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  • I have owned a Kindle 2 since February 2009 and it is honestly the best purchase I have ever made. I have the Kindle 2 not the Kindle DX. I have been told by someone who has the Kindle DX that it truly is a waste of money unless you're going to be reading textbooks on is top heavy and cumbersome. The Kindle 2 is very light and I carry it in a leather bookcover so it really is just like opening a book. The Kindle never has to be connected to your computer...everything is done wirelessly (no charge for the wireless). When you buy books all you do is go to the Kindle store on your Kindle and click buy...this charges the debit or credit card attached to your amazon account. The books download in 60 seconds and you can start reading them. Also if you don't know if you want to purchase a book it will let you read one chapter as a sample. You can also change the text size to make it easier to read. The Kindle 2 will read the book to you. As for not being able to go back and read about can highlight and make notes through your kindle as you're reading along and those are always saved in your "My Clippings" on your home screen. Additionally if there is a word you don't know you can move to it with your cursor and it will give you the definition. The books are typically $9.99 for brand new bestsellers. Older books can be much less than that and even free. I have never purchased a book on my Kindle that was more than $9.99.
  • I love my Kindle, get the larger one. However, Just as soon as I got my Kindle they came out with the IPad. I'm sure if I had it to do over again I'd probably get the IPad.
  • I don't think my comment is specific to the Kindle, but here is the only thing I can contribute to your consideration: If you enjoy working with computers you have a much higher chance of liking a reader. If you are like me and can use a computer as long as everything is set up for you and someone else will handle problems -- you might not enjoy a reader. I bought a Kindle for my husband for Christmas. He was smart enough to know that he wouldn't use it; I, however, thought it sounded like a nice gadget and so kept it for myself to use as I recovered from surgery. I was immediately frustrated by the whole process (the only thing I was able to handle by myself was charging the ** thing, but even that became aggrivating) and have used it VERY, VERY little. I never did find the printed instructions complete or helpful and I can't even find the instructions in the Kindle menu ....
  • So, in addition to the consideration as to which reader to purchase, make sure you will enjoy the process of using an electronic reader. (I do admit that I am generally hostile to computers once the smallest problem appears.)
  • AMAZING!!! It has a feature that I love…if you come across a word that you don't know, you highlight it and can look up the meaning…genius! I don't have enough good things to say about the Kindle…you won't be sorry if you buy one!