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Auto Insurance

  • Many of you asked for the information I received so here it is. Horace Mann came up quite a few
    times so I will pick out a few and start my research! Thanks again to you all.
  • Same thing happened to me - so I moved my house and car to State Farm. Beth at the office on
    Barnett Shoals is really nice to work with.
  • Irecommend that you become an AAA member if you're not already and use their insurance broker services.
    They'll save you $50 to $100 off the top and they're really friendly.
  • I've been with Horace Mann for many years and they're great!! Fast on getting repairs done if in an
    accident and they only insure with educators. Since we work for an educator, we get insurance
    as well. Highly recommend!!

    Horace Mann. My agent is John Streer. His contact information is337 S Milledge Ave in the Butler Building
    Athens, GA 30605 (706) 316-2125

    They have great rates! I have been with them for several years and love them!

    If you work for the University then I would suggest Horace Mann. We just switched over from State farm
    after 25 years same coverage much lower rates. They only deal with people in education. They don't
    advertise, only by word of mouth and have been in business I think he said 45 years maybe longer and
    have agents all over the United States. GIve them a call, it may be worth your while. There # is 706-316-2125.

    Check out Horace Mann Insurance, I have used them since 1993 and have been
    extremely pleased with their rates and service. Horace Mann - the father of American public education is
    only available to people in Academia. I was hesitant to use them at first but have been extremely pleased.
    I have had several claims such as a crash I caused, a hit by a UGA bus that was not my fault and a claim
    for a broken window repair.

  • I use North Georgia Insurance in Commerce, Georgia. The owner is Bobby Brown and he is an independent agent.
    Bobby is extremely good to work with. I can call him anytime and if he is not in, he always gets back to me
    no later than the next day. He's honest, friendly, and always willing to help. His number is 706-335-2433.
  • We have been with Nationwide (George Bond on Prince Ave.) for many, many years. When I had an accident last year,
    that was my fault, Nationwide was wonderful to work with. I thought there might be some "issues" since I was
    at-fault, but there were none. We have our homeowners, and auto policies with Mr. Bond
  • We have been with Progressive since 2000. Every year (6 months) you go with out an accident, your bill is reduced.
    We hit some financial difficulties and our insurance lapsed, more than 30 days, and because we had been with
    them for so long, we did not have to pay an "activation fee" when we got a new policy. We shopped around
    before we back to Progressive, and could not find a better deal than what they could give us.
  • I have been with State Farm since I turned sixteen, over 20 years ago. They have always been great to deal
    with, and super-fast to pay any claims, though I haven't had many (also, cheerfully paid me more than adjuster
    quoted on one claim, when I showed them that I could not replace the car for the original amount). I use Dan
    Hogan's office in Dacula (770-271-8555).

    I have been "the victim" in several car accidents, and State Farm was by far the best company I had to work
    with to get my car fixed. They assessed my car quickly & sent me a check within 5 days or so of the accident.
    I needed some physical therapy after the accident and they paid my bill plus a little extra. When the body
    shop discovered additional damage that needed to be repaired, the body shop called State Farm and it was taken
    care of - no hassling!! I can just imagine that they treat their customers even better.

  • Allstate. Our agent is Merryn Walker out on Epps Bridge Road near Kroger's. They seem fair, and when our son
    died in a car accident several years ago, they were extremely helpful.

    I have had only one encounter with Allstate - a teenage girl hit my car and I submitted the claim and the police
    report which clearly stated she was at fault. I called allstate for several weeks trying to get them to settle and
    they kept telling me they couldn't settle until they contacted the owner of the policy (the girls father) and they
    not been able to so far. They finally did pay, but I was pretty mad by the time they did.

  • Try liberty mutual. You get a discount too as an UGA employee
  • I have been with Geico for 2 years and LOVE them! I have a 2003 Toyota Matrix, so I'm sure our rates would be
    similar. I only pay $76 a month. They have GREAT customer service. I have never had a problem with them
  • I use Georgia Farm Bureau. They are a good company with reasonable prices. My insurance costs
    have changed very little over the years with them. I also helped my fiancÚ find insurance coverage and Geico
    was the cheapest for him. If you are a homeowner, your homeowner's insurance company may give you a multiple
    policy discount if you insure your car with them.
  • This might not apply to your situation, but it's always
    worth checking out. If any member of your immediate
    family has ever been in the military (whether on active duty or now retired or honorably discharged), they are
    now eligible to join USAA. Once a family member is a USAA member, typically their immediate families or members
    of their household also may join. They offer worldwide coverage, are super easy to deal with on the phone
    (they are used to members suddenly being deployed, so they act quick), and now also offer banking and investment
    services, as well as home mortgages, etc. I haven't gotten quotes to compare insurance in a long time, but right
    now with USAA I'm paying less than $100 a month for renter's insurance plus car insurance on 2 vehicles with
    2 drivers. We have at least 3X the state minimum coverage, and about $40K in renter's insurance coverage. I use
    their bank for my checking and savings accounts, make deposits online with my scanner & they reimburse me for
    ATM fees. I have not needed to actually go into a bank in years!!
  • I am with State Farm and many people tell me they are higher, but I have been pleased. I have 2002 Honda
    Accord and my agent is Chess Smith on Milledge Avenue, if you call them, they can give you some quotes, etc
  • Angie Kendrick, Chastain & Associates Insurance P O Box 1908, Athens, GA 30603, Ph 706-543-2575 ;
    Direct 706-433-1721, Fx 706-543-4847, email

