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Lawyers: Divorce; Tax, Wills, Estates


  • I used chris anderson at classic city law. my retainer was 3K and they do not take credit cards.
    that was without kids. (706) 621-4665
  • I hired John Lyndon to handle my divorce since I was told he was the best in town. What my husband didn't screw up,
    John did. I would never ever hire John Lyndon again. It was a fiasco.

    I retained John Lyndon. His retainer is a non-refundable $5K (ouch) but he is the best in town - probably the best
    in the region. I am friends with several lawyers and they all told me to go to him.706-546-7953

  • Chris Blanchard in Watkinsville, (706) 769-9894?
  • Terry Smith in Winder. I like him very much, down to earth. (770) 867-6919
  • Mine was Nadine Bailey. She helped me with my divorce and again when I took my daughter's dad to court for Child support.
    Hopefully, I will not have to use her again but I would. (706) 613-5807
  • My daughter has Thomas Camp. He seems good so far, but expensive! (706) 621-6284
  • Adrian K. Pritchett, UGA Law Alum., 706-248-2248
  • Bill Overend, 706-353-7736,
  • There are many good divorce lawyers here in Athens, but the one I would recommend is Regina Quick. She is a non-nonsense,
    tough lawyer. (706) 543-9925?

    Regina Quick--she is downtown in Elisa Garrett's office, who has retired. She did a friend of mine's divorce and
    has been around athens for 20+y. Elisa Garrett did mine 5 y ago. Supposedly, if you have no children involved and
    it is a rather simple divorce, you can do it yourself: Divorce Yourself is a help guide that someone was asking
    about on line a couple months ago. I did my first divorce this way 30 y ago.

  • I would recommend Ellisa Garrett. She handled a particularly difficult post-divorce issue extremely well for me.

    Tax, Wills, Estates

  • My father, Michael Berger is a tax attorney, as well as an attorney for Wills and Estates, and Bankruptcies. He does offer a free consultation and he works really hard to take care of people. He has a positive reputation for turning paperwork around quickly whereas most lawyers tend to take weeks or months to handle the paper work. His phone number is 706) 613-1112. If you do contact him, please tell him Sarah sent you.