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Looking for health care/have no insurance
  • All she needs to do is go to the ER at athens regional my brother is a physician and he said no dr or hospital will refuse
    service for something that is needed. And if she has no money or insurance then she should get on medicaid
  • I think there's a women's health center in West Athens on Old West Broad St (check out the yellow pages). However, there's
    another procedure she can go through that cuts off the blood supply to the tumor and reduces it without having a hysterectomy.
    I think it's called embolization - not sure - it's probably cheaper, too. Hope this helps.
  • I've heard that the hospital in Augusta will do surgery for free for women with health issues. I have a niece with problems that is
    checking into it as well. God bless your friends sister. I hope she finds the help she needs.
  • While I don't have information about a particular health services provider, I would suggest that she contact Community Connection
    (just dial 211). "What is the 2-1-1 Information and Referral Call Center? A three-digit phone number connecting people to human
    services. This service is the "community connection" for those who want to help and or those who need help. Callers can receive
    referrals and information on human services such as counseling, financial management, food, shelter and affordable housing.
    People who want to volunteer can be easily connected to our volunteer center for opportunities such as mentoring and meal delivery,
    and donation opportunities. When you dial 211 in the Northeast Georgia area, you speak with a trained referral specialist who can
    help you locate programs and services. Community Connection 211 is free, confidential and available 24 hours a day. If you have trouble
    connecting through 211, dial (706) 353-1313 or (800) 924-5085.
  • She can go to St. Mary's Emergency Room and they are not, according to the law, turn her away. They will work out a payment plan with her.
    Ask the hospital for the "Indigent Care" paperwork and information.
  • My mother-in-law did not have insurance when she was in a terrible accident. She contacted the Mercy Clinic and they arranged her medical care.
    She received care from some of the top orthopedic surgeons in Athens. From what I understand, you have to call one day a week at a certain time.
    I wish your friend luck. Here is the contact information.
  • See if this place can help out---
  • You can try contacting the Department of Family and Children Services in the county in which she resides to see if she is eligible for emergency
    Medicare (Medicaid)? I know that this has been done for people in the past who have no insurance and life-threatening problems.
  • From my understanding over the many many years. If you have a life threatening issues they have to give you treatment or surgery and bill you.
  • They cannot deny her life saving surgery just because she doesnt have money or insurance. But have her to to Social services (to apply for medicare.)
  • St. Marys I believe takes it and is the low end hospital that takes most patients with no insurance.
  • This is awful. Please forward this to Paul Broun! Meanwhile she can try the nurse's clinic and Mercy Health Clinic. Here is the info about mercy
  • Do you know what county this lady lives in? Not sure that it matters but I know folks who lives in Clarke County can dial 211 and find a whole myriad
    of services and one of those might be just what she needs. But if she's not in Clarke County I don't know. You can bet though I'll be praying real
    hard for her. I bet a lot of folks will and we all know the power of prayer! :)
  • Has she contacted Mercy Health Clinic? 706-425-9445?
  • Maybe this page would have something useful on it:
  • I'm not sure I can be of any help. I go to a practice in Atlanta. I had a hysterectomy last year. Dr. Lisa Peacock did my surgery. It is a practice by
    women for women. If your friend e-mails them they might be able to help her. Their practice is near Northsid Hospital. Here is their web-site.
  • I hope you get some "real answers," but if I were in that situation, I think I would check first with the health department and then the Salvation Army.
    I had a friend who had a baby with no insurance. Her doctor was very nice and set up a payment plan (she was getting an MBA, so I guess he figured
    she was good for it), and because the hospital accepts federal funds, they were forced to set up a payment plan for her. The baby was totally
    unexpected, in fact she had been told she would never be able to have children because of a severe infection. Good luck.
  • Check w/ St Mary's
  • The ACC health department might be able to help - I went there for a while when I was without insurance and the people there really do care about making
    sure women stay healthy (and not pregnant!). Payment is based on income; below a certain level you pay nothing; above a certain level you pay full
    price, but it's still cheaper than 99% of the doctors out there. Don't spread this info - but once the cashier actually cut my bill in half at
    checkout because she felt I was being asked to pay too much. I also know there is *some* coverage through Medicaid for women without health insurance -
    for example, Medicaid will help women with pre-cancer and cancer of the cervix to get it removed. It will take some digging, and she may have to apply
    for aid, but it just might help her. Good luck - what a scary situation to be in! I hope she is able to get the help she needs.
  • Has she tried Augusta? I've had several friends use the teaching hospital for cancer treatments as well as non-cancer. Your friend's sister needs to be
    checked out ASAP. I had endo cancer due to fibroid growth that was very similar. Probably had the cancer 10+ years and my prognosis 10 years ago was
    horrible. (Thankfully Jesus didn't agree with my medical team's determination for my life expectancy). If (and I say IF) the fibroid has turned cancerous,
    she will get top notch treatment down there. The cancer center is awesome. I pray she just needs the hyst and be done with it. My blood/iron was so low
    that I had to have 4 units of blood just to be strong enough for the surgery. Terrible waste of money to put all of that in, knowing it was going to flow
    out during surgery :( I've also forwarded the email to a friend of mine who is knowledgeable on what options are available for low income, non-insured
    folks. I absolutely hate the health plan being beaten around in congress, but by golly someone needs to do something for our folks. Has she thought of
    writing Saxby Chamblis and letting him know her situation? It would be a feather in his cap if he could go public about helping someone without government
    mandated insurance... definitely worth a try.
  • Looks like Myra agrees with going to Augusta. Also pitching a fit and making the hospital admit her will get her help. Doesn't matter if she cannot pay, she can
    set up a payment plan with them. I know folks who never paid more than 20.00 a month on some high medical bills. Long as a payment isn't missed, the payment
    "contract" stands. Just never pay more or less or the contract is voided. I would say The Medical College of GA should help her. If she had cancer then
    she could get more help from the ACS. When she was in ER the other night...why didn't she get them to admit her...admitting makes the hospital responsible...and
    they have funds that my brother got was the Halliburton grant..I have got to get more info on has been so long. Do this gal have any money
    401 anything in savings?? It will make it more difficult to get help... Does she live in Athens?? Has she called her congress person??...