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    2012 #1
  • I went to Smart Styles in the Eastside Walmart last night and got my haircut by Miranda and she told me that they are doing cuts for half price which means $8! Now, I had a foot cut off and lots of layering, razoring, thinning, etc and was in the chair for an hour. Still...$8! Styling and shampooing costs extra but the cut is cheap. She did a great job. I avoided having my hair cut for over 3 years because my stylist retired and now I have a new one! You can walk in or make an appointment. Just ask for Miranda :)
  • I went to Wal-Mart (east side) this morning early and had my hair trimmed. Rachel was there ready and willing to cut my hair anyway that I wanted her to. She did a fantastic job and I was very pleased which I am Hard to please when it comes to my hair!! I highly recommend Rachel, she has been in the business a long time and she is good. If you want a good hair cut, ask for Rachel, the number is 706-425-9400 and the special price is $7.99 which is good thru 9/30/12.
  • I went this past Saturday morning and saw Miranda. She cut off half my hair that was so damaged and she gave me a great style. She said I had split ends up to the roots practically so sold me some awesome Regis tea tree shampoo n conditioner (smells like yummy peppermint!) and I can already tell a difference in how it feels. For $30 I got a cut and blow dry ($3 extra) and a nice bottle of both shampoo and conditioner and a lil tip for Miranda. And I will be going back as soon as it starts to grow out. She's got a client for life! She's fun and funny and we talked about da fellas and poof I walked out looking like Farrah. hehehe Well, maybe Farrah's older chunky sister. LOL
    2012 #2
  • Judging by some of the recommendation requests on the listserv recently, many of us are seeking less expensive hair care alternatives. Personally, I was on a quest to find color for under $60, which seemed to be the jumping off point for many salons. After exhaustive research I found a great little shop and wanted to share the info with those who may be interested. Reminiscent of Truvy’s Salon in the film “Steel Magnolias,” is Hazel Landrum’s Haircuts &Curls Salon. Technically in Winterville, it’s very close to eastside Athens, on Robert Hardeman Rd. at Beaverdam. Color was $40 and fabulous, women’s haircuts start at $15 (men’s $10), highlights are $1 per foil (that was not a typo – one dollar!), and perms and all the other usual services are priced equally reasonably. I was very pleased with my results and the added bonus of not spending more than I should was very appealing.
  • They are great and charge about $30 bucks. They also give great discounts.
  • I started going to Fringe Salon a few months ago which is just past Ingles Supermarket on Highway 29 going towards Danielsville. Chantill has been cutting my hair and I've very pleased. Just a cut is $25-30. Their Facebook page is here. Fringe Salon in Hull ga. My niece works there,ask for Tiffany,when you call. Fringe phone number is 548 2005
  • Donna at Fringe in Hull is great. Cuts around $25.00. Just right past Ingles in Hull. 706-548-2005 The Fringe located just below Ingle's on Hwy. 29. I recommend seeing Tiffany or Tara for an appointment. Tiffany has done my last couple of cuts and I've been very happy with her work. It was $20 each time. They also have a punch card and after 5 visits you get $15 off your 6th visit. (706) 548-2005
  • Mia with Regis Salon (Alps)! I asked about Regis on Alps and got two great recommendations. Haircuts are around $32 and $35. Mia was suggested by both people that recommended Regis. See Courtney Hunter at Divine Spa and Salon in Watkinsville. 706.769.3383. She is great and it only costs $33.00
  • Courtney Hunter at Divine Salon and Spa in Watkinsville!!
  • It's right at $50, but Republic Salon downtown is absolutely amazing. All stylists are very knowledgeable. Plus, they'll give you a glass of wine or a beer while they work their magic.
  • If you don't mind driving to Winder, I love, love, love Melanie Bradley, who runs her shop from home. Ladies' haircuts are $18. She is a sweetheart, gives great haircuts, and is really good with color, too, if you color your hair. I drive from Commerce to see her, if that tells you anything. Her phone number is 770-231-0552.
