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Cash for Jewelry: (08, 09)

  • I've been told Greg Reeves Fine Jewelry on Hawthorne (706-369-0000) offer good deals.
  • I think any jewelry store will have comparable prices. I'd sell my broken jewelry that way but
    if it's just old and you don't want it anymore, I'd try listserv first for what you would get
    selling it by weight. Hope that helps.
  • I heard that the Pawn Shop in Danielsville, Georgia was giving a good price. I have a friend that
    went over there this past Saturday. She didn't have a lot to sell, but she said gold was $950.00/oz.
    She walked out with $850.
  • You ought to check with Classic Jewelers. They're very reputable, have been in town a long, long time,
    and are very good to deal with. They buy and sell gold coins but I don't know about jewelry.
  • My husband has gone twice to the place across from the mall. We used to
    call it the "pink building". He got $195 for 3 pieces of men's jewelry and then went back with mine
    and got about $70. I just had some tiny chains and a couple of rings the stones had fallen out of.
  • yes, i have been to 2 places===THE FIST ONE PAID MORE! Southern Style Jewelry & Pawn, 8381 Hwy 29 S
    Hull,GA 30646 706-613-6969

    Gold Buddy LLC (pink mall across mall in Athens), P.O. Box 610, Bethlehem, GA 30620, 404-895-8671

JWR Jewelers in Beechwood

Greg's Jewelry and Pawn on Hawthorne