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Best Place to Buy Liquor

When I asked where to find the best buy on liquor for a graduation party, many of you asked for the results.
The responses were overwhelmingly for Five Points Bottle Shop, with a handful for ABC, followed by a couple
for Village Wine and Spirits on the eastside plus a few others. I checked prices at Five Points, then stopped
in at Village since it is very close to home but found them to be anywhere from $2-$4 a bottle higher than
Five Points. If it was one or two bottles I may have gone that route since they are very friendly and
knowledgeable, but on eight bottles I just couldn't justify it. With Five Points just down the block (kinda)
from my office, (convenient, I know!) it was easy to go back and pick up what I needed. For beer, however,
our College Station Kroger had the best prices but I will say Wal*Mart was right in the ballpark.