  • I love my hair salon in downtown Watkinsville. Rizos at 706-769-4247. I go to Robin but all the ladies there are fantastic. Sage at Studio 72. 706-549-5593. Love her, she is great. Located close to Athens Tech I love Leslie Andrews at Classic Hair & Spa (on Prince, across from the "Navy School", at the corner of Prince & Buena Vista) 706.227.1669. She owns the shop. She listens to what you want, does a good job with it and is reasonably priced. She also does a great job with color. Lee Ann Moss @ Adam and Eve I don't know where you live but I have discovered a very small (1operator) salon in downtown Danielsville, called CARRIE J'S. She is good. She charged me $22 for my haircut.
  • I use Shear Designs in Winterville, Cynthia Bowman, 706-742-5591. Her hair cuts are $15. Cheri Cooper at Great Clips, Atlanta Highway, across from the mall and next to Pier One. She's really good, and you get more bang for your buck. Anige @ Alps Barber and Beauty.
  • > Shenanigans on Baxter Street -- Either Jessica or Beth -- both are fantastic! I have been using Judy at Great Clips probably close to 20 years now (she is now the manager and has been for a long-time at their East-side location). Try Jacklyn at Salon On First in Watkinsville. She is the owner. She is really talented.
  • I got an awesome cut from Jacklyn Bendo at Salon on First, at 6 First Street, Watkinsville, (706) 338-1872. I highly recommend her!! There are other stylists there as well. Jacklyn is the owner/operator. The new salon is really comfortable and serene. It is in the little gray house behind Town Square.
  • Chris at Strand in Five Points rocks!
  • I use Teri at Elements Salon in Five Points. She is great!
  • I swear by Republic. I won't go anywhere else! :)

    My go-to salon is Republic. It's more expensive but definitely worth it.
    Lyric is the best but her other stylists are great too.

  • I love Adam & Eve. If you are doing any coloring I think Grant is the expert.
    A little on the high side but has been in business a VERYYYY long time and
    knows what he is talking about.
  • I absolutely recommend Melanie Bradley in Winder. Worth the drive!!! She charges me half of what I used to pay, and is great with color. Her number is 770-231-0552
  • A friend of mine just graduated from Cosmetology School at Athens Tech and she does hair at her home on the weekends or after 5. She does a great job she has colored mine several times. I would be glad to give you her number if you are interested. She is young but she is great with coloring. One more: Leslie Andrews at Classic Hair and Spa 706.227.1669 across from the Navy School. I love her!
  • Lynda Maddox-Jones with Regis at Georgia Square Mall cut my hair yesterday and I am very pleased. There was a lady getting color while I was there and she was very happy with the results. Also, while I was waiting a bride called because she had been someplace else and ended up with yellow hair. Lynda was meeting the girl at home to repair the damage. They are definitely open after 5:00 and on Saturdays.
  • Kay Fish at Hair Loft (Lumpkin Street at the shops adjacent to Lyons Apartments) has been doing my hair (cut and color) for over 10 years. She is open until 6:00 on weekdays and on Saturday mornings except football game days. Her number is 706-354-8609. She's convenient to campus and I think her prices are reasonable.
  • Hi, I highly recommend Artee at Rocket Salon.
  • Jessica at Shenanigans Salon (Baxter Street) -- 706-548-1115 --
  • I adore my stylist - I get compliments all the time on my hair color. I have it done red, which can be tricky to get right, but people always think it's natural since I've been going to Michelle. I go on Saturdays, too, so that would work for you. Her name is Michelle Johnson, and she's at Rocket Salon at 163 No. Jackson St. 706-353-0500.
  • I really like Mia at Regis at Beechwood. She is very flexible and does a great job.
  • James Willis at Hair Therapy 706 549-7111
  • Leslie at Classic Hair and Spa on Prince. She's top caliber like City, Bob, etc., but not quite as expensive...I did lots of calling around and she was the most reasonable I could find ($125 for foils and cut). I know that's still not cheap, but it's the best price I have found for someone of her quality. I am pretty sure she is open on Saturday, but I don't know about after 5.
  • Angie or Mary at Alps Barber & Beauty.
  • Mandi at Bella Salon is the BEST! 706-316-0364
  • Leigh McRae at Ellen's Beauty and Barber does a wonderful job and she works Wednesday-Friday from 2p until whenever and then all day Saturday. Just called to make an appointment myself….706-743-0835.
