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Massage Therapists:

(two lists)
  • Around lunchtime today I went to the Wellness at Work event that Chastain's was hosting at Foundry Park. They were giving free chair massages, and my shoulders are feeling so much better I'd like to share a recommendation. The massage therapist was Eddie Abraham, whose card says he's the Spa Supervisor at The Spa at Foundry Park Inn. They were also doing warm paraffin dips for hands, which were great! The person doing that was Jessica Bentley, the master cosmetologist at the same place. I've never been to a spa, but if I ever win the lottery, I'm going to pay these folks a visit! =)
  • My friend David Bothe is a massage thereapist and a big strong guy. I imagine he can do what you need. 706-543-4122.
  • Michelle Lester at the Healing Arts Center on Prince works miracles. She's actually trained for that sort of thing, not your average run-of-the-mill spa massaging. Her contact info
  • I heard them say all the massage therapists at Foundry Park do deep tissue. I just pulled out their brochure to see if it gives prices and it doesn't; but you could probably call and ask. Before my chair massage, Eddie told me (and everyone who got a massage) to let him know if I wanted more or less pressure; so he's open to feedback. My best friend Beth is a massage therapist; but she lives in Washington state, so I rarely get massages. But I do have some basis for comparison, and I thought Eddie Abraham was good. Beth sometimes does massage at a spa where she lives on San Juan Island, so I know therapists in those settings get tips because they don't get the full fee the spa charges.
  • Gaia Goldberg
  • The Spa at Foundry Park Inn, just today, participated in Chastain's Wellness @ Work Business Solutions Expo and offered complementary neck and shoulder massages. They also offer Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage. I have always gone to Athens Regional Mind and Body Institute for my arthritis, but I'm not sure where Laura moved.
  • Try River Of Life Chiropractic in Crawford (its on Hwy 78 just past the Golden Pantry in Crawford). The massage therapist there, Nicole, is AWESOME. She can definitely dig in and do deep tissue!!! She charges by the minute - $1 per minute, so you can get a 30 minute massage for $30 (you don't have to do a whole hour if you don't want to). Also, some of the UGA insurance pays for massages (I have the HMO and it doesn't pay, but I think some of the other plans do pay). The number is 743-3757.
  • Georgia Medical Massage on Baxter!
  • Definitely Urban Sanctuary!
  • Kathleen Ryan is great. Very skilled and intuitive. I am not sure what her regular client rate is (I get a friend discount), $60 an hour, I think. She has a number of clients who are cyclists, athletes, etc., so she is used to doing deep work, and she really helps my husband with his chronic back pain. Of all the various doctors, chiropractors, etc., I went to about my headaches, she was the one who figured out that they weren't caused by migraines or sinus, but by muscle tension in the back of my neck pressing on the optic nerve. She works out of her home on Sunset Ave. 706-308-6885.
  • The University Health Center has a good PT/Massage Therapy clinic. Massage Therapy services
    are open to UGA Faculty and Staff.
  • I recently had a massage for severe muscle pain in my upper back/shoulder/neck region. I saw Jen Berry
    at Advanced Massage Therapies. It helped so much. There are several people in the group and they
    are all great massage therapists. They've worked on the US Olympic Cycling team. I highly recommend
    that group.
  • Advanced Massage Therapies, 1363 S. Milledge Ave., Athens GA 30605, 706.369.7595 "Bob, Amy, Peggy and Jennifer
    focus on pain relief bodywork, using techniques ranging from deep tissue work to CranioSacral Therapy to hot stone massage.
    Every person responds differently to massage, so each massage we give is different, fine-tuning the pressure and intesity
    for optimum results and comfort".
  • My wife Kat Daniel does this type of work and has been doing this type of work for 10 years. She also can provide good
    references and does house calls.
  • Kim Paquette at Lotus Sun Therapeutics is excellent. She is able to work with some insurance as well.
    Phone: 706-340-2098
  • I use Elizabeth at the Health Center. Employees can use their massage services. She is in the Physical Therapy
    department so I assume she is used to working with people with injuries.
  • Your best bet will be to find a neuromuscular therapist. Unfortunately,I don't know whom to recommend at this point.
    Also, physical therapy through Athens Therapeutics might be something to consider. They brought me back from a
    bad car accident!
  • Sybil's Helping Hands, 8 Court St., Watkinsville, GA 30677, Phone: (706) 207-6186
  • I have used Jim at the Foundry....he is awesome!!!!!
  • Elizabeth Alder is the best massage therapist. She has been doing this for over 25 years. Elizabeth works out of her
    home in the Green Acres subdivision on the east side of Athens so her hours are more flexible than the normal 8-5. Her home number is 706-549-8999 and her cell phone is 706-338-2001.
  • Jennifer Smith in Crawford. Her number is: (706) 742-8689. She is wonderful.
  • Rene here at the University Health Center is great, I have used him twice recently, and massage therapy here is open
    to all faculty and staff for $40 for 30 min. or $60 for an hour.
  • Bill Coleman at Classic Hair & Spa.
  • I go to Georgia Medical Massage on Baxter and Rocksprings.
  • Both Jenna and Paige at Revolutionary Massage are excellent massage therapists. They have a great website that features all of the
    different services they offer and has a link to schedule an appointment:
  • Kerry Fulford is awesome! Her telephone number is 706-207-5881.
  • I go to Amy Bramblett and have been very happy with her. Her number is: (706) 369-7595
  • For medical massage, I would recommend *Gaiea* *Goldberg* at Neuromuscular Massage at
    (706) 552-1545. She is fantastic.


