Kitchen Remodling Contractors

  • Byron Beam and Associates was recommended to me and I have been very pleased with his estimates and honesty, and he did a lot of good quality remodel work for a friend of mine. He can be reached at 706-207-6650.
  • I got my new cabinets (2003) from Coleman Cabinets in Watkinsville. May be under a different name now. They are really beautiful. Someone works with you to help you look at your options. They send someone out to measure. I got my new granite countertops in Elberton (the granite capitol of the world, so they say). I wouldn't recommend the ones they used. You can search them on line. I was trying to save money and did, but the seams are not well done. The best in town in Bella Maria, but pricey. May be a case of you get what you pay for. Bought my undermount sink from Athens Plumbing, out of business nowI thought I wanted Corian countertops when we remodeled and never even considered granite due to cost. The sales person at Home Depot pointed out that (at the time) granite was a comparable cost to the Corian. We love-love-loved our granite countertops. We also took our kitchen dimensions to him and told him this is our space. We want an island and a bar. Otherwise we didn't have preferences. He drew us up a plan. We had agonized over making those kinds of decisions. He just did it and we loved it. He and my husband also got to talking and he actually talked my husband into installing the cabinets himself - saving us $3,000-$4,000 installation costs. Wow! We never would have considered that and my husband did a jam up job (he does have some skills - but he's not a carpenter by any means!) Too bad I can't remember his name…..this was probably 5 years ago…. Funny….I love that kitchen more than I do the one in our new house which is supposedly all "custom" and all. We also looked at IKEA - but those were way too modern and the scale was all wrong for our older house.
  • Check out Southern Surplus near Sam's.
  • Ornamental Woodworks - I recommend them for their high quality work. Owner is Wayne Smith (706) 540-9658
  • We just had a kitchen remodel - gutted to the studs, new flooring, walls, tile, counters, cabinets, etc. WE were very happy with our contractor, George Wright, who is also (full disclosure) an old friend. No "friend" discount, but of course we have a long-term relationship and so knew and trusted him already. We had a pretty complete redesign but stayed within the original footprint of the kitchen, and the first estimate was REALLY close to the final total (the inevitable "oh, let's go ahead and do this, too" stuff bumped it up a bit). If you want to talk to him his number is 706-207-4683.
  • We had our kitchen remodeled a few years ago and Smith's Cabinet Shop replaced our cabinets and counter tops. If they are not listed as Smith's Cabinet Shop, try calling Eugene Smith. He is the owner.
  • Watch out if you use Lowes. Some of the sales men in the cabinet and counter top area don't know how to correctly figure the cost of the materials they are selling. I just got new counter tops and the guy that did my estimate was way off. If you go to the Lowes on the east side ask to talk to Randal. He helped me with my mother's kitchen and knows the products. The younger guys don't seem to have much experience. I learned from experience that Lowes just contracts out. The workers don't work for Lowes. They just put on Lowes hats and tee shirts when doing jobs for Lowes. You can go directly to the counter top people yourself. Sims Surfaces did my mom's counter tops and Old Castle did my counter tops. Both companies did good work.