  • Amanda Fordham-Hair by Amanda-in Danielsville 706-540-6446
  • Chris at Strand in Five Points. She is GREAT!
  • I have started going to a new stylist the past few months and he is awesome. He is starting out on his own now and I haven't ever got the kinds of compliments I do since he started cutting my hair. If you are looking for a great hairstyle please give him a call. Keith Tate, 770-403-5806
8-09 Lock Nest (Owner Jackie Unruh) (across from The Grill downtown)
56 College Ave, Athens, GA, 30601, 706-546-7288
Finally, after trying many, many full service hair salons I have a recommendation.
She is experienced, actually listens & styles your hair to your request, and reasonably priced.

Melanie Bradley. I LOVE her! Her contact info: cell 770-231-0552, email

I live in Winder and I go to Toni Maffey at the Hair Gallery on Broad St. she is WONDERFUL!!!!! I love her!!!

> I know a few people have been looking for places to get their hair 
> done and I just wanted to let you know that I went, for the first 
> time, to Arbor Day Spa and Salon last week and had a fantastic experience.
> Everyone there was so friendly and both of the owners came by to 
> welcome me and say hello (and fill up my glass of wine ! YEAH!). My 
> stylist, Mary Elizabeth, took time to listen to what I wanted and we 
> looked at pictures and lots of different colors and I got exactly what I wanted.
> She really did a fantastic job. A friend of mine went a few days after 
> I did and saw Annette and had just as fabulous of an experience as I did!
> I've been to several other salons here in Athens and this is the best 
> experience I have had by leaps and bounds. I get so pissy with the 
> salons that take themselves too seriously or try to be too trendy or 
> edgy because it's just uncomfortable. Arbor has lots of advanced stuff 
> for hair (even the dryers are these crazy looking round halo things 
> that are supposed to be better than the other driers) but the 
> environment is comfortable and laid back and the stylists are good! It's good stuff!
> Anyway, just wanted to let you all know in case you were hunting for a 
> new place to do your hair. They also have a spa, which I haven't tried 
> yet, but I bet it's just as fantastic.

  • Tracy Fowler - 706-742-7024 Been going to her for years/works out of her home in Crawford
A while back I asked for recommendations on where to go for a short haircut. I said that I wanted to go to someone who knew what they were doing, but were reasonably priced also… here are the results.
  • Robbie Fields in Jefferson at Sassafras Salon is great. 706-367-8896 He know what fits a persons face, hair type and such.
  • I have two excellent recommendations for you: Janet who owns Sophisticated Shapes on Mitchell Bridge Rd, and Karen at Elite, who has her own shop behind her house. She's right off 72 in Colbert. Both are incredibly talented.
  • I recommend Karen at The Cutting Edge on South Milledge. She is the only person in Athens that can cut and style my hair.
  • "Bob Salon" downtown. They are great! Lyric cuts my hair and she uses the latest techniques. I keep my hair short, and I need someone who can give me "style." I think it's about $50.
  • Beth Clarke 706-769-2314
  • I went to Marlia Arrendale at Hair Loft on Lumpkin Street. She took a lot of time and listened to what I was trying to get. Her number is 706-354-8609.
  • I go to Princeton Salon and Spa, it is in Gainesville but they do an excellent job! They have a web site it is and when the page first comes up there will be some tabs at the top click on the one that says "the salon" and it gives you the basic price on things. But they do a great job!
  • I recently went to Danita at Dree & Co. She was great. I was donating my hair to locks of love, so it went from very long to short. I have a 10% coupon you can have if you go there.
  • I started going to Mary at Rage downtown about six months ago and I really like her. She charges $55.00 per cut but she is worth very penny.
  • If you're getting 10" or more cut off then please consider donating it to Locks of Love:
  • Sue at Color Solutions (next to Publix on Atlanta Highway) is great!
  • I can whole heartedly recommend Mary Kilika in Lawrenceville. I have been going to her for about 11 years and she is FANTASTIC! Her number is 770-339-7600 - if you choose to go to her (and I hope you do, you will not regret it), let her know I recommended her. I receive nothing from her for the referral, just the knowledge for her as to how you got her name. She listens to you, understands what you want and is a true "scholar of hair" so to speak.
