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Lawn Serivce

Three lists: 2012, 11, 10

    Below is the compilation. Some had multiple referrals but I've only listed each person once.
  • Jody Caldwell of Caldwell Lawn service, 706-207-2983. He only has a few clients because he does this part time, but he is very reasonable and all of his customers are satisfied.
  • Dustin Jackson owns Pro-Cutz Lawn Maintenance and Pressure Washing. He can be reached at (706) 248-3171 or Also does trim work, pine straw and limb removal.
  • Jamie Patton, Precision GreenWorks, 706.540.1272. He does a great job, responsible young man with a mature attitude and has his own equipment. Reasonably priced and dependable.
  • Troy Harris does an excellent job and is very dependable. His number is 706-424-9242
  • Jim is looking to pick up some part-time work since he is retired. He is very dependable, affordable, and has his own equipment. You can reach him at 678-770-3592.
  • Contact Bruce Hild, 706-714-8545
  • I highly recommend Tony's Lawn Care (TLC). Tony has been maintaining our yard for several years and does a great job. His number is 706-247-5452.
  • Buddy Meyer (706) 247-5825
  • Mike at Perennial Lawn & Landscape @ 706-255-6405

  • Buddy Meyer from Arnoldsville, GA does a great job. You can reach him at: (706) 247-5825
  • Troy Harris 706/424-9242. Personable, prompt, reasonable he took care of my mess last spring/summer/fall and I'm about to call him to start it up again. He has all the equipment though he probably doesn't have a lot of knowledge of what to plant where or the specifics of fertilizers, etc. if that is what you need. Troy is a great guy, though.
         For anyone looking for a good lawn guy I will tell you Troy Harris does a great job for not a whole lot of money. One of the reasons, however, he can keep his prices down is because he tries to either stay close to home or at least try to take on new jobs in proximity to other jobs to cut down on the gas needed to get around (duh) he has a fairly large truck but has every conceivable piece of lawn equipment on it including two kinds of mowers. I live on the eastside and he comes out every other Saturday. The yard is pretty large and a bit hilly and only charges me $50 for mowing, edging, and cleanup (the basics). The prices goes up a bit when/if I want the shrubs trimmed - if I'm feeling like it I trim them myself now and then. He's flexible and really really nice. 706/424-9242
         I should join in with singing his praises. Last year when I had problems with my riding mower, I contacted him. He has been taking care of my lawn ever-since! He does a great job and is a great person to deal with ... PS. I found him through this list and recommendations from the staff. Thank you all for helping me and helping each other. We are a great family. :-)
         We also have hired Troy Harris, and he is great! He takes care of our lawn twice a month, and does a fabulous job. He is also very dependable and reasonable. I contacted him based on two recommendations from this listserv as well, and I am very glad I did!
         I will join in the chorus, too. Troy Harris is also my lawn guy and he is the best! He does my lawn twice a month. Always calls to set up a time that is good for me. Dependable and reasonable.
  • Jamie Patton does a great job for us. He has all his own equipment. His number is 706-540-1272.
  • Absolute Outdoor Services (706) 713-1258. They do a great job! Reasonable pricing, too.
  • I use Troy Harris. He is very dependable and does an excellent job. His number is 706-424-9242.
  • Rick Kelly with R & J's Lawn Service has done lawn maintenance for us. He does a great job at a reasonable price. You may reach him at 706-201-1609.
  • We use College Pro Landscaping for our lawn & shrub case. They have great people working with them who do exceptional work and clean up. They are also VERY reasonable on what they charge for their services. They were at our home this past Monday & trimmed 6 large crepe myrtle trees and they look picture perfect - don't know how they managed to get them all even across the top considering they were going down a slope beside our driveway. I recommend them every chance I get (& they're not friends or related).
  • Butler landscaping in Watkinsville is very good. Phone Number: 706-254-6564. Website:
  • I highly recommend Jaime with Precision Greenworks. I think the phone number is 706-201-4949. He does an excellent job.
  • Michael Menon of Rainscapes has been doing our lawn care for a couple years, and we've been really happy with him. He's finishing up an advanced degree in horticulture, and this is his own business. He's knowledgeable, super nice, and his rates are very good. You can reach him at