    I have my car and home insurance with Kemper and we pay $600 to insure 2 cars a year (they are older models). Angie is great. She always replies the same day and is always happy to help with my inquiries. A year or
    so I asked if she could find me a better deal and she got better insurance coverage, and saved me over
    $100 a year with our insurance. Good luck
      Horace Mann
    • Check out Horace Mann Insurance. They are only available to those in the Educational
      environment. They were recommended to me about 15 years ago and I have been extremely
      pleased with them. I was nervous at first since I had never heard of them but I have
      never had any problems at all. As a matter of fact, with my previous car I had an
      accident, they sent out a claims adjuster at my convenience and I was able to take
      my car to the repair shop of choice. The bill came back more than the original amount
      and they simply covered it. They have a local agent in Athens.
      *JOHN STREER*, *GEORGIA NORTH*,337 S MILLEDGE AVE, SUITE 117, ATHENS, GA 30605, (706) 316-2125
    • Ask the others companies to compare rates and they will tell you Horace Mann can't be
      beat. I have been with them for over 30 years. We have cars and life insurance with them.
      Horace was an educator and they sell primarily to teachers and use word of mouth instead of
      advertisements every 30 seconds on the tele.
    • I was going to say the same thing. I have been with Horace Mann for about 20 years
      and there has NEVER been another insurance company that could beat their prices.
      My local agent just retired and he was great, but I'm sure any of the local agents are good.
    • I just met with John Streer today to insure my new car and I wanted to click my heels as I
      walked out his door. I will be paying only $59 a month to insure an '06 Honda Civic. He is
      an awesome agent and I have been with Horace Mann for at least 5 years now. They are wonderful!

    • I had Horace Mann insurance for almost 10-12 years but recently I started checking around and
      I was able to get more coverage for a less premium amount from Progressive. My yearly/monthly
      premium was cut almost in half! --and this is with more coverage. I checked with a friend of
      mine who also has Progressive and she's had no problems with them and has been with them a while
      and had claims/accidents, etc... Now I might be sorry down the road if something comes up but
      I'm kicking myself now on how much I could have saved these last 10-12 years...THOUSANDS of
      dollars. Oh live and learn I guess.

    • Well it looks like Horace Mann is the way to go, but if anyone is looking for another recommendation,
      I have been very happy with GEICO. I was apprehensive at first because they are so "commercial," but
      when they quoted me $37/month I couldn't turn it down. Customer service is great and they really seem
      to have their act together, although I do have yet to see how they would handle a claim.
    • We had GEICO many years ago. They were fine until we had an accident. Then we ended up being put on
      high risk insurance for a year at $1200 a month!! This was back in the mid 70's. It was only after
      one accident too. Not sure if they've changed since then.
    • Same thing happened to us in the early 90s. We had GEICO for 12 years with no incidents, had excellent
      driver discounts, etc. My husband had a major wreck in a rainstorm that totaled the car and where he
      suffered medical injuries. GEICO wrote his doctor about how long treatment would last. Two weeks later
      they "non-renewed" our policy, which has the same impact as "canceling" your policy and puts you into a
      high risk category (just like someone with multiple violations and/or wrecks). Upon talking to several
      other insurance companies they stated they could tell that GEICO non-renewed because of the medical,
      but unfortunately they couldn't change the fact that it put us into high risk. Like Betty said, your
      insurance goes sky high at that point.

    • I have used the insurance agent below for last few years and she has been wonderful. If I have a question she
      always gets back to me the same day, but normally within the hour. She is always patient, and found a
      better deal for me when I asked her to. We save by combining our home and auto insurance together. We
      only pay about $600 a year to insure 2 cars (older cars with a higher deductible) with Kemper.
      Angie Kendrick, Chastain & Associates Insurance, P O Box 1908, Athens, GA 30603, Ph 706-543-2575 ;
      Direct 706-433-1721