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Laminate Hardwood Flooring

    My husband and I were told that Lumbar Liquidators had really good prices and a lot of options to choose from. We also heard that there were a few outlet stores in Dalton, Georgia that had good prices as well. I don't know any of the names of the outlets, but I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find online.

  • Dar Schattler of Schattler Residential Services provides home remodeling and repair, including flooring. His number is 770-851-0880. He is the husband of a UGA employee, and he will give a discount to employee of UGA..
  • My parents got theirs from Home Depot and had Home Depot contractors install it. They have been very happy with theirs.
  • I used Arnold's Abbey Carpet & Floor when I got mine installed, and I have been very happy with mine too. They had a better price at the time than Home Depot or Lowes. When we replace the carpet in our bedrooms (which they also installed) with laminate to match the rest of the house, we will use them again for sure! They were great to me, and I love to promote when I can!!!
  • Hull. They have a very nice showroom, and the salesmen are not pushy at all. It's family owned, so they do everything they can to keep the customer happy.
  • I had mine installed by Jerry Long from Winterville (has his own business) and he purchased my laminated hardwoods because he could get a better price. He's listed in the book; very good work and reasonable. They look fantastic and I've had them for four years now. He did a great job on mine, my daughters and my mom's. He's a fireman from Clarke County and has his business on the side.
  • Dalton Carpets has all kinds of flooring. They put carpet and hardwood in my house last spring. Did a good job. They have a show room next to the mall. They will come out with samples and do a free estimate.
  • I got mine at Lowes. My husband and I put them in ourselves. It wasn't easy but it was pretty cheap without the labor. My floor was sagging because apparently if you have a basement you can crank this lever in the basement every to keep it from sagging. I had no idea. But if your house is pretty much level you should be okay. It still was worth it. The main cost is in the labor.
  • My mom recently had Home Depot do her floors, and they look great! They also made sure the floors were level before putting the laminate down. They will send someone to your house to take measurements to make sure you purchase enough flooring and any additional items that might be needed.
  • My son just bought some at Sams. He was pleased with it.
  • We talked to someone at Lowes on the East Side and she seemed real knowledgeable but have not talked with anyone else yet. The good thing about them, is they have good financing available, etc.