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  • I love Claudia Kretzschmar. She's on Oglethorpe Ave. Been going to her for years.
  • I've seen Claudia Kretzschmar before and would not recommend her highly.
  • Dr. Claudia Kretzschmar, 706-549-9537. I have gone to her and she is the best in my opinion.
  • Dr. Kretzschmar is the best Gastroenterologists in Athens....She was my husbands dr before he had his liver transplant...she is GREAT!!!!!
  • I go to Dr. Jeffrey Williams--he is great! I'm not sure about PPO--I have the indemnity(sp?) and it takes it.
  • Jeffrey Williams is good. Kind of new but don't have any complaints.
  • Oh yes, just went to a Jeffrey Williams. He is humerous and wonderful and thorough.
  • Dr. Greg Smith is one of the best in Athens!!!!
  • I highly recommend Dr. Gregory Smith
  • Gregory Smith is amazing!
  • Dr. Gregory Smith with Athens Gastroenterology Center is awesome. His number is 706-548-0058.
  • My son had ulcerative colitis when he was 12. Had surgery at 15 and is now 25 years of age. Since 1996, we moved back and Dr. Michael West has been his gastro doctor.
  • I just had my first "50 year old" test done. Dr. Jeff Williams (Athens Gastro... Associates) 706-613-1625 was/is my doctor. I like him, and at least from this experience like him and his office staff so far. I recommend him. My husband sees Dr. Wilde (has for years) and likes him fine. I personally do not, ever since he blew me off when I had just a few quick questions, after my husband's first colonoscopy with him. My husband has had this done for many years as he has ulcerative colitis, and this was not our first experience with a gastroenterologist. I don't like Wilde, although I believe him to be a good, competent doctor.
  • I have heard that Dr. Gregory is good; I've used Dr. Wilde in the past; been a while, but not sure if either take the insurance; just call them to see.
  • My son has Crohns Disease and has used a couple GI drs. in town, Dr. Stephen Wilde has a horrible attitude and bedside manner. Dr. Krutchmiere (sp??) is even worse no matter how mych my son was hurting if she was on call he would not go to the ER. Dr. Greg Smith is okay can be kinda brash and hateful at times. Dr. Williams seems to be my son's favorite so far.