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  • I see Cary Perry and LOVE her. She's with the Athens Women's Clinic.
    • I love Cary Perry. She is at Athens Women's Clinic. I'm not sure if she is accepting patients, but you could give them a call and ask.
    • I like Carey Perry (believe that's correct spelling?) - she's doing gynecological, doesn't deliver babies. She is at the big medical building on Prince next to Marti's at Midday.
    • Cary Perry is excellent. Not sure if she is taking new patients but it's worth a phone call to the Athens Women's Clinic.
    • Dr. Cary Perry of the Athens Women's Clinic is great; however, I'm not sure if she's accepting new patients.
    • Cary Perry is great!
    • Athens Women's Clinic -- Dr. Cary Perry.. I really like her she is easy to talk with and listens...
    • In my opinion the best GYN male or female is Carry Perry at Athens Women's Clinic. I've been seeing her for about 15 years after jumping around town looking for someone. My Grandmother also went to see her after moving to town and she loved her as well.
  • I see Dr. Melissa Anderson.
    • Dr. Melissa Anderson is GREAT!!!!!
    • I really like Dr Melissa Anderson (I forget the name of their practice, Women's Health????) there are a couple of other female doctor's in the group too. They used to be located on King Avenue but within the past year or so moved out to Jennings Mill. I've been seeing her for several years.
    • Dr. Anderson, Women's Center of Athens
    • I hear Melissa Anderson is good; located on 1520 B Jennings Mill Road and her staff of docs! 706 227 8999
  • Ruth Cline at Athens OB/GYN. I switched to her a couple of years ago and like her a lot. The office is a zoo, but Dr. Cline is a good doctor.
    • I see Ruth Cline and I like her a lot, but I don't' know if she's accepting new patients.
    • I don't know if she's accepting new patients, but I use Dr. Cline -- I really like her!
    • I use Dr. Ruth Cline with Athens OB/GYN on Prince Avenue. I really like her. I'm not sure if she's taking new patients but you can always ask.
  • Dr. Murthy…. Athens OB/GYN
    • Dr. Murthy with Athens OB-GYN
    • Rachel Murthy, M.D. She is wonderful! Sits with you before the exam and actually talks 'to' you. And she is covered by our insurance. Obstetrics and Gynecology, 740 Prince Avenue, Building 3, Athens, GA 30606, 706-548-4272, 706-548-9181 Fax
  • Not sure if she is accepting new patients; however, Stephanie Allen is great and her staff is wonderful. Women's Healthcare Associates, 1000 Hawthorne Ave Suite G Athens.
    • Stephanie Allen on Hawthorne - love her
    • I don't know if she is accepting new patients, but I love Dr Stephanie Allen. She's been my ob/gyn for almost 10 years now. She also has a great female PA that is probably accepting patients if she isn't. I've seen her a couple of times, and she always been very nice and professional.
  • Cynthia Mercer at Athens Women's Clinic on Prince Avenue
    • I have been seeing Dr. Cynthia Mercer at Athens Women's Clinic on Prince Avenue since the 80's. In fact I have an appointment for my yearly checkup this afternoon. Dr. Mercer is probably in her early 50's and is easy to talk with and she has an excellent staff. She only does gyn practice & her office is located on the right just past Athens Regional. Not sure if she's accepting new patients, but it's worth a phone call.
  • I highly highly highly recommend Dr. Leah Lowman. She is the best. Very patient and personable, and always takes the time to listen to your problems/questions/concerns.
    • Dr. Lowman at Classic City Ob-Gyn is great!
  • I see Sarah Carey at Women's Healthcare Associates. She's a PA, but there are 2 doctors in the practice as well. Stephanie Allen wasn't taking new patients when I started going there. I like Sarah so I've never asked if Dr. Allen has started taking new patients.
    • Dr. Goggin has an excellent np, Manda.
  • He is not female but he is so fantastic you can ask any female who goes to him, many are surprised. Dr. K Shah
  • UGA Health Center. I used her when she was in private and plan to go back to her here. Margaret Cramer, MD Dr. Cramer joined the health center staff in 2004. She earned a BA in interdepartmental humanities from Michigan State and an MD from Emory University. She completed an OB/Gyn residencey at Emory and was in private practice at Athens Women's Clinic from 1992 - 2004. Dr. Cramer is a Fellow, American College of OB/Gyn and a Diplomate, American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Her areas of interest include women's health, hormonal and endocrine issues and preventing osteoparosis.
  • Dr. Cary Perry at Athens Women's Clinic received the most recommendations with six. Her husband, Dr. Greg Perry was noted to be good also. Several people pointed out that they are Gyn only, not Ob.
  • Dr. Melissa Halbach and Dr. Melissa Anderson of Women's Center of Athens both received three recommendations as did their Nurse Practitioner, Natalie.