fleas since I started her on it.

    I haven't used that but I used Frontline for years and it completely stopped working. I started with Advantix and I have not had any problems what-so-ever. As a matter of fact, I haven't even used any this summer. I used Advantix last summer and I made all the fleas leave obviously.

    Love it, that's what I use on my dog

    My dog's been taking Comfortis two months now. I still see the fleas on her. But she's not scratching and moaning and losing hair and having her skin turn red and all the usual bad stuff. Instead she's behaving as though she's comfortable. So, yes, it's working.

    Wonderful product. We use it on all of our dogs and it works 100%.

    I have used it on my dogs and it works VERY well. I did have a vet tell me if your dog is prone to seizures, they should not take Comfortis, but my dogs (12 pounds and 30 pounds) did not have a problem with it. Good luck!

    I have had good results with Comfortis with my two dogs. The fleas are gone overnight. But remember that it does nothing for ticks, so if that is a problem you may want to continue with the topical treatments.

  • Being owned by 31 cats and 5 dogs myself, I have found that the fleas get "immune" to Frontline after a while and I switch to Advantage. The only reason I use Frontline in the first place is the tick thing, well that and the fact that I can buy the dog version and dose it down for the cats (U>and that's the ONLY one you can do that
). But IMHO Advantage has slightly better flea control than Frontline. Since I see you mention Advantix I assume this is for a dog, does the dog go outside? If so, does the Comfortis work on ticks? Just curious as I haven't heard of it before. Good luck, it's a challenge at our house all year long with fleas.