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HMO Comments (2011)
    Thanks for all the feedback. Several people asked me to post the results. There are too many to qute (almost 50 responses!), BUT there were all extremely positive. Brief summary:
  • No one seems to have had any trouble getting referrals from their primary care physician.
  • Only one person responded that they had trouble getting the plan to cover a medication their doctor prescribed, but the ppo plan wouldn't have covered this medication either.
  • Some people said they switched to the high deductible HSA eligible plan recently because either 1) the price of the HMO continues to rise or 2) they do not take monthly medications and rarely go to the doctor. Most of these said they missed the HMO!
  • There were lots of stories about major medical expenses that were covered almost completely with the insured paying only $100-200 out of pocket.
  • Several reminded me that if you are out of state the HMO covers emergencies only, so it's not the plan for you if you travel frequently. Although one person mentioned a great experience with their child having a sprained ankle out-of state and after business hours so the HMO covered almost everything.
  • Others reminded me that you you do not need a referral to a gynocologist or dermatologist.
  • Again...hardly anything negative to say about it!