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Kitchen Hand Mixer 5-08
I need a new hand mixer and never thought this should be a huge decision. I've shopped locally and on-line but don’t' really see anything that grabs me -- I found a Cuisinart online for around $70 -- good grief, we're just talking about a hand mixer. Anyone have a Cuisinart, worth it? Two I'm ruling out right now:

1) My most recent mixer was a Kitchen Aid -- nice design, easy to use and clean, but it only lasted a few years and I'm not much of a cook -- only used it occasionally for things like whipping cream or beating egg whites. It's very irritating to me for something to just last a few years with just light use -- My old Sunbeam lasted 25 years and I only gave it away when I received this pretty new Kitten Aid as a gift. (I actually bought another Kitchen Aid, but returned it yesterday after taking it out of the box -- seemed to be even more cheaply made that previous one.)

2) My mom recently got a Hamilton Beach that seems to be strong and substantial, but it slings stuff EVERYWHERE; even if you set the bowl down in the sink it still spatters everywhere. I would have returned that thing the first time I used it, but she didn't -- anyway, don't
want one of those.

If you have a mixer you love, please let me know.

  • "I'm loving every Cuisinart electric I have, and the hand mixer is no exception." "My sister has one of these instead of my beloved KitchenAid. If it's good enough for her and Paula Deen …" (Note from Carolyn -- This is a stand mixer, but Target has a Sunbeam hand mixer that looks very, very similar -- looks like the same body minus the part that fastens to the stand, but it likely has a different motor.)
  • "I had a little Proctor Silex that I got for next to nothing at Big Lots and it worked well for me for years when I didn't need to use my KitchenAid stand mixer (which is the best thing since sliced bread to me, personally).
  • Also, I see that Wal-Mart has a Sunbeam online for $30." "I've got my Mom's old Sunbeam - still working. I had a Hamilton Beach of my own, but the first time I used it to make my 3 layer yellow cake recipe, its motor burned out (smell had the family thinking I'd ruined the cake!) because the batter is VERY stiff. I still use the Sunbeam for frostings, but if I'm making the layer cake, I use my pedestal model (Kitchen Aid, with what must be a Briggs and Stratton engine!). I was told that small appliance makers (toasters, coffee makers, hand mixers, etc.) were making their products TOO good, so no one was buying new ones unless they were newlyweds or something... So, the quality of small appliances just ain't what it used to be…"
  • "My daughter has a Kitchen Aid hand mixer that she’s used for 11 years and loves it. I have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer and wouldn’t trade it for any other kind available. I bake a lot and also use the meat grinder when we make hash/stew and chicken mull. It does a wonderful job beating egg whites. Good luck on finding one you like."
  • "Buy an oster - they never tear up and work like a charm." "I also have a sunbeam and I too have had it for many years – still runs great! Do they not make them anymore?" "I use a Kitchen Aid hand mixer (and stand mixer) and would not consider using anything else. When my first hand mixer died, Kitchen Aid replaced it free. After a few years, my second one started smoking while mixing a very thick dough. After one phone call to Kitchen Aid, they sent me a 50% off coupon for the purchase of another one. I've had this third one for a good number of years (about 7) and I use it several times a week (and not light use either......cookie dough, bread dough, whipping cream, and lots of cakes)."
  • "I have 2 hand mixers, I love my kitchen aid 9 speed this has been great. I have an older Sunbeam and love it also . Since you had trouble with your kitchen aid . Try finding another Sunbeam. I hated the Cui-sinart I had if you think your kitchen aid was flimsy don't get the cusinart. I use them pretty heavily."