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Alterations (table 1), Restoraing (table 2)

Leather Alterations

  • Smith's Upholstery - Broad St. near Flowers, Inc.
  • I'd ask the folks at Marvin's Shoe Service downtown first. They may not be able to repair it. But, if they can do the job it would be much less expensive there!
  • I've done some of my own repair using a backer piece of leather and leather glue - so it appears less as a rip and more as a scratch. I'd like to hear any recommendations you get. I have a business card at home of someone that does leather repairs and if I can dig it up I'll get back to you. He replaces the entire panel of leather which can be expensive - especially if it is any color other than black.
  • Have you thought of Masada Leather? They do great work with leather. I don't know that they could fix an ottoman, but it might be worth a phone call.
  • My cousins boyfriends uncle has a repair shop near Comer. His name is Darryl and he does good work. I don't think he has a phone but if you go to the fruit stand (now pumpkins), his mother works there and she would be able to get you in contact with Darryl. Hope this helps.
  • Marvin's Shoe Shop downtown
  • Wilkes Alteration Shop on Hawthorne Ave. 706.543.9805
  • Yvonne Ring - 706-255-6259
  • Isabel's Alterations & Quality Dress Making (706) 372-7074
  • Joy Burris, GA Classic Cleaners (on Hawthorne, next to Bell's). 404-538-8886 (her business cell).
    She's also at the cleaners on Monday and Friday, 12-6 (706-353-2378).
  • Susan Akins in Comer, GA - 706-207-1742
  • Brenda at 706-742-8947 at Longcreek Sewing

  • I did call Masada and they couldn't help me.

    Restoring Leather (2009)

  • I've heard that if you use saddle soap, it should work. Or, glycerin soap. I bought a leather "horse" and l
    ooked it up on line, for how to clean it, and they suggested those.
  • Call Marvin's shoe repair downtown. They may have products.
  • You might consider taking your bag to Marvin's Shoe Store and seeing if they can offer suggestions. When my
    daughter got caught in the rain wearing a pair of suede shoes they suggested she get them completely wet
    and softly scrub the mud off. When they dried, they looked perfect! They didn't have that soft suede feel
    anymore, but they had warned us of that, but she could wear them and no one else knew the difference. Good luck.
  • sporting goods product used on baseball glove leather neats foot oil or saddle soap