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Auto Mechanics/Repair

  • A few weeks back I sent out an e-mail about automotive repair on my VW Passat, I was asked by many to let them know what I found out. The person that I chose was Dixon's Automotive, he's located on the Danielsville Road in Athens (706-614-1379) Dixon Collins. The service was great, very trustworthy and knowledgeable, I will not hesitate to use him as my mechanic in the future. He not only works on VW's, he works on most makes and models. So if you're having issues with your vehicle, do not hesitate to give him a call.
  • I just had to send out an email to let everyone know what a great mechanic I now have. I took my car to
    my other mechanic and my car still wasn't working like it was suppose too so I decided to take it to Charlie's
    Complete Auto Service and they were WONDERFUL!!!! After looking at the engine and jacking it up some he spotted
    what was wrong with it right off! Needless to say he fixed the problems (It's like I'm driving a whole new car!!!)
    and he didn't even charge me an arm and a leg. He gave me a great price. Plus he is within walking distance from work! If you need a great mechanic, his information is: Charlie's Complete Auto Care, 890 E Broad Street, Athens GA 30601
    706-369-3693, Owner Charles Dickens He also does AC repair, oil changes, and tire rotations.
  • Auto Tech on Coile Drive is the clear winner with 10 people mentioning that they got great service there.
  • The only others that even came close are Five Star Automotive with 4 votes and Japanese Motor Works with 3.
  • Two Garys received high marks: Gary at Master's Garage at 441 in Commerce, and Gary Byler who has a shop on
    78 in Bogart/Watkinsville received two recs each.
  • One person who asked not to be named gave a very high rating to Whelchel's on Atlanta Highway for their
    honesty and reasonable pricing.
  • It should be noted that not a single one of the places people recommended were dealerships. In fact, the
    negative reviews that I received were as follows. Tires Plus on College Station received one negative.
    The Chevy dealership in town received another. Heyward Allen Toyota received two negatives. (This is
    neither an endorsement nor a condemnation, I'm just telling you what people told me.)

