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Ramdon recommendations for local restaurants

Elberton, 2010
richards (sandwiches/chicken fingers/homemade potato chips) - 2 mentions

la fogata (mexican)- 3 mentions

red minnow lodge - 2 mentions

mcintosh cafe (mainly sandwiches, but came w/high praise from elberton resident) - 1 mention

cliffords (seafood, not sure still open) - 2 mentions

and then, 2 suggestions in hartwell: williams dockside restaurant and cateechee

Local -- Pre-2010
Just to let everyone know.....Butt Hutt BBQ on Baxter Street, is now offering delivery during lunch hours only (11:00 am - 2:00 pm) with a $10 minimum order....just give them a call (706) 208-7475.
Just wanted to expand on Butt Hutt BBQ, located at 699 Baxter Street(just at the top of Baxter Hill)--706-208-7475--but anyway...I will say that my husband, Nile Faulkner and our partner, Brian Haynes (who is the husband of another staff employee here on campus, Christie Haynes) have opened this BBQ restaurant up and invite everyone to come on in and try it for yourselves. They are now open for breakfast, so their hours right now are 6:30 am til 9:00 pm, Monday - Saturday!! So go on over and see them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!! I have a menu that I can forward to anyone that is interested!!!

I tried a buttwich today and it was good! Good sweet tea too!

Just have to say that Butt Hutt ROCKS!! The food is great and the service is excellent!!

10/09 Hubby and I had dinner at Harry's Pig Shop over in Homewood Hills last night and it was fantastic! They had lots of outside seating and it was a great evening to enjoy a meal in the fresh air. I got the pork & scallion wontons which were actually huge eggrolls and they were crisp and flaky and melted in your mouth. Hubby had a regular pork samich and said it was good and I loved all their sauce choices but their sides were the best! We tried their squash casserole which was good and their homemade potato salad which was to die for and the homemade mac n cheese was good, I think it was white cheddar. We "pigged" out for $20 (hubs had won a gift certificate off the radio station or we might never have gone) and I had enough left over to bring lunch to work. I wanted to try the BBQ tofu but this was hubby's deal so I got what I knew he'd like. We loved the atmosphere and those eggrolls were da bomb! It was a great experience and we will go back!

I agree! It is great and I hope people support them so they can stay in business. They have a great Iceberg wedge salad too and a giant sausage dog that comes with slaw, vidalia onions and white cheddar! It is AWESOME!! And the pork wontons are great too! We try to get BBQ from there anytime we have a party, but they are so much more then just BBQ! Love 'em! Getting hungry just thinking about it!

Plantation Buffet, Eastside (6/09)
Just wanted to let everyone know we also ate at Plantation Buffett on the Eastside last night, and I wanted to also report that it was delicious! I know everyone loves the fried, but the grilled chicken was wonderful and so was the homemade chocolate pudding.

Simple concept...walk in, take a seat, waitress gets your drink order. If you want the buffet, you help yourself. If you are selecting from menu, you make selections and waitress takes it from there. Waitress brings you dessert when you are ready and refills drinks. Pay at the front. Service was fast and friendly...and they were thrilled to hear they were being "chatted up" on the listserv to get the word out. So go help support this new location! We will definitely be heading my husband said "this place is going to get me in trouble." He can't wait to try the breakfast.

All Prices incldue Tax...
Breakfast (Monday-Saturday) All You Can Eat 7.50 Choice of eggs, choice of meat meat, choice of bread, grits or hashbrowns, choice of coffee, juice, or drink 6.00

Lunch (Monday-Friday) and Dinner (Monday-Thursday) All You Can Eat 9.00 One Meat & Two Veggies, with drink, bread, dessert 6.00 (w/salad bar 7.00) One Meat & Three Veggies, with drink, bread, dessert 7.00(w/salad bar 8.00) Children under 10, 5.00

Friday Night with Seafood All You Can Eat 15.00 One Meat & Two Veggies, with drink, bread, dessert 10.50 (w/salad bar 11.50) One Meat & Three Veggies, with drink, bread, dessert 12.50(w/salad bar 13.50) Children under 10, 6.00 Seniors (65 and over)One Meat & Two Veggies, with drink, bread, dessert 9.00 (w/salad bar 10.00)

Sunday Lunch All You Can Eat 10.00 One Meat & Two Veggies, with drink, bread, dessert 7.00 (w/salad bar 8.00) One Meat & Three Veggies, with drink, bread, dessert 8.00(w/salad bar 9.00) Children under 10, 6.00

(7/09) Rosario's Trattoria 2061 Hog Mountain Rd. Suite A Watkinsville, GA 30677 706-705-1367 Info@RosariosTrattoriaInc.Com FYI I ate at a new really good Italian restaurant the other day in Watkinsville. I had the ravioli with alfredo sauce and it was great. They also have in house homemade deserts. I ate some of the tiramisu and the cannoli and they were both great.

We tried Rosario's Trattoria the other night. New to Oconee in the Bell's shopping center. We were excited to have another option but were seriously disappointed. THE BAD: We tried the pasta with pesto sauce and lasagna. The pesto pasta was overcooked (mushy) and watery tasting. The lasagna wasn't as good as Stouffers and again, the noodles were mushy...don't like mushy noodles ;( As a bonus though, it did come with a BIG case of indigestion that lasted long after the meal was done. The prices were comparable to any good Italian restaurant, but no warm bread to snack on while waiting on your meal. We also tried the soup, which was good, but came to the table lukewarm and had to be re-heated. THE GOOD: The people were very friendly and accommodating. Considering the prices and quality of the food, I would say Mirko Pasta, Olive Garden and of course, Carraba's have them beat by a mile. Don't take my word for it though, because I have heard good things and like I said, the staff/owner were very nice and I wish them the best. If someone else try's them for dinner let us know.

I ate there last night and had the pork chop marsala and it was really good. My wife had the linguini alfredo and she liked that and our daughter had the cheese ravoli and she liked that too. Maybe they were having an off day?