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Gas Logs (2010)

    Gas Logs (2010)
  • We put gas logs in our house a few years ago. We are also total electric. The cost of running natural gas to the house would have been way too much. We went to Lowe's and bought the large propane tank, which I think is around 50 lbs. The only problem with the tank is you have to take it and have it filled yourself. This was much more economical, though, than natural gas. We bought our logs at Cofer's Home and Garden.
  • I like propane better…IF…you own the tank…large or small, then you can fill it when you want to…call me and I can tell you more…
  • We primarily heat with wood, but we have a big wood stove insert, so I know a little bit about fireplaces. Gas logs will be pretty, but won't provide much assistance with heating your home. If you are only after the look of logs burning then gas will suffice if you don't mind the extra cost both up front and in the long term. There are some really nice electric fireplaces available that would give you the look you may be wanting without the cost associated with gas. If I were you, I'd check out some of the nice electric fireplaces that are on the market now before making a final decision.
  • We have a large 100 lb propane tank, the propane gas company comes and fills up our tank, we don't have to take it any place, it's much more convenient that way.
  • We bought gas logs from Dory's Hearth Home & Patio @ 1011 Industrial Drive, Watkinsville (706-769-7997) a few years ago and we have really enjoyed using them. I can't remember the name of the service man that came & installed them, but we're connected to natural gas which means much less trouble to use, but you could also hook to propane. Dory has quite a stock of logs so you might want to just & browse around.
  • Just to let you know --- My husband will not run the gas logs for a long period of time because he tell me that it is a waste of gas. He says that more heat goes up the chimney. I enjoy the logs but they only get lit at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We used to light them every weekend. I would definitely look into the propane or other source. I don't know what the deal is but it appears if you have gas it takes a lot.
  • My parents had gas logs installed in their home in Watkinsville and they loved them. They really heated up the house, especially the living room (and kitchen) where the fire place was. They had gas in their home already though. They got the logs at the fire place store in Watkinsville (don't know the name, but it is south on Hwy 15). Good luck! My boyfriend bought the gas logs in Jefferson- I know b/c I picked them up. Can't remember where we got them exactly but I think it was related to Keith Porter insulation company. That was the best price we could find. He got a big propane gas tank from the gas company in Winterville and they came and filled it up and made sure that the lines were hooked up correctly- he felt it was worth the money to be sure of a safe connection. We used it a lot last winter- much to my dismay b/c it gets the house hot. But, he was really pleased b/c he still has about 60% of the propane left from one fill. It did save on the electric bill, too.
  • Something to consider….. We put natural gas logs in our fireplace several years ago. I called about having natural gas run to our house, yes it was expensive. However, We decided to switch our propane grill, hot water heater and dryer to natural gas. Since we decided to switch all of these things to natural gas it didn't cost us anything to have the gas line run to our house. The person we bought the logs from ran the gas lines under the house, it was a lot cheaper. We bought our logs from Wood Warm Sales on Hwy 106 in Madison County. The man who owned the business died a couple years ago, (if memory serves me correctly), but his wife still operates the business. Their number is 548-7808. Hope this helps.
  • We got our set at Dorey's in Watkinsville. She is very professional and very knowledgeable. She was referred to us by at least one other family. Our gas company is Whiloit Gas in Greensboro. They provide the propane tank and check it at least once a month. They only charge as they need to fill it. We love our gas fires and had the first of the season last night!