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Suction Cup Grab Bars

  • My mother had to have a couple of months of physical therapy at the house after first being in the hospital then a rehab center. The physical therapist recommended the suction grab bars you referenced. They are quite inexpensive and he said the ones at Walmart are excellent. He put them up and grabbed them himself and pulled as hard as he could. He said they were completely reliable and that unless a person could pull down the wall they were mounted on, they would not come off. And they are adjustable, so one can place them as desired and move them if necessary. Just wanted to let you know a professional had recommended them!
  • I haven't personally tried suction grab bars. However, I would be afraid to rely on them for fear that an accident would occur should the bar fail. I believe the 11 Alive feature "Try it Before You Buy It" did something on a suction grab bar about a year ago. As I recall, the bar failed miserably and it was strongly suggested not to use this type grab bar. Your mother might end up with a worse accident or fall if the bar fails with suction than she would have had without the grab bar.
  • I've got one of the suction type. I wouldn't recommend it for an elderly person, it comes loose too easy.