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Heating & Air Condition repair

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  • A while back, I had a call from my brother who was looking for someone to give an estimate on repairing/replacing the heat/air system in our Mother's home. It just so happened that someone here at UGA had recently posted all his responses from the list. One of those recommended on the list receiving the most positive reviews was Fred Jones/Nicholas Jones with Perfect Temp (706-769-8914) so my brother set up an apt with him. He came out and confirmed that the system did need replacing but the price he gave was HALF what another company had estimated. My brother used Nicholas and his company and the work was done quickly, efficiently and the system has been wonderful.
    • Then my son had his system go out and the company he first contacted told him the system was shot and needed to be replaced. The cost was astronomical! I recommended he call Nicholas for an estimate. He did and when Nicholas came out, he told him that the system did NOT need replacing, only some repairs, so instead of costing thousands it only cost him a couple hundred dollars. Big difference!
    • You guessed it, then my air system went out! I called Nicholas, he came out the next morning (Saturday) and had it up and running again.
  • Call Mr. Joel Davis with A1 Heating & Cooling, 706-296-3936. He's done a great job for me over the past year. (I found his name on the staff recommendation page in 2010.)
  • I just had a new fan blower motor installed by Fred Jones at Perfect Temp. He was out to my office the next day following my phone call and the fan was installed the day after that...reasonable rates, quick, efficient. Number is 706-769-8914.

  • Stanfield heat and air…they are great and Sally Allen the owner is the sweetest person you will ever meet.

    Call Sally Stanfield Allen…706.549-4767. They are fabulous.

    Stanfield Heating & Air have been very professional & the lowest prices we found. They have gone above & beyond when they have done service for us.

  • Donnie Strickland. Works somewhere on campus.
  • We have used Joel and he is GREAT! I highly recommend him! Davis is the best in the business. He is very reasonable and honest. Give him a call you will not be disappointed. 706-296-3936

  • Dexter Gantt (706) 542-1414 . . . he also work full-time @ UGA
  • I like Acker heating and cooling out in Colbert, GA (55 Sorrow Patterson Road Colbert, GA 30628-2409 - (706) 788-2681). They installed my HVAC system when I built a house and did a really good job. Their bid was not the lowest but was in the lower range. They were really efficient. Since then I've had the thermostat break on me once and they were out real fast to replace it. They have a rep for being honest among construction people, including my husband who is a carpenter.
  • I have used A-1 Heating and Cooling. Those guys are great! I highly recommend them.
  • We have hired John Bulla every time we have needed HVAC work done (even replacing an entire unit) and he is great. We have recommended him to many other people, and they have only had good things to say about him. And, he charges about half what the other companies do.

    John Bulla, Acme Heating and Air Conditioning, Cell 706-255-9985, Home 706-789-3937

    Stanfield Heating and Air is great too.

    Whoever you use do NOT use Stiles they replace our upstairs unit this summer, fell through our ceiling twice and then tried to charge us to repair it.

    I had to invest in a new heat pump for my home less than a year ago. I used Stanfield Air on Mitchell Bridge Road. They have been wonderful. I have free inspections for a year. They even send me reminders by mail.

  • I really like Rick Alpaugh at Sub Zero Heating and Air. I had to have a new Central Air unit put in last year and he did a great job at a great price. His number is 706-769-8984.
  • We (being me and the 30+ cats :) love Gerald Payne. Our air went out in the summer and he was there in like 2 hours replacing the unit because he knew the cats would be sweating, not to mention me. :) His contact # is: 706-340-7954.
  • Leonard at Shafer Heating and Air out of Jefferson. 770-616-1596
  • D&D Heating and Air is good too
  • The UGA retired employee, 4 seasons in Watkinsville, is wonderful. Sorry his actual name escapes me now. He even came immediately one hot August morning when my air went out and my newborn grandson was visiting. Very, Very dependable.
  • I use the folks at A & A Heating and have always been happy with the service (both response time and quality) and price. 706.549.3585. Hope this helps.
  • I can personally recommend R & R Heating and Air - my husband co-owns this company. You can call him (Rodger) at 706/202-8765.

