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Gravel Haulers:

Three lists
    2012 Teri Harris Trucking Inc. is the place to call for gravel delivery, y'all. Their phone is 706-543-0117. Excellent customer service, expert delivery, and attention to details make them awesome. (We had ~40 tons of #57 dropped this morning. Pardon the pun but Harris Trucking truly 'rocks'.)

    EarthWorks, Paul Lavengood, is great too. His motto is "Let's Talk Dirt" and he provides grading, scraping, earth moving services. Contact him at 770-318-3859. I found his ad through the Farmer's Market Bulletin.

  • J&P Grading and Construction. James @ 706.713.1471. They can haul/spread gravel and grading.
  • I have worked with Brent Davis of Davis Landscape & Design for patio work, storm water drainage and fencing.
    He and his crew are very professional, friendly and diligent. He always stays within budget and the results
    have been remarkable. I'm very happy with his work.
    Here's his contact information: Brent Davis, P.O Box 2326, Dacula, Ga 30019, 404.422.9442,,
  • Tim Lawson 706-401-1350 He does a good job…he was done a lot of work with my husband
    my dad is the foreman/ dispatcher for Harris Trucking on the Winterville Rd in Athens. His name is Eddie Moon.
    They are a trucking company that hauls and spreads both I believe. He is a good Christian man that will do
    you right. Not sure about the landscaping part though. : If interested their number is 706 543 0061
  • Try Randy Jones 706/549-2541. I'm not sure how much he does beyond hauling, but I still recommend calling him.
  • I also want to add Michael Matthews - 706-202-9580 for grading and gravel work. He will meet your specs.
    We can show you results of his work in Oglethorpe County.
  • Harris Trucking is owned by a woman who is a former UGA employee. If you want local and reliable work
    that is minority owned and operated, call on them.
  • We had a terrible experience with Michael Matthews. He was more than 2 hours late and had only half of the
    gravel we had ordered. So then he had to go back and get another load, which created even more difficulty.
    I had taken off work that morning to meet him, so it really messed up my work day to have to wait for him
    first to show up and then wait even longer for him to come back with a second load. And, he did not give
    us the receipt from the quarry. He scrawled a hand written receipt that did not show actual tons hauled.
    We had ordered #57 gravel -- he brought #57 on the first load but the second load was mostly crusher run.
    Without the quarry receipt, we couldn't tell what he hauled. Definitely would never ever use his services

    We had a very positive experience with a hauler out of Auburn. (I don't have his contact info with me right now,
    though.) He showed up when he was supposed to, with the correct size and amount of gravel, and had no problem
    handing us the quarry receipt along with his own bill for services rendered.

  • Triple H in Maysville is great.
  • Dwight Brown, Winterville, 706-742-2591, cell 706-207-2491. Great Work!!
  • I used Jimmy Compton recently for a long driveway in Madison County. He is courteous, reasonably priced, listened
    to what I wanted done, made good recommendations, and did a good job. I highly recommend him.His number is 706-202-6694.
  • Michael Matthews 706-202-9580. He can take care of all that type work. His truck has the split delivery option where it
    will only dump on the tire track lines if you have a grassy middle - maybe all trucks do, but I liked that feature. In all
    fairness, I consider him family even though I'm not directly related
    • I also recommend Michael Mathews. He is a good friend of my husband and mine. He will do a great job.
  • I would like to recommend my dad's place of employment, his name is Eddie Moon, he should answer the phone, his phone
    number is 706 543 0061, they haul gravel and sand, and Im pretty sure they spread it as well. He will give you a fair price