Here are the raw results. Each response is its own paragraph. Once again, huge thanks to everyone who helped out!
  • WE use Five Star auto - on 441 across from bowling alley. Very reputable and reasonable.
  • One word - AutoTech. They are the best.
  • I have a 1995 BMW and I have been taking it to Diversfied Automotive for a year and 1/2 now and they
    have given us great service. 706 353 8808
  • You might want to try Bimmers South @ 770-725-4499 in Bogart....
  • Auto Tech is the best!
  • Five Star Automotive, Macon Hwy across from the bowling alley (near intersection with S. Lumpkin), go by
    and see them or call 706-353-0059. Owners are brothers, Ashley & Joey Dillard. There's an Athens Transit
    bus stop directly across the street too, which is convenient for campus access when dropping off or picking
    up car.
  • I would try Gary at Master's Garage off 441 right off the Commerce exit. He is really good and prices are pretty
    good and cheap. My mom just got her car repaired there and picked it up today.
  • We've taken our cars to Auto Tech for more than 20 years and think very highly of them. We have felt like their
    prices are fair and their workmanship beyond compare. We've never had to take a car back for additional work
    after the first time. Good luck.
  • We have used Gary Byler for some time and recommended others to him as well. No one has ever had any complaints.
    He is very fair in his pricing and a very honest man. He does great work. He is off Hwy 78 (Bogart or Watkinsville
    address - not sure which). His phone number is 706-296-6648.
  • I've never used them, but you might try Japanese Motor Works out on Jefferson Road.
  • Autotech of Athens 549-3316 behind Publix on Atlanta Highway are the most honest and reputable in Athens for imports.
    5 Star Automotive are the best ones for American Cars.
  • Auto Tech on Coile Dr, off of Mitchell Bridge Rd. is wonderful. I've taken my Japanese cars to them for 25 years and have
    never had a problem. The phone # is 706 549 3316. Doug will probably answer the phone. They work 8-5 during the week
    and do not work on weekends.
  • I recommend my husband's shop, Kittle A-1 Auto. 2190 Lexington Road; Athens, GA 30605. 706.548.4311. Been in business for
    over 30 years in Athens.
  • I'm having car problems too and in fact it may be the water pump. I usually take my car to Barnett Shoals Chevron. I tried
    Tires Plus on College Station Road and got very bad results from them. I asked them to repair my brakes and the brakes
    still don't work well. I've Japanese Motorworks is good but I haven't been there.
  • I used Athens Imports Auto off Airport Road and heard good things about Japanese Motor Works *but we have NEVER used them* Oh,
    or Master's they came highly recommended, but they don't work on my VW.
  • Auto Tech (Mitchell Bridge Road) & 5 Star (Macon Highway) --
  • Auto Tech on Coile Drive off Mitchell Bridge Road. They only work on Japanese cars.
  • I use AutoTech 706-549-3316 on 170 Coile Dr, Athens, GA 30606 for my Toyota Camry, and they have done good work for me.
    Doug is the name of the guy who answers the phone, if memory serves me. I don't know where they fall in terms of pricing,
    but they seem to be honest folks from what people told me when I queried this listserv 5 years ago. Since my car is 13 years
    old, I usually take it in once a year just to be looked over for problems (aside from oil changes), and they hardly ever find
    anything wrong.
  • I use Five Star Auto, on Old Macon Hwy. Good luck!
  • What kind of car is it? My friend has a automotive center and body repair shop in Bogart. Gary's Automotive & Collision Repair
    770-725-7440. He is very dependable and honest and does great work.
  • my husband is a mechanic. he has gotten several customers due to the situation you explained with the dealership. Give him a call!!
    His name is: Lamar Adams, cell #: 706 224-2079, or home phone: 706 742-8115
  • I like: Auto Tech 170 Coile Dr Athens, GA 30606-6406 (706) 549-3316 I've used Auto Tech since 1979. They work on Japanese cars. I trust
    them, they're reasonably priced, and in my opinion do good work.
  • Autotech - they are very honest!!!
  • Car Craft on Hawthorne
Auto Tec (13), Doug and Bob, 170 Coile Drive, 549-3316
  • I've had good service with Autotec on Coile St. behind Publix grocery store. Friendly and fair and good mechanics - kind of in the style of the Car Guys on NPR radio. I have always found Auto Tec to be reasonable, and I trust their work. They specialize in Japanese cars. I have taken all of my Hondas to them. They are on Coile Drive behind Porterfield Tire off Mitchell Bridge Rd. Auto Tech on Coile Drive. They used to work on my 1993 Honda Accord all the time. Fast, Friendly and Affordable. My wife and I have use Auto Tech which is located off Mitchell Bridge Road for over a year. We have been very pleased with their work and customer service. Auto Tech is the greatest!!!!! They are off Mitchell Bridge Road, on Coile Road (between 2 tire places turn on to Coile). They are at the end of Coile Road. Don't use the dealer. They are a huge rip off. The Auto Tech guys are completely honest too!
  • Auto Tech. They're great. Also, Hopewell Tires and Automotive. They're also great. Almost everyone in our office goes to one or the other cause they are so nice and have never done anything to our cars unless it needed to be done. AND, they check with you first.
  • You would be very pleased with Auto Tech. They are honest, and do work for reasonable prices. I think one of the owners worked for Toyota for a number of years.
  • AutoTech off Mitchell Bridge Road. Doug and Bob are everything you want--friendly, reasonable, honest and they only work on Japanese cars.
  • Auto Tech of Athens is the best place to go. They are honest, reliable and fair priced. They only work on japanese cars. Located off of Mitchell Bridge Road. I've been very pleased with Auto Tech since 1984. Honest, reasonably priced. Go to Auto Tech!!!! They have worked on our Toyotas for years and we've always been happy with them. They're honest, reasonably priced and I can't recall a time that they didn't fix my car the first time I took it to them -- no going back four times before something is fixed correctly. They're located on the west side of town, off Mitchell Bridge Road. Since I live on the eastside, that's a bit cumbersome, but worth every minute. I've lived in Athens since 1974. AutoTech of Athens has always done good quality work. You pay a little more but you do get what you pay for.
  • Doug, Bob, and Chris at Auto Tech have worked on our cars for over a decade and are honest, reliable, smart, funny mechanics (I know funny isn't essential, but it does help).
  • Auto Tech. They're great. Also, Hopewell Tires and Automotive. They're also great. Almost everyone in our office goes to one or the other cause they are so nice and have never done anything to our cars unless it needed to be done. AND, they check with you first. Cheatham's Garage is pretty good. Very good work and very fairly priced. Honest feller. This guy has helped us out a BUNCH!!! He has a small garage in his backyard, and can do almost anything. He's reasonable, personable, and honest - just a "normal" kind of guy. Macgyver's Master Techs. Call Shane Cox, 706.207.7642.
  • we went to Auto Tech of Athens just off Mitchell Bridge Rd. behind Publix on the Atlanta Highway & have been VERY PLEASED with their work on my Toyota Corolla.,+GA&fb=1&view=text&latlng=17910471125547451827 They're great, very honest & reasonable price for their work.

