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  • Duncan and Co located on Atlanta Hwy beside Racetrac near Mall
  • Aurum Studios on Clayton St is great! They have a beautiful selection of diamonds
  • Chandlee did my wedding set. Less than a month after setting it, a diamond fell out. I took it to them, they replaced it and reset it. I then had my entire set taken to another Jewler in town to look it over (this is a jewler that friends of mine have used and trusted for years). They basically said that Chandlee did a really crappy job and I was luck to have only lost one diamond. All my prongs were loose, the work on the gold was poorly done (even I could see that). I had to have some of the setting work redone and all of my prongs either completely re-done or tightened. Honestly, I would never go to them again. Although they were cheaper than other places in Athens, I think it is because the work is not very good. I now go to either JWR or Aurum and have been VERY pleased with both of them.

    My husband and I dealt with Chandlee Jewelers when we bought our wedding set. Long time Athens jeweler, Larry Exum, owns the store. They were GREAT to work with and will go back to them for my next purchase.

    I have been dealing with the folks at Chandlees for years (they previously owned Gold N' Gems). Not only do I purchase from them, but they do all my repairs.

  • Don't know about either of them, but Tena's is great!
  • Classic Jewelry in the Alps shopping center is great. I would trust them with diamonds and other fine jewelry.
  • K's is great, they did a wonderful job on my 25th anniversary present. Also, try JWR. John or Tony are fabulous too
  • I know TK personally, and Heidi his sales associate. I've always been pleased with the quality of jewelry and service.
  • Thanks to all those who responded. JWR got the highest number of votes while Aurum's,
    Foster's, and Spenser's tied for second place :)

    May I add my two cents worth? JWR Jewelers is the best and the most professional.
    I searched for a jeweler for YEARS to repair a wind-up gold Swiss watch and they were
    the only ones that could help me when the store that sold me the watch could only offer
    me a digital makeover! They have helped me repair ALL of my estate jewelry when most
    other jewelers would not even look at it, because the "estate" was my grandmother's in
    Scotland, who could only afford silverplate with glass stones. (My grandmother died in about
    1970 -- the jewelry had been locked away in a jewelry box for over 30 years since I got it,
    and now I can wear it -- all the catches are working, everything was polished up and the price
    was VERY reasonable.) Athena, Aurum, Spencers and Duncans may be good but JWR is the REAL DEAL!

    I too have had very good experiences with JWR!! They are kind, quick and really good at what they
    do! They once made a mistake, but caught it before I came to pick up the piece of jewelry and
    explained what happened. They had it fixed very quickly and at their own expense! Great service!

  • Billy at Spirit of watkinsville is awesome. he does most of his work in silver since he is a
    cherokee silversmith but has done numerous repairs in other metals for me. My mom swears by
    him and sends him stuff from NC to do for her. His prices are very reasonable and he does
    great custom stuff too.

    the spirit of watkinsville is great! billy does it own jewelry design and repair. the also
    repair silver which is very hard to find. Their prices are great and work is wonderful.
    my mom actually stockpiles her thrift store finds till she comes to visit then has him
    repair it all. located on main street in Watkinsville

  • I went to the mall this weekend to *ask* about resizing my anniversary
    band and they are adding a whole size for $30.00, based on the current gold price. I thought
    that was a bargain, considering JWR Jewelers charged me $ 35.00 to replace a single clasp on a
    charm bracelet.
  • Athena Jewelers (aka Art of It All) next to Masada on Clayton Street. Excellent work; reasonably priced.
  • Duncan's out in the little strip mall just before you get to Best Buy. They are the NICEST folks, and
    very reasonable. I am always having something repaired.
  • Spencer's - Atlanta Hwy. - behind Outback. All done locally.
  • I use Classic Galleries in Alps Shopping Center. They are honest and reasonably priced.
  • Highly recommend JWR Jewelers on Alps Rd ( in the Beechwood shopping center). Customer service is
    excellent! I've had several watches repaired, batteries replaced, etc... and they are very
    reasonably priced and fast.
  • I asked around about this (getting my grandmother's ring resized! :) ), and the overall feeling
    was that Aurum's downtown does the best job...
  • JWR Jewelers in Beechwood Shopping Center. Very nice people and very nice work.