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Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs

  • Equal parts Listerine (original, clear/pale gold color), baby oil and water. Spray it on and rub it in. You may need to put your dog on a short course of prednisone if he/she can tolerate it. Good luck!
  • My Boxer is having a hard time this summer with allergies and itching as well. After some discussion with our Vet and research online, the we treat him with the following: Fish oil capsule daily Probiotics daily Zyrtec daily
  • I also switched to Taste Of The Wild as it has no wheat, corn or soy products. My Boxer has a hard time digesting gluten of any sort. I also bathe him every week in a special oatmeal shampoo that you can get at Amazon. All of this has helped his skin and coat tremendously!
  • Our husky went through this and the Vet (Good Hands) shaved the areas and gave her some steroids. Worked like a charm.
  • I've always used Absorbine Jr. It dries the spot and is also antiseptic.
  • I have the same problem with my dog - although since I started giving him allergy shots, he only gets one or two each summer. My vet told me that a hotspot will heal on its own if you shave a small area around it so it gets plenty of air and can dry out. If the dog keeps licking at it you can spray some bitter apple on it too. The problems develop when the dog licks the area and it stays moist and breeds bacteria. I even bought an electric razor at the pet store that has a half inch head, so I can shave a very small spot easily. Right now he looks like he has a quarter-sized hole on his hip, but it is healing quickly. It takes my dog a couple of months to completely grow the hair back, but it's much better than giving him drugs.
  • I have lots of experience with this! I have quite a few medications at my disposal as I've found that at different times it takes different medicines to help hot spots. I've found all of these to be effective: 2% hydrocortisone cream Sergeant's brand Vetscription antimicrobial wound cream (they sell it at Ingles on Hwy. 29-it also protects against bacteria, fungus, and viruses)-I've even used this on bug bites/itchy places on me and it seems to help Conquer brand Silver wound spray (also protects against bacteria, fungus, and viruses)-I purchase this through Lanacane brand anti-bacterial first aid spray (this also contains benzocaine which will deaden the itchy spot)
  • Had to take our dog to the vet and get some antibiotics and shampoo.
  • Sergeant's® Vetscription® BENADENE®, Hot Spot Skin Remedy for Dogs is formulated to be effective for the treatment of skin inflammation. Specifically kills staphylococcus intermedius; bacteria most commonly associated with "Hot Spots" in dogs. Also, treats dogs for secondary skin infections caused by viral, fungal or bacterial organisms. BENADENE is an effective first aid treatment for superficial cuts, scrapes, and abrasions. Best of all, BENADENE contains no alcohol and is a non-stinging formula. Also, I found that Hartz Hydrocortisone Spray with Aloe has been effective in relieving itching.
  • I bought a spray from the website of Drs Foster and Smith. It basically had hydrocortisone and aloe in it. They probably have something similar at Pet Smart. I also give my dog a children's chewable benedryl at night to help with the itching.