Masters Garage (4), Gary Smith, 1275 Commerce Road, 543-6837

  • Gary at Masters Garage on 441 (going towards Commerce on the left). He's excellent, honest, and very reasonable. I have done business with him for YEARS!!! Masters Garage - Gary Smith. Gary is very honest and very reasonably priced. Masters Garage on Hwy 441 passed the Bulldog Inn. Good with Toyota's I know, but probably good with Honda's too. Master's Garage, on Hwy 441N has serviced my Hondas for 20+ years.

Watkinsville Service Center (3), Darcy Lapointe, 1326 Greensboro Highway, 769-8334

  • My daughter and I both have Honda's and Darcy at Watkinsville Service Center does all of our work. Great job and less expensive than the Honda dealership.
  • I can recommend Watkinsville Service Center without reservations. They have worked on my car and kept it running (a 1987 Delta 88 with 265,000 miles on it) for the past 6.5 years and I trust them completely. I have found them reasonably priced and it is my understanding they will work with you on paying off the bill. Darcy Lapointe, the owner, is a fan of Hondas and Toyotas.
  • Try Watkinsville Service Center. They are honest, reliable, and reasonably priced.

Holeman Auto Repair (2), Neil Holeman, 788 Colbert Grove Church Rd, 795-5652 (Danielsville)

  • My husband and I have been using Neil Holeman (Holeman Auto Repair) for over 15 years and we've never been disappointed with Neil's work. Holeman Auto Repair is off Highway 29 North going toward Danielsville on Colbert Grove Church Road. Neil is in the phonebook in the Danielsville section. I drive a Honda and my husband drives a Toyota and Neil does a fine job on both of our autos. We have found Neil to be very honest in that he has called us to report that we DIDN"T need some of the work we though we did so we could save the money until a later date. You just don't find that kind of honesty much in the auto repair business these days! Please feel free to contact me at 542-6020 if you want more information.
  • Holeman's Auto Service shop in Danielsville is wonderful. I have a 2000 Honda Accord and took it there sometime last summer to have a new timing belt installed and paid about $400 less than what the Honda dealership quoted me. He was super nice, fast and efficient. I HIGHLY recommend him and I am sure others will do the same.


  • Athens Service Center on Broad is excellent. The owner Mike is a very very nice guy and always keeps us in the loop and doesn't overcharge.
  • Gary's Automotive & Collision Repair in Bogart 770-725-7440. They are very reliable and dependable and reasonable.
  • Car Craft on Hawthorne
  • I use Ricky Eberhart at Athens Automotive on Broad Street. He'll tell you if he can't fix something and is good about giving accurate estimates, in my experience. For example, last week Tires Plus diagnosed a broken CV axle while doing an oil change (I think!) and gave me a price of "only $279.85" to fix it. Ricky told me it would run between $170 and $190 and did the work for $185.00, and I know it's done right. He's worked on a Honda Accord, Nissan Pathfinder, Toyota and Dodge trucks, and a Toyota Camry for my family.
  • Main Street Garage in Winterville is awesome. Their number is 706-742-2300. Bryan and George are great and they are very reasonable.
  • My name is Lamar Adams and I have a shop at my home. I work on most brand cars. I have worked on several people's car from UGA. Two recent customers are Carolyn Taylor & Susan Rittenberry that you can contact. Both of these individuals reached me from this forum. My home number is 706-742-8115 and my cell is 706-224-2079 or you can email me.
  • I recommend A-1 Auto, 2190 Lexington Road. Athens 30605. (706) 548-4311.
  • What are you needing done? My dad is a mechanic at Snow Tire downtown. The number is 706-543-4371. Ask for David McGinnis. Although my opinion will seem biased, he is very honest and will not recommend unnecessary work.
  • I also have a 96 Honda and Chuck Stamey does my work. He is in Madison County and is a certified Honda mechanic. His number is 706-338-7406.
  • I really trust Bass Mims Goodyear on Lexington Road next to Shoney's on the east side. They do all my work.
  • If you live near Watkinsville, I've been taking my car to Oconee Plaza Auto Center for many years. There are very honest, won't play games with you and are reasonably priced.
  • Try 5 Star Automotive, Macon Hwy (near intersection with S. Lumpkin, across street from bowling alley). Ashley & Joey Dillard are the owners -- very nice guys, honest & reasonable. Phone is 706-353-0059.
  • Dick Berryman apparently still operates a car repair shop at the old Barnett Shoals Cheveron. However, it is no longer a gas station. I used to take our cars and trucks to Dick once they were out of warranty and he did a wonderful job of maintenance and repair. He is honest and talented. I highly recommend him for car repair.