  • I love Melanie Bradley in Winder. 770-867-4830. I am picky about who cuts my hair, and I have been going to Melanie for several years; she is great! Try Hair Loft on Lumpkin (1054 South Lumpkin, I think.) I have them cut my hair. The owner, Kay is really good, she has been in business for more than 10 years. Last time I went in another young lady did my cut I did not ask her name, but it may have been Marney. Anyway - I don't go anywhere else. A cut there starts at $30, with more added the more you have done.
  • I have a friend who swears by LaFeria. I think her stylist's name is Megan.
  • The best in town in my opinion is Dennis Luckey, 1680 S. Lumpkin St., Five Points, Athens 30606, 706.549.9589 He cuts Suzanne Yoculan's hair. He also cuts the hair of five other people I know personally -- including my physician!
  • I use Robin Kelley at Shear Pzazz in Watkinsville. She is great and I have used her for over 15 years. She ALWAYS cuts my hair exactly like I ask. And if she needs to cut a little more due to dead ends or just to make it look a little better she will ask before just doing it. She also has very long hair and respects you when you request a certain length to be cut off.
  • I go to Lyric at bob salon. I recently had my hair cut short and she did a wonderful job. She is also great for highlights. The salon is on Foundry St. behind the Classic Center.
  • I've been using Joni at Kaleidoscope on Baxter, 613-9899. She gave me the short cut I wanted when no one else could get it right.
  • Try Lyric at bob salon(546-0950). She actually listens and tries to give you what you want. She's also a perfectionist and you won't leave her chair until she's satisfied she's given you the best cut possible.
  • You need Amber Hilton at Rocket Salon. It's located right in downtown Athens across from "Toppers". There's a rocket outside the building so it's hard to miss. She's cut my hair several times and I wouldn't let anyone else touch it. Rocket Salon, Amber Hilton, owner/stylist, 163 N. Jackson St., 706-353-0500
  • I use Pat Boobas (use to own Colours, then she sold it). She is very good but not cheap. $39, just for a cut. But very experienced. I have very short thin hair, and she makes the most of what she has to work w/...good luck. She is now at Kaleidoscope on Baxter st.
  • I would HIGHLY recommend April at Colour Solutions (located in the Publix Shopping Center on Atlanta Highway). I had long hair and April cut it short and I love it. She is also the best colorist in the area. I will NOT let anyone else touch my hair. The number is 706-549-5283.
  • I've been using Grant Tyner at Adam & Eve for years and I always get a great cut. He and his brother have owned the place for years and he has great clientele.
  • I love Sandy Bozek at 485 Salon on Macon Highway. Close to work. Her number is (706) 227-2655 or (706) 354-1072.
  • Mark Meeler - Kaleidoscope. Very gay and very funny! 1072 Baxter Street 706-613-9899 - His partner Brent does color. They are GREAT! They have been doing my hair for 13 years....
  • I've gone to Holly Westberg (now at Rocket Salon downtown on Jackson St) & she's cut my hair short several times now, all with good results. I can always tell it's good when it starts growing out & still looks okay! Bring pictures if you can find some that will give her an idea of what you want, and she can tell you what will work with your hair & what won't. I think my last haircut was about $33. . . maybe a little more, I don't remember.
  • BOB Salon is great Andrea and Lyric are both great
  • I REALLY love Marie Clark at Ambiance Salon on Prince Ave. I started going to her several years ago when I went from long hair to short hair. I get lots of compliments on my hair now (even my 20 year old daughter loves my hair). She is not cheap though, I think a haircut is $42.
  • I love my hairdresser, Leslie Andrews, owner/operator of Classic Hair on the corner of Prince and Buena Vista: 227-1669.
  • I go to Suzanne Lewis. She's pretty good. Works out of her basement on Janice Drive on the West Side of Athens. 706-549-4003
  • Tina at Bella in Five Points is the best!
  • Laura Martin at Rage is fantastic. She has a real cute short hairdo that you might like, too.
  • I use Nicole at Bob Salon. I have used her forever and she is great at cutting and color. The salon is downtown,behind to the Civic Center.