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Restaurants offering glutten free choices

  • Fox's pizza can do a gluten free pizza..they also can do little pasta bowls. They catered lunch for us and it was pretty good. He did chicken Alfredo, baked Spaghetti and something else it was really good. And I think he did cinnamon breadsticks for desert
  • I believe that Jason's Deli has several gluten free options. You might check their website.
  • I do a lot of CE conferences and I use Classic City Chef. Mickey Wickwire is the chef and he is very accommodating with special diets. If you are interested, here is his website:
  • We got a gluten free lunch from The National. It was closer to $10/person, but I'd give them a call and see if they could work within your budget. I also think that Donderos Kitchen has good GF options, but I don't know their pricing.
  • Ike and Jane's. Talk to Corrie, the owner. She's great.They accommodate our gluten and soy free needs. They have a brownie-ish cake without gluten, they have frittata without gluten, and they can make other things without gluten, I believe.
  • Try Campus Catering. I believe they do special diet meals