    R & R Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. Their number is 706/202-8765. Great Work!!! Nice Guys!!!

Heating and Air Conditioning

(08, 09)
  • Donnie Strickland. Works at physical plant… I think. Wonderful work!!!!
  • We just had a GREAT experience with Jordan Air. Both our upstairs and downstairs went down
    the same week. It ended up being a small part that wears out in most units after a few
    years….thank goodness! Anyway, serviceman was quick, professional, and great in
    explaining what was going on and what we can anticipate with our unit down the road.
  • George Heard, 706-354-7941, We use him for all of our rental properties... excellent
    work and reasonably priced.
  • I like both Davis at A-1 Air and Rick Alpaugh at Sub Zero Heating and Air. I ended up having
    to replace my unit although Mr. Davis was the one who was willing to repair it.
    • I HIGHLY recommend Joel Davis (770-725-7190). He came and fixed my daughters air
      condition unit. He was very reasonable, honest and a good person to deal with. I
      will DEFINATELY be calling him again. As a matter of fact, about 5 people got his
      name and number from me and have used him and loved him as well.
    • Joel Davis of A-1 Heating and Cooling. He was prompt, professional and reasonably
      priced. Actually he diagnosed the problem over the phone just by asking a few
      questions. When he arrived, he was ready to fix the problem quickly.
    • Coincidentally to your posting, I have a friend whose husband recently passed away, and she is
      learning to deal with many maintenance issues on her own. Her AC stopped functioning the night
      before you posted your message, and she was told by a larger AC company that it would be next Friday
      before they could look at it. I forwarded your recommendation for Joel Davis. He returned her call
      Friday evening, came out Saturday morning, fixed her 20-year old system for a total of only $120.00.
      She said he was very nice and very thorough, and he recommended against replacing her whole system at
      this time. Thanks very much for posting the recommendation - her house is now cool again, and she,
      too, is a fan of Joel Davis.
    • Joel Davis's phone number, it is (770) 725-7190 He is listed in the white pages business section.
      In the yellow pages, he is listed as "A-1 Heating and Cooling, Bogart" Apparently, at least 6 or 7 of
      you are having problems with your AC and wrote to ask for his number, so I am posting it here to the list
      for all of you who need it. Stay cool!
  • Michael Heating & Air Conditioning,, 101 Newton Bridge
    Industrial Way, Athens, GA 30607, (706) 353-6773
    • I recommend Michael Heating & Air.
    • Don't use Michael Heating and Air!!!! Wouldn't recommend them for nothing!
      I'll be glad to go into detail if you are interested but unless you have money to throw
      away and still not have things working correctly - don't call them. Plus their customer
      service if worse than their service.
  • Well, it took Schumate 2 weeks to get the part and fix our system. When the first
    box came that should have contained the part it was empty. Makes you wonder who
    they get their parts from. That is our only experience. I have been told is the
    best and will call them the next time.
  • Clarke Kessler - he is an employee on campus. His home no. is 757-3283
  • Stanfield Air - great people; caring, dependable, and honest.
  • I've been using Acker heat and air in Comer, GA, I think it is.
    They're in the phone book. They installed my HVAC system and were really good,
    fair price, not too expensive, and helpful. Reputation of honesty.
    I've been quite happy with them.
  • I know someone who is certified who would do it on the side if you are interested. His name is
    Rick Farmer and his number is 678-863-3975.
We've used Gerald Payne before and now he's saved the day again!! Our air conditioner went out a Saturday
afternoon and I called and he said he'd stop by on his way home. He stayed until he got us up and cool
again and at a very reasonable price. Elite Mechanical, Gerald Payne owner 706-742-2407, cell 706-340-7954