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    2012, Handyman Services from Safety Trades: Safety Tradesa href=

  • Iíve used them for lawn care as well as having a bathroom exhaust fan installed. They are AWESOME! They are honest, friendly, and do the work they promised to do at a fair price. And all of them have a clean record since they are firemen and have to have a background check. ?
  • I would highly recommend them.
  • I bought a coupon from the on-line thingy with the Athens Banner Herald for gutter cleaning and was very satisfied, but I especially like the idea of supporting Athens Firefighters.
  • I used the painter and wasnít that impressed. Since youíre working with the fireman youíre always working around their schedule. Personally, I wonít use again .
  • Iíve used them three times now with mixed results. All of the men are firemen who work here in Athens and do odd jobs on the side.
    (1)  Lawn care Ė I tried this guy for three months and was totally unsatisfied. He didnít show up when he was supposed to (twice) and, when he did do the lawn, it was awful. He damaged items outside the house and scalped the lawn in some places and left it uncut in others.
    (2)   Bathroom tile work Ė the estimate I recíd was incredibly high, like $450, to replace a few cracked tiles. I found someone else to do the job for under $100.
    (3)   Installation of door locks on two storm doors Ė I had started this job myself and ran into a pair of problems that required someone more skilled than me to solve. I called Safety Trades and the guy who came out did a reasonable job for me. I then had him give me an estimate on a couple of more jobs I need done but the cost came in way too high, so Iím going to tackle those myself.

    I doubt that I will call them again. Iíve had much better luck using the UGA listserv and recommendations page to find someone.

  • Franklin Myrick is my handyman of choice, 770.369.3301Mobile, 706.850.1585Home, -- he is a professional photographer that is very skilled tradesman and supplements his photography work with income from "odd jobs" -- everything from building decks to painting cabinets and everything else in between -- he'll tell you if he can't do it. No hourly rates that I'm aware of, but a sample of his rates are as follows: He took my kitchen cabinet doors off the hinges, painted them, and re-mounted them in a week for $300. He washes windows for $2 a window (minimum $50). Recently, we struck a deal for him to work at my house doing pressure washing, yard work, and inside repair work for a "fair" price. I have highly recommended him to other friends as well. -- He is motivated, a hard worker, and does good, clean, professional work. We didn't agree that I would get any kickback for all this good press, but after shopping around for a handyman over the past five years, he's the best I've found
  • We know a great handyman/carpenter who is really trustworthy and does fantastic work for a reasonable price. His name is Deke Dykstra (cell #706-207-8238). He'll come and give you an estimate of the work you want done and he sticks to that estimate (if he thinks there might be an increased cost, he'll tell you the potential for that up front but he won't give you one price and then sucker you in with something else). We've just had him over yesterday installing some track lighting and ceiling fans but he does all sorts of work around the house and larger building projects (he's working on some larger projects at a friend's house and they are really pleased). He was a mechanical engineer so it's nice to have someone who has that sort of mind for how things work.
  • Roberto Bernales. His office # is 706-542-7608 or his cell is 706-247-5365.
  • David Lanphere and he can be reached at 706.338.9186. "No job too small."
  • I recommend LD Services for any type of home repair or renovation. Their number is 770-851-0880, and I would ask for Dar.
  • Byron Beam. Byron Beam. Check the rec page for his phone number. You will not be sorry. He recently installed a french drain, gutters and a HDTV over our fireplace for us.

    I second the recommendation for Byron Beam. He is thorough and meticulous. I've been very pleased with his work.

  • Gary Nasrallah can help you out. He's a great guy and does very good work
    /Naz's/ Woodworking & Cabinetry , 305 Waterford Place, Athens, GA 30607, (706) 353-8488
  • Patrick Fay, 706/548-5952. small repairs, concrete repair work, pressure washing, painting, drywall repair, handyman work except electrical work; previous work experience in construction work; very detail oriented (former Quality Control lab worker)
  • Call Sheilah Dixon at 2-2227. Her husband is very nice and has done work for me.
  • Phil McDonald, He does a good job and reasonable on prices. Cell# 706-255-8356