  • Lou Sharp at Aches Away, 585 Research Drive, Suite B, 706-353-6222, I've been going to her for years and she's
    experienced, knowledgeable, & priced fairly.

  • I know a highly skilled massage therapist. She offers a number of different types of massage and works as a medical massage therapist, ranging from deep to soft tissue. I don't know all the lingo, but I know that she is awesome! She just moved to Athens and is still doing some massage for chiropractors in Atlanta. She's going to be working at Big City Salon soon. I think that she would be very happy to take on a few clients if anyone is interested. Her number is (404) 309-7465. Her name is Tracy Dowler.
  • I use Kimberly Paquette at Lotus Sun Therapeutics....She does massage and acupuncture as well...I have chronic back problems and seeing her regularly has been very helpful...She was voted "Best in Athens" in the 2005 Flagpole awards...
  • Jade Springs Therapeutics in Comer 706-614-6126 EXCELLENT!!!
  • Massage therapist in Five Points.
  • I go to GA Medical Massage on Baxter Street. I've seen a couple of different therapist but I absolutely LOVE J.J.! She isn't too rough or too soft. After you've been, you know you've been (if that makes sense).
  • Georgia Medical Massage on Baxter are good, they have a web site and they have a membership program. You don't HAVE to be a member to get a massage, but the thing about the membership is this: If you get one massage each month and you are a member, you only have to pay $49.00 instead of the regular price, which I think is $65.00. Plus, as a member, if you get a 2nd massage in that month, you only have to pay $29.00.
  • Not sure what your price range is, but I've seen Charmayne Tyson Nichols (on Prince Ave., 706-207-1437) in the past. She's so great!! It's been a few years, but the last time I saw her an hour massage was around $65 I think
  • Kathleen Ryan. She's the best!!! I think it's like $50/hr. Give her a call and see what you think. 706-308-6885. She's less than 5 min away. Her space is off College.
  • Try Foundry Park Inn, 706-549-7020; they have one or two massage therapists there I think!
  • One of my good friends, Tiana Rabusin, is a certified massage therapist. She currently works at the Foundry Spa and she provides home massages as well. I have had several massages with her and she is a wonderful and gifted massage therapist. I highly recommend her
  • I just started going to a Eastside Chiropractic in Watkinsville (Dr. Hooper) who came highly recommended by several people. I see why after only one visit!!! I have been to several over the past few years but he is wonderful!! Anyway, he has a massage therapist that works with him. I have not tried her yet but I plan to next week. I know someone on campus that goes to her twice a month. I didn't realize until then that our insurance covers her as well as the chiropractor!!! I think it costs about $30.00 or $35.00 for a one hour visit.
  • Lacy at Eastside Chiropractic is great! ** I called and if they do not accept your insurance it is $60.
  • Lauren at the Mind Body Institute at Athens Regional is great!
  • Have you tried the Athens' Regional Mind/Body Institute? I think the lady I went to was named Beth . . . the best money ever spent to relieve my arthritis.
  • Dr. Giles on Atlanta Hwy across from McAllister's Deli has a great therapist for about $35. 706-543-2584
  • Sybil Manley at Sybil's Helping Hands in Watkinsville 706-207-6186 (2)
  • Jeanette McElhannon at Bodyworx in Town Center, Watkinsville 706-769-0233
  • Try Casey Gieman with Body Basics (706-201-9140) - she's cheap and WONDERFUL!!! She'll even come to you if you need her to, she's mobile. I know she's $40 for an hour if you go to her, but not sure if she charges more if she comes to you. I go to the Northside of Athens when I meet her.
  • I go to Kim Paquette. Her number is 706-340-2098. She is very good and reasonable. She really helped my back and shoulders.
        I use Kimberly Paquette at Lotus Sun Therapeutics....She does massage and acupuncture as well...I have chronic back problems and seeing her regularly has been very helpful...She was voted "Best in Athens" in the 2005 Flagpole awards...
  • I recommend Pat Harrington, she works out of Dr. Richard Whitaker's office, Foundation Chiropractic
  • I go to, I think, the best massage therapist around. He has been my therapist for 2 1/2 years. His name is Michael Moore and he is located in the Healing Arts Center at 834 Prince Avenue. His phone number is (706) 546-1626
  • Beka Billings at Arbor Spa
  • Elizabeth Alder is the BEST!! She is on the east side of Athens on the road beside Green Acres Baptist Church. I have found that she charges for an hour what others charge for 30 minutes. I try to go regularly, but sometimes I just don't get to. Several people in my office are using her and LOVE her. Her number is 706-549-8999 or 706-338-2001.
  • Virgina Ball is fantastic. Her phone number is 706 338-6677.